Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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very bad mobile phone, i used it from tow years please ask god to chang it:(


it's been 2 years now--I've use this phone browsing the net, downloading mp3 to my 2Gig memory card with the same phone---the only downside to this phone is the battery life--
the original Nokia battery will cost me the same price of a Nokia C1-00
-- so I bought a China knock-off that cost 1/4 of the original(290 Php). The performance was good for 7 months-- then the battery life degraded, so I'm gonna replace the battery again--- THE BATTERY LIFE REALLY SUCKS ON THIS PHONE---NOKIA COULD HAVE FITTED THE SAME BATTERY 3110C USES, IT WOULD HAVE EXTENDED THE PHONE PERFORMANCE--the battery would fit just move the camera higher or make the phone an inch longer like it's brother the Nokia 5630 XpressMusic. THE- Nokia 5630 XpressMusic IS THE BETTER MODEL but more pricy at that time.

  • Valkyrie

A very good phone for a lower range price, I've had it since the end of 2008.

It's never froze or hung up on me, the picture quality is great, very useful 3.5mm jack for big head phones to make listening to music awesome. I've even dropped it a few times (and thrown it at my boyfriend but missed and hit the wall) and it still functions properly and doesn't freeze, such a durable phone! I highly recommend buying it if you're looking for a long-lasting phone. :D

  • Urmi

Are u mad? 4years? Whr u can c 4years. Its highest 3years older phone!@sm


4 years and he is working like a horse like the plane i liked it but i wished it have wifi

  • vijay

i love this phone

  • AnonD-14307

p.k, 06 Aug 2011i l0ve the ph0ne but s0me of my apps dnt w0rk. . Wat to do? And ... morehard reset your phone with press *#7370# in standby screen, but it will delete all files (apps included) in phone memory...

  • Urmi

format ur phone memory and mem card.
Then go to device mang.
And update ur software version...
Must check ur mass storage by a anti virus at ur pc like AVAST...
Then again try to install then i am sure u'd get ur solution.
good luck.

  • Urmi

Day by Day nokia is making bullshi*s...
But my nokia 5320xm... Man its awsm...... I'd like to buy a same phone if this damages anyhow... Just best best bestestttt........
Using since almost 3years...
And guess what its the best... Amazing sound quality, amazing display, fantastic net speed and user friendly... Supperb fast and never hangs... ... ... Best symbian ever!
I love my nokia 5320 xm more than my laptop......
Its true..!

  • p.k

i l0ve the ph0ne but s0me of my apps dnt w0rk. . Wat to do? And my voice c0mmand n0t w0rking wat to do? Help me plz. . .

  • Nnoxx

One of the best smart phones,I love everything about it.

  • wikiiwik

i just lost my 5320 :'(

  • AnonD-15677

This phone looks simple but it is very very powerful, i have been using this phone since 2008 till now and the phone have really proven to be a powerful symbian phone, can not imagine being without my 5320 for even a day my nokia 5320 is my all and all it is and it means everything to me, it my music player, my pda,my gaming device, my camcorder, my gps device, my internet modem, my web browser i can go on and on but let me stop here and again let me tell that as a fact that IT IS MY NOKIA 5320 THAT AM USING TO POST THIS MESSAGE NOT A COMPUTER,YES BELIEVE IT OR NOT,IT IS MY NOKIA 5320 I USED IN POSTING THIS MESSAGE,THE NOKIA 5320 HAS A VERY POWERFUL WEB BROWSER THAT IS SIMILIAR TO THAT OF AN N SERIES.

  • Susam Ashraf

It's the bestttttttttt smart phone in the world to me. it's unbelievably fast. Battery backup is awesome.

  • Anonymous

why nokia allow their product to fake by other china company

  • Prachin 5320

The best phone ever in this world. Using almost 2.5years. Never troubled me. But yes battery is not powerful. But whatever i use two batteries 4 it. Nd i got my result da best....
Love my nokia 5320
bestt best bestttt

  • Mubashir

im using this phone for more than 2 years.
In the begining battery was superb but its timing goes on reducing with time.
After 2 year battery performance was very bad.
Now i have changed it.
And its superb again:)
so guys which are facing battery problem should change it.....
It worked for me:)

  • Guna

Every things super, best performance,battery reduce very fast, if use 3G battery upto 2 hrs only for Voice call,and battery get Heat...

  • Magnificant

Devil, 20 Jul 2011This is best phone ever I have used. Only problem is about low l... morei beg to differ,this phone has a long lasting battery

  • Devil

This is best phone ever I have used. Only problem is about low life battary.