Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

saajan, 28 Oct 2010how is the sound quality of nokia the music better than ... moreN73 has bullshit music player, sound is pathetic

  • Parth

saajan, 28 Oct 2010how is the sound quality of nokia the music better than ... moreYa, it is better than crapy n73 music.

  • saajan

how is the sound quality of nokia the music better than n73.plz reply soon.

  • morlock

please help. sory guyz im just to exited of my new phone. where can i download the game plants vs zombies??

  • Parth

aadd, 26 Oct 2010hey, I want to install this to my 5800, but i still have some qu... moreWhy do u want to use that stupid voucher?? It sucks!! Ya I can still download music from the store freely! But please don't use that. Instead download music from free mp3 sites. The songs u download r DRM protected which means u can use it in ur phone only. If u reset ur hardware, then they wont work! :(

  • Parth

Mandy, 26 Oct 2010Thanks For the info. Need to know one more thing. I have a lot o... moreNo, not at all! Btw, which firmware update r u talking about??

  • Arpit patel

hi all,
plz check it in yr phone( any s60 v3/v5 phone) and reply here.

i have to use call conferencing with my microphone muted and listen to my seniors lecture. sometimes when i m busy, i have to record calls without beeps using total recall, vox track personal or other 3rd party call recorders. but the prob is when i record call with my mic muted, it records call including the surrounding noises from my side. How can this happen? i have muted my mic, even then it records my voices in call recording. i even tried it in nokia's built-in recorder. plz help

just call up yr customer care, after the call starts, mute microphone from options, now go to applications and start recording using in- built recorder or any 3rd party recording appli u want. just say 'hello-hello' for some time and then stop recording. now disconnect call (its free call). go to gallery and check the recording. i think it will have recorded the customer care voice and yr 'hello=hello'. this means the mic is not muted when u r recording, just the caller (cust care) cant hear u. plz check n reply.
i want to buy a phone which records calls without voices from my side. Right now i m using nokia 5320 and 5800xm. both have this prob.

  • James Mckeown

Nokia can win the os war with it's cumulative number of customers by updating all the various os to the current editions and adding or improving performance of their devices thus series 40, symbian platform s60, symbian os and meego. Nokia has many customers so they can make a software that makes you chat instantly, share informations and video chatting and update it through ovi store or nokia software updater that will work for all their various sodtware os . Their customers will stick to Nokia because they know their phones are at par with the newest edition. Nokia should focus on connecting people at the minimum cost and make their great phones such as 9500, e90, n70, n73, n77, n82, n90, n91, n92, n93, n95, n96, n97 etc all can be updated to latest updates. Focus on connecting people which means people develop from one stage to another infant to teenager to adult. Let all your devices be frequently updated to current version before releasing the new device for popularity. Eg if symbian 3 is installed on all nokia smartphones great sales for new nokia phones because usability is popular.

  • Anonymous

BUY THIS PHONE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I own this phone for a year now and it's good yes, but the MAJOR downside of this great phone, the thing that makes it so bad is SYMBIAN!!! It's very slow, outdated, the app store sucks and it can barely run java games that run perfectly on any old sony erricson phone. The OS is very bad. I recommend Android or Windows Mobile, because they beat symbian at every point. I'll switch to a HTC android at the soonest possibility because i'm fed up with the shitty quality of this outdated OS.

  • Anonymous

yes,it has both full screen n mini qwerty..

  • ripon

its looking smart but ram very slow.

  • morlock

guyz?? help please..
i just want to know is it possible to play plants vs zombies on nokia 5800??

by the way i already bought n5800 and it is awesome. love it. thx to the people who reply their opinions it is worth it.

  • sridhar

[deleted post]i own a N5800 for the past 3 months its an awesome set to be me its worth it....just go for it

  • isha

i got my new 5800! i love its features ! :)

  • Arpit patel

i have to question regarding call recording function of 5800. i have to record my seniors calls with my microphone muted when i m not able to hear their talk. but even if the mic is muted, when i record calls, it records voices from my side too alongwith the callers voice. i checked with 3rd party appli like total recall, vox track personal, ultimate voice call recorder and even nokia's inbuilt recorder. plz check this is yr handsets and tell me if u people also have this prob. i think its a nokia hardware bug

  • grace

does it have qwerty keypad?

  • Anonymous

is there an apps TALKING TOMCAT for NOKIA 5800

  • Engineer Man

skrf , 25 Oct 2010 i have this phone and a x6 and a n8 never repalcing it ,, :DHave you compared the N5800 with the N8's "Stereo Speakers"

BTW (Who likes Andrea Corr)... your the man with good taste!

  • Engineer Man

How about being able to move the whole OVI MAPS program & it's content data to the memory card. It sits on C:...!

Also I have uninstalled location services, python, & a couple of recent programs for movie trailers, downloads etc.. etc...

  • ali

pls help me my phone not working missed calls,received calls,dialedcalls any one help me