Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • Bruno

I hope this handset come soon to brazil, so amazing features with this low price...
With all those features, especialy the 25 non-stop play time... also the symbian, but i don't understand the meaning of the n-gage... it will be compatible with the n-gage software?
If yes, this will be a best-seller for sure...
Again nokia rockin the handset scene with such a terrible release...

  • jimbopb

can anybody see any speakers on this phone

  • Pocoyo

I like it, better than ugly 5220

  • S

in my opinion it's re-designed 6220 classic ^_^

  • S

Where is the speaker? 0.0

  • Ketan

I agree with you bro. It surely can't be a successor of nokia 5700 of which i'm proud owner. It got to have bigger screen (not necessarily) feature pack 2 support so better ram n wifi. 5320's screen size is smaller, no wifi, no enhancement in camera. Looks better, more internal storage. Maximum music playback time for any phone. Great to see n-gage capability which i miss a lot on my 5700. Wish 5700 becomes n-gage compatible since at least one non n-series device has those capability that is 5320.

  • Versed

This would be nice if Nokia supported 850/1900 HSDPA on one of the versions instead of 850/2100, otherwise seems very nice but I will not buy anything that doesn't support US/CDN HSDPA.

  • Anonymous

This cell does not seem to be as expensive as it says in the price group.

  • Dilawer

I know about 5way nevigation key but what is 8way nevi key?

  • philm

Nice fone wish it had 2.4 inch screen and auto-focus camera but 890ma battery and 24 hrs of mp3 playing why cany smartfones ever achieve this???

  • Dani

Nice phone all-round!

  • Bharat

wow!!!!i like this fone very much....can't wait to get it.....hope it makes to the indian market pretty soon!!!!Nokia 5320 roks....

  • Anonymous

well nice phone

  • viperkid

wow! these are good looking phones! well done nokia for adding d std 3.5mm audio jack. though i think this is still not d successor of 5700 XpressMusic. i hope im not mistakin. still waiting for d next XpressMusic announcement!

  • XpressMusic

IMHO, it's just like an 6120c with added music and ngage capabilities. However, this one's better.

Just stay tuned, Nokia will be releasing an XpressMusic phone with a powerful dual speaker. I can't wait to see that!


  • Grave-dig

It has symbian? Interesting...
But I think, 5700 is better...

  • Anonymous

they should have added WIFI !!! then this baby would have been just PERFECT !!!

  • adrian

extremely nice design..can't wait to come on the romanian market

  • Badboy

Nice. Just a pity it's not a 3.2 megapixel camera. Hope this model runs on Symbian 9.3 and the S60 3.2 feature pack.

  • uvesh sharif

very nice phone having os S60 UI (ngage gaming)
gr8888 combination of music+ ngage gaming
having lots of feature also ...realllly dis fone is going to rock the market..........better than all other muc xpress phones