Nokia 5510

Nokia 5510

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  • Anonymous

How do you have monographic ringtones and an mp3 player? it doesnt make sense

  • Miguel

i loved this phone!
i had mine for..almost 4 years. a litle big, but very useful!

  • Jethro

I also used to have this phone.
It's a bit big to keep in you're pocket, but on the other hand this was my faforite phone i had for a couple of years. Me brother has it now because i dont sms anymore, but i sure miss this telephone! The mp3 player was very enjoyable!

  • Anonymous

I still have mine too and still working. cool phone!

  • shri

I still have this phone and it's working absolutely fine for the past 6 years. Fantastic longevity and excellent features considering the time when it was launched

  • Omi

i miss this phone too!!

  • Botsok

Man, i miss my phone...
this is the first Mp3 phone i've had..

it's a modified 3310 when you look at the back
but it totally rocks!

  • Anonymous

I still have it, it works, had some problems with the software but they were repared.
It is a 3310 with 45degrees angle lcd, and with 64kb memory(mp3player), radio and qwerty keybord...increadible phone...

  • ashlee

boring but does the job!!
3300 is much better and eye catching!

  • angelzero

I love this phone! imagine its like a 3310 in steroids, if you check the back of it, there's really a 3310 phone case!!!

  • no

my 1st phone n will b de Last,,
best phone i've ever seen,,

  • Carolyn

i used to have this phone i loved it it got stolen from me man i wish i still had this phone i would trade mine for this one right now good phone

  • dont

wow what a piece! I really really hated this phone

  • Anonymous

this is also known as "the jumbo phone"
great keypad.nice mp3
u can use this as ur self defense

  • John

After six glorious years, my battery is becoming less lasting these days... I'm going to have to change it for something else. Too bad. An EXCELLENT and rare (in Greece) phone...

  • OH7710

You had to translate a MP3 file to it's proprietary format. Too awkward for me.
I recorded it in's proprietary format instead. Switched to Nokia 7710 the 5510
is now a backup phone (it's still working
after 4 years use)

  • e50000000

its Nokia 3310 + ngage :D

  • usman

the best phone by nokia. it got mp3 in 2001 but it was even impossible in 2003. great phone

  • Anonymous

how are you supposed to get the ruddy mp3's on the darn phone

  • Mohamrd Mostafa

The 1st. Mp3 phone evere.. this is the most wonderfull phone i'v evere seen