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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

mohit, 08 Sep 2010Its another shit from nokia, hugely disappointing!!! Hangs when... morei'm glad that i dont have your prob. i LOVEEEE my 5800. Cheers

  • azm

abey-o-bewakuf n5800, 09 Sep 2010nokia 5233 is almost the same as 5800 except 3g,wifi & 3.2MP... morenokia accomodates everybody's budget n everybody's need

  • azm

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2010Well people who buy this affordable phone loves it. People who c... morei like your comment

  • Nimax

dd9, 09 Sep 2010hi can anyone knows what the best choice in between 5800 or 5530... moreDude, If you want great quality on music, 3g and 3.2 inches screen then you can go for 5800. If you don't want 3g then you can go for 5530 for sure, i don't know about the loudspeaker performance and music on 5530 but since it belongs in xpressmusic family, there is no need to be skeptic on it. Whatever model you buy, cheers to you.
long live nokia.

  • Tarun Sanjay Mehwala

This mobile is great.. I am 12 years old and i want to buy this mobile but my parents are very very bad and they will not buy as its cost is very high...

  • vky

has ne1 used swype on the fone..wer diju dwnld it frm...i dwnlded it frm beta labs bt it nt wrkin ,,d software version is v51....pls help asap


  • dd9

hi can anyone knows what the best choice in between 5800 or 5530. i wanna buy phone like the of these but i don't know which one is working better.. hope you can advise me..thank you!!

  • Anonymous

Nokia N8 will give Nokia 5800 a bye bye KISS.

  • Kiko

I will try that,thanks...

  • abey-o-bewakuf n5800

nokia 5233 is almost the same as 5800 except 3g,wifi & 3.2MP cam............
even the looks,screen size and other hardware specs of both are the same.......................
actually nokia is is making smartphones for a bigger diversity of buyers...............
all of s60v5 fones are similar,even in looks...
if u want 3g,wifi,3mp cam u can opt for nokia 5800
if you want 2g,wifi,3mp cam u can opt for n5530
if you want 3g,no wifi,2mp cam u can opt for n5230
if you want 2g,no rich connectivity,2mp cam , u can go for n5233............
if u want a 3g,hardware qwerty,wifi,5mp cam , u can go for c6
if u want a 3g,hardware qwerty,bigger screen,wifi,5mp cam , u can go for n97/n97 mini............
so every s60v5 fone can be compared to n5800
and there is nothing like lv.5 or lv.2 phones...............

  • n5800-c6

dont compare 5800 high end with poor end phones..???understand u are...
5800 is highly...n qualifiet..
5233 is poorly...n half qualifiet..
dont compare lv.5 vs lv.2 ok...
compare prce your phone with 1208 only...

  • klash

Its been a very good phone 4 a while ... but Released 2008, November ...old .. will i want to thank it a lot ..i'm going 4 sam wave S8500 ..its a super amoled capacitive not resistive

  • maruthu

i used on nokia 5800 its mass mobile. i like dis mobile. sound quality and loud music is good.

  • Sid

I've just recieved Galaxy S, want to say thank you to nokia 5800 it served me well for 19months.
As for crashing, if you updated your fone to V30 or above the fone hardly freezes unless u have 15 apps open!
one of the best fones i've ever owned, bit sceptical of Samsungs (had bad experience in the past)

  • Anonymous

mohit, 08 Sep 2010Yeah, its got a special chip which allows it to hang more often ... moreWell people who buy this affordable phone loves it. People who cant hates it. Looks like u belong to the 2nd group! I have the 5800 and galaxy s. Galaxy s is a good phone but is expensive,can buy an entry level gaming laptop for that price! The special chip of the 5800 is superb because the audio is really good! The hanging is mostly due to the dynamic mode of it's processor! You can't get more than this for the price of the 5800, but you can get a lot of other better things for the price of a galaxy s. I like my galaxy s too but mostly i use the 5800 because it's good for rugged use!

  • Anonymous

@ kiko
download OVI suite(from nokia's website),then click on maps search for ur desired city/country download it then transfer to the phone

  • Nirmal B

The Main Camera is not at all good as compared to N73. I had used N73 for two years and it has very good mobile camera I had ever used. Secondly, the Clear area for Camera & Flash light compartment is a single plastic so the flast light enter into the lense compartment once it click to take a picture with flash and the quality of the photo appear dull.


any one here use 16 or 32 G memory card with out alag with full capacity loud . tell me pls the over performance ?

  • Kiko

Hey fox,pls anybady tell me are there nokia macedonia maps avalable for my gps navigation sistem???? P.s nokia 5800 rules!!!!

  • Me

I love this phone, not perfect but not bad. Been a year having this and im really satisfied especialy the sound quality...but ill go for N8 or N9 when its released.