Nokia 5510

Nokia 5510

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  • ediboy

my first mp3 mobile, one of my best during travel times, can reload almost 15-20 zipped mp3 songs, with cool qwerty keypad & stylish when you proceed for sms messaging.


mobile man, 12 Feb 2009THis is a great phone. MP3 and FM radio in a mobile phone.... you have a plan to sell me this kind of cellphone/i really like this phone..just post your numba..tnx

  • PukE_shorTz

i can say im unique when i have this phone..most of my colleagues,friends and even a "HOLDAPPER" can't even know on how to text on this phone.LOL..Wish i can buy again a phone like this..This phone is design for the QWERTY Person..Text me if some one has this phone for "SALE" /09065832296/,.

  • Anonymous

I had this phone when it was first released and losted it 9 months after i was gutted please bring out an updated version i loved the qwerty keypad

  • alrick13

and also this phone is a big help in my college years... I used it as a flash drive to save my documents rather than using a floppy disk...

  • alrick13

I'm using this phone for seven years already... I have not experience any type of problems I even accidentally drop it 6 feet more or less on a concrete...

Planning to buy a new qwerty phone just having a difficult time to find one in the Philippines..

  • Big :D

I really like this phone. this phone was given to me by my teacher because he hates to use this when he is driving. The thing that I love in this phone was its uniqueness. my classmates often call my 5510 a "remote control". and I no longer see this phone anywhere.

The thing that I hate about this phone is its bulkyness. and when I drive, it's hard for me to use this phone. :D

During its time, it quite amazing. Imagine, in 2001, what phone can be compared to 5110...

And my classmates were amazed on this phone because at the back, it has a 3330. It has a radio and mp3 player.

Overall, features (10/10). design(6/10). features(10/10 also) :D

  • Mateo

The worst phone I ever had. Thick, heavy, terrible buttons, used to freeze every few days.. got rid of it quickly and went for Samsung C100 - much better choice!

  • 5510 user

I wish nokia will release a reincarnation of 5510, QWERTY music phone with 3.5mm audio jack, Gigabyte of internal memory plus expandable slot & mini USB port just like the 5510 has.

  • 5510 user

it's a great phone, i use this as a stopper of my car's tire, 'coz my e-brake is broken, ha ha!

  • mobile man

THis is a great phone. MP3 and FM radio in a mobile phone. Here in the Philippines its a headturner because of its model. I had this phone for almost 3 years (2002-2005).

  • daeem

how to use it??

  • nokia lover

this was a real piece of art.but i have to say that nokia made a wrong choice in terms of built-in memory.64 mb?not good,not good.with all theese music features?too bad for nokia.thei could've released a best seller.

  • Hrim

Wow that was such a great phone.

Mp3 and FM, one of the very first one to support this. You could also record the fm and if you had a jack you could record any source as well.

I loved it, but the number placed like pc-keyboard are really a pain to use.

  • Anonim

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2008By Cable... i use to have one a long time ago :)Use what cable? Where can buy it? Is it rare?

  • Artem S. Tashkinov

This mobile phone absolutely rocked in due time.

I was using it for almost three years and bought a new one only because after maybe 10 times I dropped this Nokia on the floor some of its plastic broke and it started looking bad.

Alas, its 64MB memory could only be used for storing music thus you couldn't use that memory for transferring documents, neither you could use stored mp3 files as ring tones.

  • Anonymous

By Cable... i use to have one a long time ago :)

  • Anonim

How to transfer the music if there's no any infrared or bluetooth in this phone??

  • baGGa

hey!!!guyz howz u??
ma prob z that m usin dis phone for last 6 months.nd i dnt khow .tht how can i play da recorded songs through radio on ma pc.can plz plzz plzz smbody tell me hw can i play da RWL. format on ma PC.which player does support dis format.plzzz m w8!n........

  • rawad

gl0dny, 21 Oct 2008I still have it and use it in my old car with a casette-ada... moregl0dny... i bought the 5510 from my country Lebanon 6 months ago and it was coincidence..