Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • John

they should have added wifi !!!
then this baby would have been just perfect !!!

  • rommel moe

how long the battery life will last? does the speakers are loud enough while playing songs without the stereo headset? thanks

  • abhinav

iak ..........what a phone . It just a copy of nokia; solder phone. which hve still buttons to play music. inspite this is the worst phone i have ever seen. what to do with the feature;s that they are giving. but my handset should look better first then i will prefer features in it. currently i m using a MOTORAZR2 V8. it is great to have a great looking phone thnks to motorola

  • kronokski

I previously owned a 5300(black), it was a pretty nice phone however the battery(BL-5B) can't support extended hours of music play(would only last for a day just txting alone) 5320 has a lot of nice features however, I'm just wondering if that would be the same case since Nokia announced that 5320 would also be using the same battery.

  • Anonymous

just WOW... a must buy for all...!

  • Anonymous

want to know about its external speakers is it good or loud eonogh or soft?

  • harima90

woooow new phone...xpress music huh...but this one will be more cheaper than 5310 huh...but any one noe what is this phone's OS?

  • carlos

whats wonderfull about this phone its the same as the old ones but the buttons are on the side next month we will have a break through and we will get a new xpress music phone withh bottons on the bak.thes phones suck alllll af the xpress music phones suck...

  • Anonymous

hopefully the fact that the cam isnt great will downscale the prive, but still wonderful phone

  • nokia

hi guys how are you my opinian was tha phone was amazing i was realy shock tha nokia lounch a very stylish phone oh oh oh...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lo0000l

very very nice nice mobile mobile phone phone ! !

  • Anonymous

wow! nice specs, but they should've put 3.2mp camera instead of outdated 2mp.. anyway..

still a great phone! worth buying.. hope it will be released asap!. ;)

  • Stinkim

yeah looks nice neeeeeeeed ^^

  • Anonymous

wow ... no words to say hope the GuYS will downscale its price

  • rakeb

nokia 5320 very beautiful but necessary camera 3mP very very very necessary

  • Dan

Wow. This phone will be a best-seller for sure. 24 hours of non-stop music, great keypad, n-gage, symbian OS, 3.5mm jack. This is a lovely allrounder. Thanks nokia.

  • lawk-lawk-lawk

Great phone wow

  • Tsepz

Once again NOKIA prove why they are on top, putting some great specs in mid-low range phones PLUS Symbian S60 and Ngage, these are going to do well im sure,nice one NOKIA :-)

  • Anonymous

nice features but poor camera :(

  • muthalibornio

iam waiting 4 u