Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Sunny

Am not satisfied wth its battery timing.... I f I charged it fully and doing msgng and listining musiq the whole day, my battery discharged at nite... and i have a brand new set... wat can i do.. :( :S

  • jab

how to give tv out on nokis 5800

  • K.K.Vinay Kumar

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2011hey any body tell me my phone .got prob.when i unlock fast and l... moreNope. It maybe the screen defect have it checked at Nokia Care.

  • K.K.Vinay Kumar

dragonlord, 09 Mar 2011cn somebody tell me wtz better nokia 5530, 5230 or 5800 please h... moreNokia 5800 is better than the others which you have mentioned.

  • AnonD-3760

I am thinking to buy 5800 XM can anyone plz tel me the advantages and disadvantages of this phone..???

plz respond fast...!!! :) :)

  • AnonD-3746

Remember folks the 5800XM came out in 2008. At that time it was very advanced. I`ve had mine now for over a year and I`m very happy with it. The only downside is the touch screen can be sluggish. I`ve added different themes, torch lite, strobe lite, a level, guitar tuner, couple of games. My phone does so many other things that even my sisters IPhone can`t do. I now have over 1000+ songs, music videos and a dvd concert to keep me entertained.

For those in Canada who use OVI Suite, Don`t update the music player. If you do the music player won`t open up. If that happens go to settings then Application Manager, Installed Apps and delete the update. I will update to the N8 down the road but for the time being the 5800XM suits me fine.

Oh, one other thing the 5800XM has to be the sturdiest phone out there, I`ve dropped it so many times, left it outside in the rain one weekend. I just removed the battery and nuked it for half a minute. Still works fine. Nokia is for cell phones like Volvo is for cars, their built to last.
Cheers !!!

  • Super Dave

jennifer, 08 Mar 2011please someone help me,, when transferring music from a pc to my... morePhoenix: I`ve added 500 + songs, couple of music videos and a dvd concert. Forget OVI suite, after selecting PC Suite as your USB transfer mode. Just copy and paste from your music file on your computer or where ever your storing your music. Open under C-drive portable devices, them memory card and then music file. Paste and that`s it !

  • abbas

my 5800 display suddenly change its display colour
is that ny display problem

  • Anonymous

nikhila, 11 Mar 2011There is radio in my nokia 5800 xpressMusic. But it is not worki... moreconnect headphones with it.

  • nicole

how could i update my n5800 to c6 firm someone can help me so that i like to update my cp in that version thanks and god bless you all

  • MATT

its memory is less ,so whenever you open more application{opera} ,error comes memory is full ,it's memory consumption too much ,but other than that it's amazing phone.

  • nikhila

There is radio in my nokia 5800 xpressMusic. But it is not working. can any one tell me what's the reason

  • JohnKing

Why can't Nokia be more advance than any other cellohones out there?? Can they beat any other OS?? hope that will be more successful on the next 6 months. Go for it Nokia!!! We have trust in you and we also believe in you... You are my NUMBER 1 in all the brands of cellphones. I have hopes on you, especially the Philippines... FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. Don't stop what you are doing, just move forward.

  • Adauto

Had one since june 2010. It worked fine for a few months, but it suddenly start to turn itself off, and never came back to original performance. Not getting another one.

  • ashikmo

i c the headphone using iphone earphone,,its awsome,,,but n73 phone earphone is the best bass and high quality

  • Anonymous

here i wan to say about my experience with this damn tough and great phone. for almost 1 years i using this phone, i have throw it away to wall (coz i hve fight with my gf) :P , a cup of orange juice a accidentally spill on the phone, fall down for more than 30 times or 40 times to concrete but nothing and no any single problem i face so far. what a great phone!

  • AnonD-3334

AnonD-1782, 09 Mar 20111)MDR-XB700- 50mm driver, frequect responds 3 - 28,000Hz 2)MDR-... moreArent those types of headphones the ones that %&/() your ears? thats why i preffer the big ones. I have a sony e10lph right now but NOT GOOD BASS! my friend has a mdrv150 that he bought from london and it has great bass but i need tu put like half cell phone volume on it! My friends telll me that i need to get one with low impedance (ohms)!!!

  • AnonD-1782

AnonD-3334, 09 Mar 2011DO they use a lot of battery? I want headphones under 20 dollars... more1)MDR-XB700- 50mm driver, frequect responds 3 - 28,000Hz
2)MDR-XD200 - 40mm 10-22,000Hz
3)MDR-V150 - 30mm 16-22,000Hz

this type of headphone will consume the bit more on your batt..cos of the big driver but it will give you the sound quality and got the check the actual price in your country...MDR-V100 should around your budget...

otherwise if you r worried bout the batt consumption..just go for the 9mm driver EARphone (the type you push into your ear canal)but you wont get the bass much....

  • AnonD-3334

AnonD-1782, 09 Mar 2011my choice are: 1)MDR-XB700- 50mm driver, frequect responds 3... moreDO they use a lot of battery? I want headphones under 20 dollars, are they those in that range? I dont want to have my cellphones volume so high that it can drain the battery fast,is this the case for these headphones?.

  • AnonD-1782

AnonD-3334, 09 Mar 2011Need a cheap headphone for this phone (under 20 dollars) Big hea... moremy choice are:

1)MDR-XB700- 50mm driver, frequect responds 3 - 28,000Hz
2)MDR-XD200 - 40mm 10-22,000Hz
3)MDR-V150 - 30mm 16-22,000Hz

MDR-XB700 the bass will vibrate you ears...awesome the best of the three..biggest in size but maybe out of your budget.

just add few more bucks for to get the MDR-XD200 at least it got 40mm driver unit or just check the mdr-x100