Nokia 5330 XpressMusic

Nokia 5330 XpressMusic

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  • wateva

does nokia 5330 xpressmusic have wifi? plz reply, am so confused

  • Buddhasen Patel

good boy, 23 Oct 2010its look is not good but its prize is good better try 5530from Buddhasen Patel
to "care, Lever" ,,,
date Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 7:20 AM
subject Bad quality in vim dish bar
hide details Oct 23 (1 day ago)
Quality control manager 23/10/2010
Hindustan Unilever
PO BOX No. 14760,Mumbai 400099
Date: 03/10/2010

Sub: Bad quality in vim dish bar
Respected Sir,

We have complained you for the bad quality of your
Product VIM Dish bar MFG date 6/2010. cost of RS 05 to Hindustan
UniLever. They took visit to check and collect the sample from us on
18/10/2010. We have also told to Quality Manager J.P. Bhatt and
Production Manager D. balamurugan to give us the complete quality
report of this product. So Please give attention here.
Because we people are purchasing your product by looking at your
company trade mark. And if you will do all this than how can we trust
Because after washing utensils from your dish bar person is taking
food in it. So it is defected than he can die also.
Your product are taken by common people .We are giving MRP+Sell TAX
for it . So it should not have sand at least. Because sand is
available to us and we will mix if it is needed from your side it
should we pure product. So please keep in mind that your product
should not harm our hand. And you should promise from your side not to
sell this type of product in future.
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  • good boy

its look is not good but its prize is good better try 5530

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2010how much is nokia 5330 xpress music?? can anybody tell me? ... morearound 400MYY

  • Marly-b0y

Yeah i als0 need a price 0n the fne ..0tha thing is,cn anybdy tell me hw much of a difernce thre is btwn the 5330 nd x3 ?

  • Anonymous

how much is nokia 5330 xpress music?? can anybody tell me? i really want to buy this fone..

  • rhox

it very similar to x3.. but x3 look cooler..

  • Teller

RyD997, 13 Aug 2010Which should i buy Nokia x3 or Nokia 5330 XpressMusic?Off-course nokia-X3

  • RyD997

Which should i buy Nokia x3 or Nokia 5330 XpressMusic?

  • william

I think its just superb!

  • ssss

i am planning to buy dis cell ....hw is the sound quality & the camera & its other features plz tell me fast as possible

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2010is tis ph actualyy available in market?? how abt the mus... moresince i bought it. I am in love with it. Music is excellent.

  • Anonymous

how do i remove the battery

  • nellz

hey i want to buy this phone dude that knows the Xpressmusic is better than the tv edition does the xpressmusic have soft bud headphones?

  • Rakib

Pulok, 16 Jul 2010Its around =13,000/=TakaNo its 13500 BDT-14000 BDT

  • Pulok

Its around =13,000/=Taka

  • Pulok

Is nokia 5330 xpress music better than nokia 5330 tv edition?

  • marea

I want to know the price of tease mobile pone. thenks

  • Ismail

This phone is a good phone, i recomend each & every to use it! If u 're in African n u need internet setting which is 4times faster than the one u use before contact: {}

  • Anonymous

is tis ph actualyy available in market??

how abt the music player??i need to know it badly...

plzz help me out:)