Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • thakur

cool ..i was waiting for music phone with symbian60 from nokia....5610'sOS is a waste!!
simbyian40 din't support multi tasking!! it was difficult to find softwares too!!
its keys were so tough to use!
nokia has realized its mistakes.....and 5320 has 3.5mm jack!!
but i hope it has sound quality of 5610 too!!
want to use it as soon as possible and want too know its price.....

  • liquid9skin

wow.. it looks really fun.. :D the keypad looks really weird, but it looks easy to press too. and SMS reader!! wow.. can't wait to use that.. :) hahahaha

you're right.. i hope they make a slider version of this..

  • Angel

Hi everyone!!!!! :)
As of now im using Nokia 5610 Xpress musc, Really fantastic, great looking, user frndly ^_^, simply superb even though i felt down my mob many times, it never hang up .......hats of NOKIA... Camera quality is too gud, i hope Nokia 5320 & 5220 Xpress Musc also wil ROCK...........It has amazing looks, FABULOUS....

" Do not compare wit Nokia & sony anymore.."

Simply ROCKING !!!!!!!
Keep it up.... !!!! ^_^

  • arifin

-camera only 2 MP no autofocus
-standby batery only 250h how come we play music & game for along time
-where's the speaker, stereo or not.
-good design

  • Anonymous

no auto focus!!!

  • huevon

hi people,
I have one cuestions, i want know if i can connect directly any headphone on this phone or, i need use the headphone with handsfree?
sorry for my bad english. thanks

  • tk7

Great phone - but let's not forget that 5320 is not a N-series phone. Thus, it has great music features but only decent camera features.

Nokia 5320 should also be a lot cheaper than N-series. With a lower price, you get a great music phone - but only a decent multimedia phone.

I am sure 5320 will be a hit. :)

  • zia arain

its nice but is it possible tht nokia can make phone by using past models like 6100 can play mp3 format in future,like 6100XM its small in size and elegant look

  • Anonymous

nice fone no doubt.........but why they again missed the WIFI? 3g is not available everywhere but u can get wifi easily

  • SuperBoy

Unfortunately, video recording is only QVGA (320x240 pix), when 5610 is VGA (640x480 pix)

Data sheet:

Still waiting for the best : 6220 classic

  • TC16

dan u r so right
the nokia eXpersMusic phones are beter then se walkmens
and thy lo0k beter
i had the w810 upgrade to the 5500 now i got 5310 n its gr8
and dose eny 1 know how mutch wil this phone coast i ges so £130 to 160

  • huevon

hi people,
I have one cuestions, i want know if i can connect directly any headphone on this phone or i need use the headphone with handsfree?
sorry for my bad english. thanks

  • Andrew

Great. I see this phone as a good replace of my Nokia 3250.

  • Viper1

I share the same opinion as Dan

I was thinking of changing phone
but I'm hesitating between 6120 Classic or the 5320,coz they both run on Symbian S60 for
cheaper price

  • Warren

Nice but I'll keep my 6120c until the next Xpress Music phone comes out. Im looking for a music phone with at least 1GB internal memory, 3.2/5 Megapixel Camera, great design and running on Symbian 9.3 and the new S60 3.2 feature pack. Hope Nokia can make a plan.

  • TC16

this phone is way beter then the 5610
it just dusnt have 3.2mp camra but has maltasking and its a gamer
beast to think of it n81 did it with 5310 and this is ther love child
its smart and lo0ks good at the same time

  • dan

@ Eternal Flame
The Nokia 5610 and 5310 were a very big hit. At least they were the first Xpressmusic phones which did come with a lot of bass and good music quality.
What's more the 5610 had a good 3.2mp camera and a good battery life. I dare any walkman phone to come up with such a good combination of music and photography. They are both superb on the 5610.
The 5310 is a hit especially with the ladies and other slim phone lovers. It has some serious sonic sound, good battery life, a good solid attractive build, and is very easy to use.
The Walkman phones had better watch out. Take into account that they focus more on increasing a phone's bass instead of improving the general audio quality as well. If the 5320 and future xpressmusic phones have the same music quality of the 5610/5310 or above, then things may not look very good for the walkman range.

  • Anonymous

do you guys think it's better in performance than 5610? @_@

  • Anonymous

Its damn good fone.........

I can't wait to see this fone in Pakistan...............

N by the way it is by no means the successor of 5700 XM coz Nokia r planning to make 5710 XM with similar design as of 5700 but with a little change in its colour........ i-e black instead of white......

N it will run on Symbian OS version 9.2....