Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • wolverine05

wer can i find pdf reader applilcation for nokia 5800?

  • therock

fery, 11 Mar 2010scratch resistant?if a screen protector is on the screen it becomes scratch resistant.

  • fery

scratch resistant?

  • Messori13

asdasda, 09 Mar 2010how mucj mani MHz has Nokia 5800 ? Some sites tell it has 369 MH... moreI think it would be wise if you check it from nokia website.

  • noidea

alll, 10 Mar 2010can anyone atleast one antivirus for 5800, how to download and i... morego to the ovi store
find the F-secure application
press the download panel
it's as easy as pie

  • alll

can anyone atleast one antivirus for 5800, how to download and install it in my cellphone need badly

  • Enzo

Great phone, smart, the gps is ok,os is reliable if you instal the proper apps, the touch is very good, if the camera was at lest 5mpx with xenon it would have been the best of them all...any way i like it a lot..

  • minz

hey !!!!

whats the recent price of this fone???

  • baranidharan

hai friends.I bought tis mobile one month before itself.Such a nice mobile..Song clarity are very nice and also look and feel.only camera clarity is not much one..So its money worth mobile..

  • NEO

AL, 10 Mar 2010Does anyone can help me to where can i find or tell me links to ... moreHi All,

Well, just join any symbian forum (register) and browse thru the symbian s60v5 section. got a few anti virus, but here's a gd one:

Kaspersky Mobile Secuirty v8.0.48 S60v3 S60v5

google search it as well, :-)
hope this helps.

  • Curious

venus-bangalore, 10 Mar 2010It is a gr8 buy. U need to bear with some freeze & hangs tho... moreThanks for you informations. Can see that
u have been explaining in details. Thanks again
Guess will buy the phone!!!!

  • Peter

Liani, 09 Mar 2010OVI is a program where you can download music, maps and games to... moreThanks a lot for the reply Liani. I was a bit confused as some of the functions, like downloading maps, also feature in PC Suite.

  • therock

after signing with tmobile, i guess this smartphone's 3g signal isn't compatible with them. it only provides the edge signal.

I asked a tmobile rep why??? the answer I got is because it isn't made for tmobile. Att's signal is better, providing a 3g signal for non att smartphones.

Now, will this smartphone's 3g signal ever be compatible with tmobile given the fact that the nokia 5230 or nuron is being release by tmobile???

I may have to go back to att so the full potential of the signal can be use.

  • AL

Does anyone can help me to where can i find or tell me links to install a anti virus in my 5800 theres have been antivirus to my cellphone untill now i cant find ways to remove it??

  • venus-bangalore

venus-bangalore, 10 Mar 2010It is a gr8 buy. U need to bear with some freeze & hangs tho... morejust forgot to mention abt camera.
It is good (though not excellent) Takes good snaps in daylight & average snaps in night/low light.(change to night mode) Takes great videos too in good lighting. what more do you expect?
Dont mix your phone needs & camera needs. Dont race for megapixels. look at the photo quality. MPs define only the printable size of photo, not the quality. quality depends on the image processing s/w, hardware/ lens etc. Even the best mobile camera cant match the dumbest digital camera bcoz mobile cam tecnology is totally diff from digicam in terms of their lenses & hardware like image stabilization/autofocus/scene detection etc.

  • venus-bangalore

curious, 09 Mar 2010So how does the majority thinks of N5800xp music? A great buy ?... moreIt is a gr8 buy. U need to bear with some freeze & hangs though. Feels a bit unstable to me (unlike typical nokias which well known for stability & reliablity). i havent seen many smart phones, but it is certainly better than my cousin's Asus windows phone which hangs for every day!. (this is better, in an average i can say it hangs once or twice in a week ;-) LOL). But its really an irritating problem. yiu have to pull out the battery & memory card then start the phone. push the mem card after it boots, wait for it to fix mem card, wiat until its ready for usage. totally its 10 mins job & when you are in hurry, it really sucks!.

but all other features are lovable. -

Battery life:- is excellent for any average usage. (new phone-1st charge should be 8Hrs & it needs 5-6 dis-re-charge cycles for the battery to come into rhythm.

Apps:- excellent apps avialable most of them free/ trial/ limited/ sponsored. but some of them are paid/to be subscribed. However, for me only free themes/wallpapers/apps are sufficent.

GPS Navigation- Good. Maps lifetime free. GPS nav i haven;t tried.

Music:- excellent!. capable media player. good sound quality on a good quality earphones. the nokia earphone supplied with phone is pure bul*sh*t; scrap it! & buy a good sony/ sennheiser/bose whatever ) on TV/Audi out, u can listen music on any speaker/tv.

Video- Good. but not so impressive as phone struggles with big files. u shud wait patiently , shud not load it with several clicks. i.e. dont open/close/back/ too many videos at a time & when video is played, dont open many apps. if done so guaranteed that phone hangs & sucks!, on TV out video is fairly enough for short clips. little blur, so watching full movie may lead to headache.

Phone: basic need is a cell phone & it does good in its job. However UI is not mature like iphone/samsung/htc etc. full of inconsitancies in the menus & UI. but manageable, not too ugly. Build quality is average. platicky & not rich looking. but for the cost, it is fine.
Touch screen sensitivity is good, though not the best in class.

Wifi :- gr8 job!. connecting is so easy. but the built in browser is not so mature. so is Opera mini (free download). Still in search of a good browser. sceen is too small for browsing. get pain in eyes after 10mins of browsing.

All in all - a middle class "value for money" phone. You will love it if you arent bothered by "not so stable" Symbian OS on it. Though it meets your need for now, its certainly not a phone for future. You can use it for couple of years & then change. since you will be bored then... bcoz smart phone industry is becomming focus of every mobile & computer mfgs. Lot of innovation & growth happening. things become obsolete so soon. so, go & grab now. Enjoy till you get bored or satisfied

  • lucky

MAHI, 10 Mar 2010hey guys.............. i'm thinking to buy dis phone... here... morei wll only say just purchase it

  • yashwant

its camera quality is awesome n every feature is damn good its actly damn good product .... trust me .....

  • NEO

deepak, 09 Mar 2010hi guys i m 4m india..i upgraded to v40 from nokia care.. can an... moreHi,

Maybe u might wanna do a soft reset or hard reset. i've posted on how to soft reset and hard reset in this topic. pls look thru it.

Hope tis helps :-)

  • NEO

Liani, 09 Mar 2010The latest version software is V40 and it is out already and you... moreHi Liani,

I disadree with you that when u update to v40, all ur files will be wiped out. It is advisable to back it up if anything goes wrong, but if everything is sailing smooth, then all ur configurations and installed files will be intact. i've done the upgrade myself, :-)

Hope this helps :-)