Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

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  • nish

i have nokia 5320 xpress music..
whenever i click a photo frm my cell the phone restarts..can u tell me what's the problem with my phone..while clicking the first photo of the day it restarts and then its normal..
what's wrong with my cell??

  • Khuahn

Class 32? Fast. I dnt care if its n0t wifi powered.Really.. This phone has the guts.

  • mr.X

5320 is the best, i like it

  • Supersallu

Its a nice phone, good sound quality and a good RAM which ensures that the mobile is able to open any application quickly and without any problem.
The camera is below average its not for those who want a decent camera phone.
The front camera is better than N-73 one.
The screen is bit small but you will get used to it in couple of days.
The keypad is not very comfortable to use especially the menu and cancel button along with the buttons located on the either sides of the mobile.
The skin is very glossy and catches fingerprint right from the moment you touch it.
The plastic cover for USB port and memory card is tough to deal with.
3.5 mm audio jack is just awesome. The phones loudspeaker is not stereo but still nice.
Battery life is decent but not very good. Battery charges up very quickly (1.5-2 hrs max).
The latest firmware (4.13) does add load of juice to the mobile.
The message reader and Say and Play are good additives.
Its value for money as it comes at just 10K.
I would give it 7.5/10.

  • fasil

from where is this made?

  • Angelo

Please anyone tell me how to change the language to english...?
Coz its in korean language

  • sanjay dadsena

virgo33, 10 Jun 2009hi every body!!!!!! some one will tell me where from i can get a... moreyou have to crack ur 5320 not the ngage game.give ne ur id i'll mai u the process to crack ur cell

  • virgo33

hi every body!!!!!! some one will tell me where from i can get activation code for n-gage games especially asphalt 3 street rules????????plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • virgo33

assalam every body!!!!i m using this phone since last 2 mnths.i m satisfied with its functions.its camera,net browsing,sound quality,shape.key pad,and etc etc are superb but i like its N-GAGE games the most.i would advice every 2 buy this phone.

  • kayri

if you want wi-fi in this phone, just take n-series or e-series and open the phone, take the wi-fi and install to this phone..hahaha just kidding....

  • kayri

farhan, 08 Jun 2009if you want to buy this..forget it cause it not coolyou say is not cool?? you stupid..because this phone is S60 rel. V3.2 ARM 11 363MHZ and cheapest S60 and have N-GAGE that was this phone is good lol..but between N series and E series is greater than 5320 and its expensive too..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2009phone production stopped ... not available in india anymoreit is availaible!

  • jungle

@commented was supervised by me...

Why in India? Has this cellular phone been rare?
In my country "Indonesia" Still hot was discussed by the prospective buyers

  • karim

this phone is magnificent. I have it for 9 months now and i dnt hav any problems, the web browser is gr8 better than the nonsymbian phones which often tells u that secure cnx nt available, camera is gr8 for 2 m.p. cam outdoors gr8, gr8 price, gr8 media player , gr8 shape, gr8 keypad..... I give this phone 9/10 i love it and i dnt regret buying it.

  • Dodge

Hey guys.i just bought this phone from nokia priority store in Goa super cool.nd i paid 10k for it.

  • Anonymous

phone production stopped ... not available in india anymore

  • Anonymous

v4.13 can be hacked using HelloOX method

  • joe (philippines)

this is one of the BEST Nokia phones i've ever had!!!
the phone is fast, efficient and has great features!
great camera, music, internet browsing and user friendly phone for texting. i love the audio version of text messages! 'twas fun!

  • Eyarowen

Nokia 5320 Firmware Version 4.13

1. Faster User Interface (UI) - using the CPU's full potential 369 MhZ
2. Louder Sound Quality
3. Better Camera Quality
4. Additional features...

Problem(s) encountered:
1. Lag (sometimes)
2. Unhackable (problem for some) but for me it's ok

Conclusion: Very good! But needs more improovement...
I will give the 5320 v4.13 a rating of 8.5/10.

  • zan khan

thise phone is a rock i buy it and i use it its speaker is a very nice and bofers i like thise phone