Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • jimbob

where the hell are the speakers on this phone even checked out you tube for full vision of phone and none to be seen

  • Anonymous

This phone is OK. But why Nokia didn't make anymore fine mobile phones without Symbian platform? I personally find this platform questionable and I don't like it AT ALL.

  • Anonymous

first quarter is jan-mar, 2Q is apr-jun, 3Q is july-sep, 4Q is oct-dec. hope that helps.

  • angel

what do you by HSCSD?

  • test

fine phone

  • JedH

What month is 3rd quarter of 2008??
Can somebody pls tell me??
tnx. . .

  • JedH

No . . .
This like an upgrade of 5310 xpress music. . .
hehe. . .

  • Sekhar Chand

I feel its an upgrade of 6233, with better features...but seems no loud speakers....
lets see if it is a hit or not...but the options are great....

  • lea

omg omg. ima buy this phone soon:)
it soo co0l. nd u loveeeee the design!!!

  • Cak

very attractive design,I Will be the buyer if only equiped with 5 MP camera.

  • viperkid

price will b around USD345 to 390 SIM free unlocked. btw, 5710 XpressMusic where r u?!

  • Anonymous

mono speaker.. not stereo..

  • Amd

It's a vry nce phon. It can suit 100 prcent to evryone.can any one predicts it price.

  • a 1 2 a t

good looking...good function but how was da speaker...???n whre it's...small or big...i hope it will be loud than my fon 5700....

  • TC16

its a gr8 phone all it needs 3.2mp camra with a slide body
sory se walkmens but nokia exspres is the new MUSIC PHONE!

  • marius

No doubt about will be my future I've got the 5310 X.M. but I want something with symbyan and good music

  • fuzion55

hey everyone nokia is rocking all the time and nokia 5320 xpress music will be in top10 phones

  • Winura

WOW! this looks fabulous! look at the specifications list!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are one or two issues with this phone. it has no wi-fi and the cam is only 2mpxl. if only it had a 2mpxl with auto-focus atleast it would've been fine. but anyway i'll definetely buy one. :-) this is an astonishing phone! well done nokia!!!!

  • neo slr

wooooooooo!!!!! great looks... nokia is back in the game it seems sony has got a tough competition.this xpress is loaded with all i need.5610 was crap !!

this phone loads memory card externally nd upto 8gb!!!! awesome!! this support video calling,3.5mmjack. symbian s60os so a lot of app support...s40 on5610 sucked!!
hope the battery pack has got repair too nd will be easy too open now!! i hope it will be supplied with better ear phones!!
nd retains d sound quality of 5610!!
goooood job nokia......

  • thakur

cool ..i was waiting for music phone with symbian60 from nokia....5610'sOS is a waste!!
simbyian40 din't support multi tasking!! it was difficult to find softwares too!!
its keys were so tough to use!
nokia has realized its mistakes.....and 5320 has 3.5mm jack!!
but i hope it has sound quality of 5610 too!!
want to use it as soon as possible and want too know its price.....