Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

5330 is better

  • Anonymous

if nokia 532o is better or 6303

  • Anonymous

mhariz, 30 Dec 2009how much this 5320 this month???THIS IS DUAL SIM?? Single SIM. in my country [Indonesia] this Smartphone discontinued & sell $140 2nd.

  • Anonymous

karthik c, 30 Dec 2009if i upgrade the software to 5.16 does it affects or deletes any... moreNo. i update to 5.16 FOTA [Firmware Over The Air] no data deleted. *#0000#

  • PakMan

i like this hanpon. now my nokia 5320 age 1year. no problem, very good music player. my sons very like this hanpone because can install many games there. but something not good, camera 2mp not clear for me...

  • Zan

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Basicly No.. But i Suggest your Better Back up All your Important Files from Memory Phone To Memory Card if something Happen.

  • Ahmed Bilal

superb set for use and sound

  • Saurabh

Great phone, great sound....
I'm using it from 6 months approximately. I'm in love wid it...

  • Anonymous

What I love N5320 mostly is its 125MB memory which is unbeatable with other advanced Nokia phones, such as N5730, N5630, N5530, E75, E61, E66, E71, even E72, all N series but N97.

That's why I plan not to sell N5320 although it is already old, cheap, and rest in peace ("just i" said).

  • karthik c

if i upgrade the software to 5.16 does it affects or deletes any of my contents/softwares. can anyone clarify me.

  • Zan

Mufasa, 29 Dec 2009can anybody help me with hacking my phone... I tried using hell... morethat's A Problem I found now and still On progress to hack my phone.. maybe the new firmware cannot be hacked

  • mhariz

how much this 5320 this month???THIS IS DUAL SIM??

  • varun vaidya

music player is great....!!!really worth buying dis.

  • just i

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Sorry, for N5230: if you like touch screen economically, choose this one.
Good Luck then!

  • just i

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970N5320: rest in peace, with the two thumb up for the features and value.

N5630: it supposes to be the successor of N5320. All is advance, but the battery. Personally, I dunt like its exterior design.

N5730: it supposes to be the real smarteen although there is no QuickOffice (editing version). The same feature, equal to N5320, is the processor speed which is only 369-400.

If I were you, I chose N5730.

  • Mufasa

can anybody help me with hacking my phone...
I tried using hello carbide and opening c:\sys\bin folder but it doesnt work the folder never comes visible and I cant find TRK application on my phone eiether...
I tried both methods on as u mentioned ZAN

  • A.m.

Comon nokia! U have brougt out this new firmware 5.16 after 1 year with backlashes!!!! 2 equilizers dont run smoothly, digital watch sometimes not visible, hate new musicplayer menu... What the f.... ng xtra postcard option doing in that menu!!! Expected better music player with more equilizers. :( . Jst 1 thank for video player improvement . But we 5320 users demanding better nd stable firmware as soon as possible.

  • arafat

except camera this mobile phn is awesome... rihgt now im using this phn... if u want to make best utilization of ur money, u can buy nokia 5320 xpress music..

  • Raheel

Zan, 23 Dec 2009The Change is..: 1.Two new visualisations added in music player... moreThanks but Where Do I Find.
"New 'calendar' screensaver added"??????

  • Anonymous

Zan, 27 Dec 2009Yes You Can,but Hard to Find it.. The external casing is easy to find, but it is not the Nokia Original One. The fact is there is NO ORIGINAL casing for N5320. So, the casing you find is 100% immitation with various quality.