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  • jennifer

hello guys,

please help me how to fix my essue regarding with my 5800xpressmusic phone. everytime i tried to connect on internet it says web unable to display. even in we-fi area, i can connect to we-fi but when i tried to brose it says again ''web unable to display.''
guys what should i do or how could i fix this essue?



  • Et Tu

Raymond, 13 Aug 2010hey Guyz i need yo help. im stuck on v40. it wont update no more... moreDont change with NSS, some other application comes I dont remember. Google it you will get.
I myself changed it earlier to version 4.xxxx

Its safe to change your product code if steps are followed correctly, change it back to original when you are taking to Nokia Care or selling it.

Also, change it to EU product codes...

  • christal

i am unable to browse my ovi store and use the web browser. Can any one give me solutions

  • SRC Nokia 5800

Raymond, 13 Aug 2010hey Guyz i need yo help. im stuck on v40. it wont update no more... moreHey Reymond dont try to hack your product code, you may stuck on the same firmware forever. use GPRS or the local wifi network to update your phone by pressing *#0000#....OR you can visit nearest Nokia Care Center. They will upgrade it for free of cost (Having said that your device must be under warranty).

I recently updated to V51.0.006 through local wifi connection for free of cost without messing with my product code which is still showing V30.00.5 being upgradable for you product code....Hope this help....!

  • raj

asif khan, 10 Aug 2010can any one please tell me i had updated my firmware but now iam... morehii....dude use 12345 only as unlock key

  • Raymond

hey Guyz i need yo help. im stuck on v40. it wont update no more. also tried to change product code with nss but it didnt work. used product code for phone with v51... anyone with a solution plz help

  • mimi_29

Nokia 5800 is good, my only problem with nokia phones is that BATTERY DRAINS FAST. even if youre not using it,,unlike SONY Ericsson phones and samsung their battery lasts long enough,i hope nokia company find a way and solve this problem,, like when i use the gps it really drains my battery fast,,my fone is only 5 mons old and dont use it often,but its like worn out already.

  • Anonymous

Fibronaccio!, 13 Aug 2010I repeat again! I don't compare this phone with n73 or 6500 slid... moreNow seriously you don't get it, do you??? I said THOUGH THE 5800 IS NOT SOO GOOD IN THE CAMERA DEPARTMENT IT MAKES UP FOR THAT WITH IT'S MUSIC!!! ALSO AS IT'S A TOUCH SCREEN MOBILE,OBVIOUSLY THE MATERIALS USED ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THAT USED IN A NON-TOUCH PHONE(i'm referring to the screen, the multimedia key and it's technology)!!!!! Therefore even with an average camera, it gets a higher price tag due to the cost of production!!!!!! Do you get that????
And as for the iphone do you get unlimited/extendable memory,full real-time multitasking,flash in the browser at that very high price tag???? Have some sense please!!!! :)

  • 5800lover

Fibronaccio!, 13 Aug 2010I repeat again! I don't compare this phone with n73 or 6500 slid... moreHey u. Leave n73 aside and lets talk of 5800 and ur iphone. Tell me u r a phone xpert. 5800 was music smartphone not gaming. Iphone was just an ipod touch wid phone feature and see price. Still costs 33k in india that crap. I would rather buy a nokia n8 or the maemo giant n900. Both has graphic chip and u can see the performance of n900. Said to be best smart phone. Nokia 5800 is still a good choice over that crap iphone 3g/s. And for that iphone 4(never got a signal), i would go for n900 or n8.

  • Anonymous

MiniMe, 13 Aug 2010Nokia5800 is Nokia's first full-fledged touch screen, which plan... moreHe is right.... The 5800 is Nokia's third touchscreen phone..
The first ones came long ago.. the 7710 and 7700.. back in 2004.

  • Parth

Manik, 13 Aug 2010for new user only. turn on music player. play your favourite so... moreYaaaaaaa!! Even I have experienced iT!!! AMAZING!! But beware! It will drain your battery faster!

  • abbey

This over rated device isnt al they claim it is,iphone is better off than it,its indeed no match 4 the iphone.

  • MiniMe

MiniPavvyrotti, 13 Aug 2010FYI: Nokia 5800XM is not Nokia's first touchscreen phone!!! L... moreNokia5800 is Nokia's first full-fledged touch screen, which planet are you from iFan??

  • MiniPavvyrotti


Nokia 5800XM is not Nokia's first touchscreen phone!!! Look your facts!!!

  • SacH

I live in UAE and have been using 5800 since one year. my device came packed with v21 and even though many updates were available, i was never able to upgrade mine due to restriction on my product code. i learnt to change the product code and was able to upgrade to v51, but no longer able to access the internet. i have gone through all the settings and the web explorer does detect my wifi but does not download anything. neither does any of the web applications, help plsss???

  • A

How to work a jar program in full screen in this phone? all jar applications open in the upper half of the screen and the lower half has the arrows for directions.. is there anyway to make jar applications work in full screen?? thanx

  • Fibronaccio!

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2010Oh c'mon, overpriced???? Dude did u evernotice the size of the s... moreI repeat again! I don't compare this phone with n73 or 6500 slide!!! I said that the camera of 5800 is poor for this price!Why?? The n73/6500 slide have a better camera @ the same specification...and that's it! At this price should have at least 5mpx. BUT! don't compare this low performance and unoptimized crap 5800 phone with iphone 3gs! ....Iphone: 600mhz CPU, !!accelerator graphic!! , 256 RAM!
why 5800 doesn't have accelerator graph????

This phone is expensive not because is a better phone ... because is:
--- the first touchscreen from nokia!( and this speaks by itself about optimizing, and marketing strategy )
--- have the name Xpress Music (but i don't hear a big is quality, but is normal from nokia. i wrote my full opinion about audio performance, in a comment beyond )

  • Manik

for new user only.
turn on music player. play your favourite song. set loudness off and stereo widening on. place the phone near your throat. feel the stereo widening effect without headsets. thanks.

  • Anonymous

Fibronaccio, 12 Aug 2010if you read carefully i compare only the camera. the same specif... moreOh c'mon, overpriced???? Dude did u evernotice the size of the screen??? 3.2 inches. Did u ever notice the type of the screen??? It's a touch screen!!! These two factors alone are enough to make it more expensive for an average 3.2 MP shooter!!! Also it has more RAM and a faster processor compared to the n73, so it has every right to be expensive. And you call this expensive??? Dude what about the iphone 3G/3GS then??? They offer far less features for a higher price than the 5800,so why don't you call that overpriced??? Have sense!!! Peace :)

  • Anonymous

JagD, 12 Aug 2010Can anyone tell me if there anyway to improve its camera quality?Update to v51,it improves the camera performance slightly. The images taken in low light looks clearer and brighter!!! Cheers! :)