Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

Wow! I'm using swype on the nokia 5800. It is ready awesome! Typing on qwerty hsd never been easier or this joyful!
: )

  • Anonymous

Hi people i would like to know something regarding resistive touchscreens. Is it normal for them to lose sensitivity over time?

  • 5800 lover

nokia 5800 xpressmusic is the BEST! upgrade the firmware to v 51.0.006 it has cool function kinectic scrolling! love this phone!

  • Nimax Shrestha

Dude, music on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is awesome. It has got a special chip on it and hence you can enjoy some of the world's best industries music on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Loudspeaker is quite good. Good enough for indoor and outdoor use with low noise!
Music is the Best Part of my phone :) thus, i'm in love with her

  • kabute

5800 recient owner, 07 Sep 2010it's a slow phone, go for a samsung low end touch and you find t... moreYeah, but compare the price and features...5800 is a cut above the rest.

  • Georgi

I am confused between e71 and 5800.
I will use it mainly for conversations,little Wi-Fi ( like 10-15 min per day if any network is at range) and music.
The guys at e71 section answered me e71 is better,faster and greater quality build.
I wonder mainly because the audio on 5800 seems much better.

  • SRC Nokia 5800

After lots n lots of tries...I have fixed the light bug in my Nokia 5800 C6 CFW.....Cheers.....!

  • Xfx

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2010hey guys, is it difficult to use your vingers on the display?? c... moreYou either have a gorilla thumb or vision problem.

  • Anonymous

hey guys, is it difficult to use your vingers on the display?? cause the screen seems to be sooo small...does anyone have problems with that?? please tell....

  • Anonymous

5800 recient owner, 07 Sep 2010it's a slow phone, go for a samsung low end touch and you find t... morebitter!

  • Anonymous

it's really good,i hv been using this for quite a long time , and i hvn't face any problem yet and it's price is also affordable & consists almost all features

  • danger man

i am really amazed by the below post .. explaining corby is much faster than symbian 5... but to aware u my dear friend.. symbian is operating system(os) for mobile but corby is based on just java applications.. no perticular os defined.. otherwise go for android .much faster since the platform is java based...
but pls no to corbyyyyyyy

  • dave

i like this phone hehehe

  • kemerout..

5800 recient owner, 07 Sep 2010it's a slow phone, go for a samsung low end touch and you find t... morerealy??corby is much faster than this??

  • SRC Nokia 5800

danz help for src, 07 Sep sorry white keypad...light trying to think how t... moreThats where im stuck on too...visit pnht mod of the user has posted a cooked going with the instructions...after cooking the CFW, at the time of repack its showing some error....what the F...Holy Crap...

  • yuna

djslurpee, 06 Sep 2010whew! been using this phone for a year already. installed a lot ... morehey dude, could u pls share with me where can i get the free real time gps tat u installed?

extremely thanks!

  • danz help for src sorry white keypad...light trying to think how to activate again...

i was try cooking cfw c6..with add some language,themes,pre installed widget,n ram free up to 80mb at start working 60mb....
run easier if u open 24 same moment.. only custom from me...i must study from master hacker pnht n u i can cooking firmware n full..
i can solve green n red light,,but the white light..i dont know...

  • danz help for src

try the NFE from pnht by symbian use can download million free fw..only fill code product...

  • danz help for src

SRC Nokia 5800, 07 Sep 2010Hey DANZ you got rid of screen and keypad light bug in C6 CFW...... moreTRY 2x slide side key while the red or green light the charging...if green(battery is not full)
red(battery notify u full n unplug cable...)
or slide side key turn of n press white key and then slide like iphone...and slide side key work on my tube...

  • danz help for src

you can download same NFE at search by google.."c6 for 5800 by symbianzone"
try it...
you was help me...and i must reply to help u...^^
at the winrar while run...its error,...but open manualy at click 2x...and search the primary works well...
im rename my tube N56789(5800,C6,N97)