Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • TC16

i hope nokia makes a slide version
with a 3.2 camra then it be a gr8 phone

  • hei

wtf koko? lol
the whole idea of oligopoly is competition.
how would you choose a phone to your liking if there was on 1 brand? lol

imo the more choices the better since the price will lower =)

  • TC

this is a mix betwen a 5310 and n81
go0d job nokia
i jurt borght the 5310 gr8

  • eternal_wind

@kaka: you're right.
i'm just telling you the truth that the previous Xpress music (5610 and 5310) is not even a tiny bit near the sucsessful walkman

Who knows if nokia can makes things changes, but i don't know what to say if they buy a sound microchip from other manufacturer instead of making it themself...

  • Anonymous

primitive design come on nokia wake up we are not in the primitive and ancient world we are in the 21st century timeline, wake up....


It's Symbian OS 9.3 FP 2 like N96 and N78...

  • BoA_cOnstrictor

Really nice looking and entertaining phne...
Symbian and big internal memory...

  • Anonymous

Very cool phone

  • koko

we should not compare NOKIA to SONY ERICSSON both companies are great mobile phone makers,, we should support them to make more good phones instead of making competition..

  • Chandra

Now a days....Nokia....phones come poor outlook....they MUST learn something from SONY looks UGLY.....
They might conduct a survey....???????????

  • Dean

an 8 way navi key is when you and go not only each for sides of the key but in the diaglonal directions as well. is for the ngage games

  • confuse

I wonder where is the A and B button for play Ngage game ????

  • Khiev Sokmsea

Wow ! I love this phone so much. It may be professional to play music

  • Anonymous

Nokia's success is due its craft in positioning its mobile phones..while sony ericsson only caters to 3 focus groups, 1)photographers, 2)music lovers, and 3)people who somehow prefer UIQ over s60..Nokia on the other hand is more diversified, they have multimedia device( N-series), music phones(xpress music), camera flagships(N73 and N82), business phones(E-series), gaming phones( N81 and N-gage QD), navigators, high end beauties(8800 series), even do-it-alls(N95, N82, N96) and an array of low end to mid-range phones in between..Nokia clearly has a better strategy, compared to that other manufacturer that dug themselves a grave by making either camera or music centric phones..u know which one i mean.


good phon

  • Adit38

Just 3 Q...
How much RAM?
And The Processor?
FP1 or FP2 ?

  • Manish Verma(Kanpur)

thanks !! to Nokia for launching a music device on series60 platform.a new feature control music player with voice.
lots of user memory & many other feture becoz S60.

  • uu

i h8 the way it was designed...too messy but the features are really nice! except for the 2 mp camera without autofocus...I hope it can capture good shots unlike the 6300...

  • Anonymous

2 big questions for nokia:why this model doesn't have stereo speakers and the superb amplifier of the n91???? why why?? when a music phone from nokia will have the sound of n91?? or even 3250...???