Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

hey guys. ankur here... with my opinions.
video quality is so fine. overall set is too cool....

  • Prakash

Please, Please,Please help me.. I was buying a nokia mobile.There are two options for me,nokia5800 and C6.i was confused that which mobile i was buying??? anyone pls. guide me.

  • Umer

Been using it for about 2 years now and no near future plans to let it go as it offers every thing i need. Mail for exchange, large touch screen, a handy (but no heavy specs) camera, great motion/touch based games, on the go walkman with great sound quality, GPS, wifi,,,,,, u name it.

  • Anonymous

5800 sucks., =(

  • Anonymous

posting on a 5800 using opera mobile 10.1. This phone rocks!

  • Amar

This is my third mobile and first touch screen mobile, I'm using this this phone since 1 year... very less phone memory , camera of this phone is poor quality as compare to Nokia N73... Music player , Loedspeaker are awsome !! just 128 MB RAM , but no problem while surfing internet at same time u listen music....not much hanging problem, Now music player suppoerts Lyrics but Lyrics are not autoscroll down !! touch screen of this phone is so good , no problem if u press little bit hard by mistakely. i dropped mobile 3-4 time at height of nearly 3-5 feet , but no problem still it's work good as new !!
Overall Nokia 5800 is good package for Music lover , internet surfer but not for who want's good camera!!

  • sam

hi guys this is sam , just now one article given by any one that is useless they comapring nokia 5800 xpress mobile with useless micromax ,so dont comapre.....! my exprince with is phone is very good ,evry thing bateery back up , internet , and tatolly nokia 5800 rocks and this is first touch mobile, and best seller in nokia and its got the award of phone of deca , and year..... no one can beat this phone.... nokia rocks and 5800rocks guys .

  • Piush

hey guys i wanna buy this device could anyone tell me hw its...???

  • azm

sreekanth, 09 Jan 2011hai friends this is my dream phone i use this phone my friends p... moreenjoy your phone ...tells us bout your experience k...there are lots to be discovered...

  • azm

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2011people like you do not know how to use this phone after that say... moreI totally agreed with u brother....

and to: sister eli, hmmm where r u dear??? gone?? well its normal those who dont know how to use 5800...

thanks to those who shared their prob and the real users of 5800 will be/are more knowledgeable in enjoying this lovely xm5800.

  • Anonymous

eza, 09 Jan 2011it would be a kindness if some1 could gimme the answer to my pro... more@eza Snooze the alarm. Press the switch off button only once and alarm will switch off.

  • redon

This phone is very good,it is mostly likly from younger people couse it very good for music it's battery is strong you dont have to refill it 4 or 5 days.It's a phone whith a 3.2 mp camera. It has good applications.

Buy it you wont reggret:D:D:D

  • rakesh

i love my nokia 5800

  • sreekanth

hai friends this is my dream phone i use this phone my friends phone and i use for two hours its amazing technology.and i am going to have it as my new year gift on 20 january 2011 i love this phone,nokia and its mobile creatability

  • eza

it would be a kindness if some1 could gimme the answer to my prob.. i just bought this phone a week ago.. all in all, its a good phone.. but im having a problem with the alarm.

i set it at 5.45 am and it rings(no prob with that).. but then i cant turn it off.. i tried to press stop but nothing happened, even after i tried unlocking it.. i can only turn it off if the phone is not in a locked condition.. but it has been my routine locking my phone before i went off to bed..

is letting the phone in an unlocked condition from the night to the day is the only way i can turn off the alarm?

  • suman ghale

I had recently bought 5800
and it is so convinient and wonderful

  • Prakash

i am going to buy a mobile phone i was confused that which mobile i was buying. nokia 5800 xpress music ya C6 Please help me.!

  • derek b

its still on sale in uk shops.

  • turkey

Police woman, 09 Jan 2011I had this phone for 1 year and it is the best touch screen phon... moreItys certainly been a brilliant smartphone.I too love nokia & symbian o/s.

  • Police woman

I had this phone for 1 year and it is the best touch screen phone.I am crasy over NOKIA since long time ago. ANd I am still using it now wherever I go and still in GOOD CONDITION even if I had dropped it many times. I have the "navigation" edition of this nokia 5800 which has a silver metal surrounded the phone. I love the design of the phone because it is so beautiful & elegant. and I love it's functions, alarm clock works well, better than iphone as I heard news that iphone alarm clock & clock functions never work well till some people are late for work. It's function is very user-friendly and easy to use and so beautiful.It has Good music sounds quality and sounds like as if you are at disco, better than sony erricsson. Has both front & back camera & good video recording, everything is interesting. Can change the display screen to be "ONLY picture & hide menus" or can put menus infront like instant call without having to search at phonebook plus on playing music, plus whatever instant click at the front u can set it, better than iphone that has all menus jumble up & mess up altogher.

I recommend people to buy this phone! 5 STAR! thumbs up!