Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

yes this phone is not available in the market.m also trying 2 get it 4rm any where..plzz tell me that is this phone a good choice 2 buy/??

  • Zan

Jai, 23 Dec 2009Helo anyone tell me plz that the new software version v5.16 is b... moreThe Change is..:
1.Two new visualisations added in music player.
2.Music menu is now sorted into 'Music' & 'podcasts'.
3.'Search' application updated with new icons and performance improvement. However, yahoo search is no longer available.
4.New 'calendar' screensaver added.
5.Adobe Flash Lite's performance improved.
6.Real Player can now play videos up to 25fps(Though bitrate over 500 seems to cause frame-skip.)
7.N-gage gaming improved a bit. Now graphics intensive games (e.g. One) plays a bit smoother with sounds turned on.
8.Pop-up dialogue changed in Java apps that require web access(e.g. Opera mini).
9.Start-up speed dramatically improved (Now boots under 20 seconds).
Those r the changes I've found out so far. If anyone finds other changes/corrections please inform. And BTW, HelloOX hack seems to work just fine!

  • kaustav

can anyone tell the indian price of it (recent)?

  • Jai

Helo anyone tell me plz that the new software version v5.16 is better than old firmware software v4.16 plz tell me.

  • Kenya

Thanx zan

  • Zan

francisguison, 22 Dec 2009Same problem as mine! :|you can reset(format) you phone by hard or soft reset..

  • francisguison

Zan, 13 Dec 2009Hey guys,i found some Problem After update my Firmware to 5.16, ... moreSame problem as mine! :|

  • Zan

Rashid, 21 Dec 2009Thanx Zan. I tried woth the C again it solved my problem. Where... moreAbout the Free N- Gage games, i'm not sure about that,because it's trial and have to buy it for full games.. besides, you can hack your phone to install free full N- gage games.

  • Zan

Kenya, 22 Dec 2009Which is more better in sound(loudspeaker and on earphones)nokia... moreBoth phone are great.. i own 5320 and 5630.. but.. for loudspeaker better choose nokia 5320.. i already make a "battle" sound both of the phone...
for earphones,both of them is great.. when you unplug you earphones,better choice The Lineout.

  • Zan

Sthe, 21 Dec 2009I want to rest my phone settings but it ask for "lock code" i dn... moreJust Type 12345.

  • Anonymous

It is already old really...discontinued product. Not the best seller of Nokia. Easily to scratch. Not solid with glossy plastic. It is valueable, at least.

  • Kenya

Which is more better in sound(loudspeaker and on earphones)nokia 5320 or 5630?

  • Amulu Munna

its Superb Hand set U know You Cant't Even Believe the Clarity of the camera As adigital Camera . . . . I love this set a lot just try it . . .

  • HIM

Is this phone available in market? Because I didn't find that phone in the market...

  • Rashid

Thanx Zan. I tried woth the C again it solved my problem.
Where can I find Free N-gage games to download

  • Sara

wonderful wonderful set....
awesome music system, awesome camera.... a full package....
i wanna know if there is any code to check the number of received and sent texts....

  • Sthe

Zan, 19 Dec 2009Oh..sorry man... wrong type.. this is true one.. for Normal Re... moreI want to rest my phone settings but it ask for "lock code" i dnt have it help me plz,how can i reset it? I bought it Germany bt i live


Guys dont upgrade ur phone. 4.13 is hackable nd i hacked my phon abt a week ago. Im giving u the steps / step1. Download hallox 2.03(unsigned) from Go to opda or mobicreed Get ur phons cer. nd key by giveing them ur imei will take them abt 24hour 4them to process ur cer. Nd key. Use ur pc..after they process download ur cer. Nd key. file. Copy cer. key. nd hallox 2.03 unsigne in ur phone / step2. Download freesigner 1.01(get it 4m,) nd install it on ur phone. Sign ur unsigne hallox with ur 5320 cer nd key thorough that soft / step3. Now install the hallox nd run it... The hallox will do the rest. Step4. After running Hallox it will also install rom pathcer rompather and turn on the 2 options displayed ( installserverfp2 nd open4allRP+) ..... Now ur 5320 is hacked nd U CAN INSTALL ANYTHING... i hav done it nd its completely safe nd if u want to unhack ur phon again u can do with the same hallox.. :D

  • Anonymous

my firmware update is postponed. Reading all negative things of new firmware makes me affraid to update.
Can anyone notice what things the new one can improve better? Are all application/programs installed cleared after updating the firmware so we should install the app/program once more? Thanks

  • Zan

just i, 19 Dec 2009Hi Zan, *#7380# is not responding at all. *#7370# is only restor... moreOh..sorry man... wrong type..
this is true one..
for Normal Reset (*#7780#) : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc)

for Deep Reset (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten.