Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • yogi raj 9928238826

mast ph h.all software run fastly and fast internet

  • tfabian

mat yee !! you can install
Themes using PC suite .. You should install as normal Application. Have Funnn !

  • Lionel king

Nokia 5320 may b RIP or discontinued(i wonder Y Nokia do us this injustice...they shd have discontinued the damn 5220)grab this set if u get beats many in its range hands down including the N-series esp if u r a music go 4 it!

  • Katz

They said that this mobile is already phased out?

Is it true?

I'm planning to buy this mobile even its too old.

  • mat yee mat yee...........i have this fon but i dont know how to install themes for this fon..can u taech me hoe to install this fon themes

  • just i

aazi, 05 Jan 2010hi, i am facing problem in text message sending although, the me... moreEach SIM card may have different setting. If you have 10 cards, you may need to set 10 settings. But I believe that you need set the setting once only, so everytime you change the SIM, you do not need to setting. Hope I am right.

  • aazi

hi, i am facing problem in text message sending although, the message setting is rigth. when i shifted the sim to other mobile it sent message.But 5320 is not doing so.
Is any one have the solution of this problem?Please do tell me.thanks

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for 3 months and I am very pleased of it. I was pleasent surprised to see how much it resist it's battery.

  • shafeeq

A.m., 28 Dec 2009Comon nokia! U have brougt out this new firmware 5.16 after 1 ye... morealso there are other problems with the new filmware which many people did not is now difficult to select pictures with the # key as it was done ine the previous filmware...2 new visualisations have been added in the music player...but whats the use of this????to speed up your battry life???then new music player menu with the podcasts is really should work as soon as possible for a new firmware for the 5320XpressMusic and instead of adding up nonsense in the phone...the performance of the battry life could have been inproved as well as the audio output from headphones

  • Aravind

Also, I can't find 5.16 anywhere. Can someone please point me to where i could get this firmware update?

  • Aravind

I have 1GB memory card on the phone. However, I can't create Folders for storing music (each movie songs in one separate folder). Most of the other models have this facility. However, i can't see this in 5320. Does anyone know how to create separate folders on the memory card under Music?

  • Borno

Anonymous, 01 Jan 20105330 is betterR u mad? 5320xm is the smart phone with highly capable features.its OS is same 2 n96,whr n96's cpu speed is lower than 5320xm's.its so slim for a s60 phone.its perfect for many things.

  • Shoaib

Hi guys. Theres another prob in this phone. When ever u watch a streaming video over the air(, it restart after 3 soon as the cache memry gets over loaded with streaming data the phone restarts. I contacted the nokia costomer center but they just told me to reset. The problem is stil there.

  • mohamed saeed

did anybody install the new firmware vision 5.16 ????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2010it sucks big timeIts marvelous,rili enjoyn it espechally because its symbian

  • yinka

i just hrd that our phone is compatible with the dvb-h bluetooth tv receiver

  • yinka

i just hrd that our phone is compatible with the dvb-h bluetooth tv receiver

  • john

why those some nokia 5320 have lines on them on the 1,2,3,5 keys? are these fones different?

  • Anonymous

it sucks
big time

  • Anonymous

5330 is better