Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

any filipino users here? coz i was reading the comments here and it seems that phone from india easily breaks especially their screens. im planning to buy this and if its worth it. no offense indina users. peace. i just wanna know if 5800 from philippines easily breaks just like what i read here. thanks

  • keisar

guys pls dont get dis mobile.... it hangs a lot i got vexed up with dis model.. so pls take ma advice dont buy dis mobile at any cost.... beware

  • Anonymous

amber, 29 Nov 2009how to set wifi in this phone??To easy aces Wi-Fi on this phone, i advise you guys to do this: to use as front screen "Shortcuts bar" to be able to add Wi-Fi icon there instead FM radio, because FM radio you can find anyway on music folder, so go to menu/settings/personal/Home screen/shortcuts/click on Radio and from application find the "WLAN Wizard" and go back to front screen, now you have WLAN Wizard on your phone front screen for easy aces, so you don't need to install any wi-fi software at all.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2009Today all of a sudden my on screen dialpad has stopped respondin... moreHi, i had the same problem, because i try to install front screen modification, and the problem acures, you should backup your phone software if it's important stuff, and take off memory card by presing short power button and Remove E:memory card and use menu/settings/phone/phone mgmt/Factory settings and enter the code 12345, the phone will restart, after that use number pad to fully reset the phone and enter code *#7370# and the security code is again 12345, to reset the phone, to be able to remove wot ewer mallware is installed on your phone, so you should repeat resetting til number pad and other front screen buttons are functional again, then restore your backup, but NOT phone settings, because that you can do your self.

  • Saifuden

This Is Very Super Phone

  • navin

if want free software 5800
thn now see
and also nokia ovi store

  • navin

last friday i m buy a 5800 unit
13300 INR and also free
diztal sennheiser its rocking.and nice phone
my firmwork is v 30.0.011 can i update
latest software. plz help me???

  • Anonymous

akash sharma, 28 Nov 2009i like this phone,but i think this phone response is very badly.... morei am satisfied with this phone. i have had this for 4 months already

  • Anonymous

denpacs, 29 Nov 2009Go take a picture of something white, let's say a white paper, t... moremine has three white dots atached to one another

  • denpacs

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2009whats a dead pixel? Go take a picture of something white, let's say a white paper, then take a look at your screen, if you see black dot/dots on it, then it's a dead pixel/pixels.. Mine has one..

  • xyz

Please hide imei number in one of the pictures shown in this site

  • amber

what location having free wifi

  • amber

how to set wifi in this phone??

  • John

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2009Gilly Rocket:: dont encourage and dont become happy also out of ... more
Thank you dude for providing the information. I was planning to buy N 5800 Express music. Thanks a ton....I did not get into the trap...

  • gaurav

Imran, 28 Nov 2009Hi Guys Can some one tell: Is the Qwerty keypad virtual in thi... moreit just works fine but if u are looking forward buy a smartphone nokia 5800 is not worth it insted of that i would suggest you samsung omnia 2 or an iPhone 3gS

  • Anonymous

Imran, 28 Nov 2009Hi Guys Can some one tell: Is the Qwerty keypad virtual in thi... moreqwerty is there and an excellent option which can be used both horizontal and vertical once called mini qwerty and full screen qwerty

  • ravi27

KCostas, 28 Nov 2009restart your phone without the memory and sim.card. it will defi... morecan i change font color ? HOW?

  • Anonymous

Today all of a sudden my on screen dialpad has stopped responding. I have also updated to the latest software to no avail.
Any suggestions???

  • Anonymous

Gilly Rocket"", 28 Nov 2009Great news Frnds mangesh, killer smith, sweety & all... Just no... moreHi Gilly..., the new firmware really exists, but they are testing or the nokia selling politics of other products first, they are not releasing it.
I have see a video on youtube the nokia5800xm operating with firmware v.40.0.001 under a youtube member "nokia" but then after 0ne hour they deleted the video, much ass i remember it was nice flooding graphics on screen. Some guys say they have download hacked firmware from torrents, but i em not sure they dun that or not.

  • Imran

Hi Guys
Can some one tell:
Is the Qwerty keypad virtual in this phone? If yes how is its workability.
Got any image of it?