Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • sunil

thax all of u for positive comments 4 this phone. i have been reading this opinion forum for last one week and found that most of the guys found this phone a worth buy. i m going to buy now.

thx again

  • Anonymous

puyol, 18 Feb 2010when i try to download the map using ovi maps,it always said tha... moreempty some of your phone memory

  • D

puyol, 18 Feb 2010when i try to download the map using ovi maps,it always said tha... moremaybe your phone memory is full. that app is in you phone memory right?

  • puyol

when i try to download the map using ovi maps,it always said that my memory is memory card has 4gb maximum memory use was set to max(90%).memory to be used is mcard.
can anyone tell me what the problem is?

  • puyol

when i try to download the map using ovi maps,it always said that my memory is full even though my memory card has 4gb maximum memory use was set to max(90%)

  • Anonymous

i don't know why some people comment badly on this phone. i think they don't know much about how to take care and make use of the software and how to enjoy all the features. they have purchased just because i has a youch screen and all features.

  • Anonymous

music player and video quality is good. it is like itouch. got free gps licence and support flash viedo playback. its price is also very less.

  • Anonymous

this phone suits only for those who want to enjoy, and know everything about that phone. this phone is not just for calling and sending sms. it can be done in a black and white mobile also. see the features, there are lot of applications, games etc you can browse web in full view like in pc, enjoy the touch leave the old button phones. people who want to enjoy with their phone doesnot see the camera, battery life ctc see the operating system and its support for application though processor and ram is slightly less we can do everything without any lag. a pc also slows down by time goes on. keep your mobile clean means install less themes, apps, games . just keep the setup, install when you need. only keep inportant softwares. i keep only some apps which i use more and install only one theme and when i get new one i uninstall old one and install new one.i keep most of the apps uninstalled. use your screen softly ithis increases your screen life don't worry about battery if you will be in home most of the times. change it when you don't use. delete temporary internet cache files and history. then see your mobile will be very speed as it was when you purchased it. jet is also good but i prefer good os. what is the use of thatmuch processor. there are no such apps which use 800mhz. my phone works perfectly i'm satisfied with that phone NOKIA 5800 Rocks!!!!!

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone around 4 months back and am very happy with it. I have used almost every feature in the phone: Music, Camera, GPS, GPRS. It is value for money.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2010plz HELP ME i wanna buy a 5800 bt which is better the xpress... moreYou can go for 5800xm - for the features you are getting for that price. I know JET is a good phone, but not a smart phone. No much appllication choices for that. and it's more pricy than 5800. (in india its INR 4k more)
Your choice depends on your budget & features u really need.
Other options are Samsung Corby, Star(3g/Wifi/basic), Nokia 5530, LG cookie KP500 etc. in the lesser price range. Other brands have attractive screen, widgets etc, but when it comes to apps, certainly nokia is the choice and it's 2nd to iPhone (apple app store).
Good luck.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2010samsung jet is still better than this phone,, nokia 5800 many... morehey mr anonymus! what do u know about 5800? i think u've the samsung i got that u've no any idea about 5800

  • Anonymous

complete phone...had a great xperience..luv u nokia

  • Anonymous

i wanna buy a 5800

bt which is better the xpressmusic or the navigation edition
i mean wat r the differences betn these two????
are there any other phones better than 5800 and
samsung JET???
and this is my first touchscreen experience
then should i buy this phone??????
or any other??????
is this phone dependable???

  • Anonymous

it just fell just about half meter and it's with jelly case and still it break.. very ugly!!!


  • Anonymous

i broke the screen of my 5800 after it fell just once!

i went to nokia service and they told me it's not covered with warranty because they are thinking that the cause why it break is intentional!

very ugly phone.. the screen is very ugly and easy to break!



  • Anonymous

samsung jet is still better than this phone,,

nokia 5800 many bugs and ugly screen.,. the screen is very brittle.. and the camera is very very ugly.. the processor is very slow!

the SAMSUNG JET has the best camera and a very fast processor with a very HIGH QUALITY AMOLED TOUCHSCREEN.!

and the design,., definitely the 5800 is NO MATCH with the jet's DEISGN AND PERFORMANCE!

  • Anonymous

I don't think Samsung Jet is better than Nokia 5800XM,
try comparing it again guys..

  • Dr Sohail Ghani

i am planing to buy 5800xpress, the only confussion is that ,on some 5800 mobile there is written MADE IN HUNGARY, on some written MADE IN CHINA , What to buy ?

  • iamflip

JoeL, 18 Feb 2010I just bought this phone and I am very happy abt it.. But de onl... morePlease follow instructions:

1) Go to Music Player
2) Once you're in the Music Player, hit "Options" Key
3) Choose "Refresh Library"
4) You will see a "Refreshing..." window pop-up until it reaches Refresh Complete.
5) Check "All Songs" or go to "Playlists" and check the "Recently Added" Playlist.

Hope this helps.

  • iamflip

On February 14, 2010 I've been using my Nokia 5800 without worries and headaches.

After a year, it still works awesome! Two thumbs up!!!

Only had this reported to Nokia Care Center for Firmware Update...once. My current version is V 30.0.011