Nokia 5510

Nokia 5510

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  • Alex

This is when Nokia was innovative...Apple is new Nokia now!

  • Anonymous

64 MB memory for mp3? Very Oldschool ;-)

  • Abraham

I have this one. Its MP3 player still working.

  • hackm0d

I've had one of these a few years back and it was a heavy phone, but the audio quality was the best in it's class, texting was fast and comfortable, and it could even record music via FM radio and line-in, something NO phone that I know of can do today.

Back then, this was awesome.

  • pedroq

great phone. cool MP3. great memory. if only i could get another brandnew one.

  • Anonymous

It looks like a PSP prototype anno 2000.
But a real treat for the hardcore SMS'ers back then.


This looks like a great handset to have if you're a heavy texter.

  • chris

is this phone still available?

  • The Last Zoidberg

Hello you can find this phone in switzerland in a small town call 'Attalens'(Fribourg), the name of the store is 'Télé-Wendt' they we got 2 blue and 1 red.

P.S All 5510 have never being use, brand new! :)

  • Anonymous

i still have this phone stored away! lol first mp3 fone ever! loved it!

  • LOoSeCannOn

I really love this phone,The first CellPhone i bought with my own money.I had this fone when i was a 3rd yr highschool student i really miss my phone,I Love the Mp3 player,and i really love its radio recorder its very smooth it has no flaw:)

  • Anonymous

Can someone tell me where I can get this fone?

  • brianday

I loved this phone sooo much...until it just broke off because I kept on dropping it...It was bulky though, but nvtheless I could text on it just as fast... my first QWERTY phone!

  • bals


  • ;P Rae

my first mp3 phone and i really love it!!! even the design is too stylish and too cool!!! people often stares at me while using this for my SMS...

  • miatch

this was my first mp3 mobile.
sooo love it!
but somebody stole it when
my pep squad were rehearsing.
cant help but remember
i have just top up 500 card early am
that day.
Then that bastard just stole it.
too bad. =(

  • afiq

my mobile number is 81334911
im staying in singapore

  • afiq

anyone intending to sell ? i'm interested afiq and i stay in singapore

  • Dzeee

I have this phone!!! Werry good phone... ;)

  • ediboy

my first mp3 mobile, one of my best during travel times, can reload almost 15-20 zipped mp3 songs, with cool qwerty keypad & stylish when you proceed for sms messaging.