Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • NEO

wilson, 09 Apr 2010wat is symbiantalk.n*e*t?is a web addres?indeed i hav a trial nw... moreHye,

well, i can say, ur a very gd guesser, :-) haha, n indeed, it is a site, but when i do not use the asterisks, it says needs approval from administrator. guess tat u cant post external links or so. i suggest that u can get the cracked version fr the site. it has so many appz, jus like any other forum. register is free n welcome to the world of symbian, :-)

hope tis helps:-)

  • NEO

jyocean, 09 Apr 2010hey guys, pls help me. i just bought this 5800 XpressMusic.. ... moreHye,

well, i guess that there's some fault in ur firmware, advisable to send it to nokia centre as the phone is still very new (jus few days old) they'll rectify the problem. :-)

dun worry, this thing do happen, it might just be a faulty phone, u were jus unlucky, get it to the nokia centre and they'll either repair it or replace it for u.

Hope tis helps:-)

  • NEO

Anonymous, 09 Apr 2010Neo can u tell us what app u have in ur 5800 if there isnt prob... moreHye,

well, thanks for the flatter, but i'm no expert, i'm jus here helping ppl get the most out of 5800 XM, :-) well, i've quite a a no. of apps, bout 100+ apps, and most of the apps are quite ok, they're not a problem. Prblem starts when u try installing s60v3 apps, some apps are not compatible, so jus wait for ppl to comment and try installing it. that should do the trick.

and also, it is not advisable to install so many appz in ur phone. try to minimize it so that ur phone does not slow down much of restarts everytime.

hope tis helps:-)


Yes, best phone to buy in prize 13,500

  • freak

i can't play any video in it. plz suggest me the media player for the set.

  • TM

I have downloaded mp3 songs from internet to my PC. How do I transfer or save these songs to the Nokia 5800 music player? I connected the nokia to my pc with the cable and then selected mass storage option. I saved the songs from my pc to the nokia, but it saved it as files in the "file mgr" folder, NOT in the music player section. Due to this I cannot use the various options provided by the music player. I can play only 1 song from the file mgr and cannot skip the song or shuffle or anything. Please Help. Thnks. TM

  • awan_baek

Lilith, 11 Apr 2010I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. I bought it a year a... morehave u try 5630xm ? more cheap & more fast CPU!

  • Anonymous

Power mp3 is free and has superb functionality and user friendliness!!!

  • Anonymous

NEO, 07 Apr 2010Hye, U can use 3rd party mp3 players for ur nokia. eg would b... moreHi Neo,

Downloaded Jukebox on ur suggestion .. it has only 90 minutes for music play for Trial version. Can you help.

Any free to use good MP3 player??


  • Anonymous

Larnes, 11 Apr 2010Hi everybody. my GF has a 5800XM and the call log dont show up m... morego to Log & then in settings check if log records of ON.

  • Just got 5800 =)

multimedia wise this phone is excellent!!! connectivity is also a big plus to this phone. th only drawback i feel is typing using the on screen keyboard. but then again this is only my opinion as this is my first touchscreen/xpressmusic/wifi enabled/gps enabled phone!!!! so alot of "getting used to" to be done. but i think i will get used to this awesome smartphone.

  • Anonymous

joanna, 11 Apr 2010Hi.! My mother is going to buy me a phone, and she is asking wha... moreAsk herto buy u a bird like bird 700a / surely u'll be ...

  • Larnes

Hi everybody. my GF has a 5800XM and the call log dont show up means that we cant view missed dialed or received calls and the sms notifications dont show up either we need to simulate an sms to see them. Can someone please tell me what to do?

  • Fahim'6X9?

It's a cool phone.

  • Lilith

I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.
I bought it a year ago and had nothing but trouble with it.
First internet browser broke down -> repair
Then I noticed that the phone is not operating if it's colder than 0° - it just shuts down and there is nothing you can do to turn it on -> no mobile connection while skiing
It also sometimes restarts itself if it feels like it - whether I am working with it at the moment or not -> unnerving, but not crucial
And now I am having troubles with the display and bluetooth is not working either -> looking for a new phone right now...
I also heard it is one of the models with the most malfunctions reported...

  • nandakumar

Avin, 11 Apr 2010I am planning to buy a phone with good feature..can any one sugg... moreDear Avin,

I suggest you should go for Nokia 5800 Xpres music mobile set.It is worth having one like this.



  • thanush

Hi friends please tell me the fingerprint application code no

  • nandakumar

joanna, 11 Apr 2010Hi.! My mother is going to buy me a phone, and she is asking wha... moreDear Joanna,

I would like to infom you that I have one Nokia 5800, it has amazing features and wonderful set. Please go for it.



  • joanna

Hi.! My mother is going to buy me a phone, and she is asking what i want. Well, what to choose. Please help me guys. 'm really into texting and pictures. Also multimedia like musics and videos. I'll wait. hanks in advance! ^^

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for 4 months and the time is always slowing down by a few minutes every week. Every time i reset the clock, it slows down again a few days later.