Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • dood

i want to buy used mobile how is it?

  • shiz

my nokia 5800 powered .i have try to open it but it is not coming on .please tell me is there any way to open it.

  • Anonymous

poor camera. battery good, sound speaker good.

  • sheaan

rt, 29 Apr 2014good phone. Have been using it since 4 years. Superb camera . Un... moresuperb 4n all feathers are very good

  • rt

good phone. Have been using it since 4 years. Superb camera . Unfortunately i dropped the phone recently and need to change. Sad there are no similar models of this phone.

  • Anonymous

It.s nt good oly it wil get hang so very bad

  • AnonD-250545

AnonD-252415, 09 Apr 2014Please enter a Skype linkdownload skype from ovi store

  • Anonymous

Till now i am using Nokia 5800 and there is no software problem.Really Awesome, compare to other smart phone its gud for user friendly.

  • bok

nokia 5800 XPRESSMUSIC is one of the best cell I ever procured. It is very unfortunate that this nokia 5800 xpressmusic is now out of stock. I would like to request the manufacturer, if possible to re-produce and circulate this cell (nokia 5800 xpressmusic) once in the market, especially here in Shillong (Meghalaya)

  • Mahi

How to use skype plz tel me

  • AnonD-252415

Gujjar, 04 Apr 2014Great phone ,it supports skype audio call only,i love this phone... morePlease enter a Skype link

  • AnonD-252415

Please enter a Skype link

  • Mahantesh

I used this mobile for 5 years recently i changed my mobile. no hanging problem no software problem. awesome expirience.

  • Gujjar

Anonymous, 01 Apr 2014skype calling is supported on this phone or not??Great phone ,it supports skype audio call only,i love this phone , good battery time,i love symbian devices ,

  • jennielyn.

Soft.touch po? :)

  • Anonymous

Great piece of harware....its a solid phone. I nean solid and robust. I used it for 3 years and lost it at school. What I really miss about it is the gps navigation...... Is so accurate with voice guidance and FREE added that,the battery is strong.....
Am looking for it just for gps and stereo maps have good maps for gps I think and offline u,,just save more power..great phone

  • Anonymous

skype calling is supported on this phone or not??

  • David

For more than 4 years, but still young as ever.

  • deltatux

Abs, 29 Mar 2014This was one of the Best phones ever made...People talk about Co... moreThere was no glass involved. This phone used a resistive touch screen and in order for that to work, you need the screen to be depressed upon touch so that it can register touch. As such, the screen is actually made of plastic, not glass.

  • Matt

I have used this phone for some time, superb features. Nokia,please try and make new model of it based on current Nokia added features. Thank you.