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  • KCostas

Why all of you,people, worry so much about TV-out function? Probably you never saw what a bad picture quality it has!!!
I bought my phone in August for the reduced price with limited accessories (no tv cable, no case, no stand,no extra stylus). I wondered first how good the tv function will work, and YES, I expected to use my phone as a portable video player (I imagined, I would go to friends, connect the phone to a tv and we'll enjoy movies together).
Then I borrowed the TV out cable from one of my friends who never used it, and guess what? T got so much disappointed. The picture on a TVset came out so pixalated, with so low resolution that it was almost impossible to watch something.
Please, STOP talking, and discuss who's got the TV out and who hasn't!!! Believe me, this function is worthy even the time you spend to type your complain!
Don't imagine something and then get disappointed that your dream didn't come true!

  • Alty

does Nokia 5800 xpress music supports doc files??????? if yes plz tell me hw to access it on my fone?

  • Confuse for Nokia 58

Is there any1 in India who has bought 5800xm phone for the month of oct2009 and has got tv out working, irrespective of the color?

And 1 more thing gettin too much of software bugs too?
please let me knw soon

  • ganze

while the timem of buying i was knowing that now thr is no more tv output but after week i heard now its coming with tv output hardware this is nt fare done by nokia....guyz we should take strong action against nokia...they played with us

  • rbx

hello friends here is the final link for consumer forum complaints registration. It is online.

Let us be together and show nokia that they just cant do anything with customers...

  • rbx

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2009why do people insist of having the tv out ? is it beacause they ... moreu dnt know wht u r talking abt...

its the hard earned money man...
if there was no tv-out for everyone there is no problem coz its the buyer's decision. But such a strategy to first remove and then provide tv-out is not fit for any company...??
Think my friend.... a set for 15000, its hard earned money.

  • Anonymous

why do people insist of having the tv out ? is it beacause they prefer to watch p**n videos on the big screen? if u want a tv out buy a bravia intead. if u want a mobile phone get nokia.

  • rbx

hello friends,

i have just sent a strongly worded mail to nokia on the issue of tv-out sets. However i need your support on this. Plz friends send a mail to nokia on this issue.
I have considered the probability of their useless reply so here's the answer to that:

this is consumer forum site. They list district forums where we can lodge complaint. Lets do it. Only we as a whole can do it. Plz.


shaan, 28 Oct 2009hi harsha how much they charged you for upgrading your firmware????Hi Shaan.. Its free. Cause they give us 1year warrantee. Go ahead. Nokia care,Malakpet,Hyderabad people upgraded my phone within 20 minutes. Its working too good now. Nokia care called me 3 times afterwards and enquired about the phone performance. I am wondered yaar.. what a change in nokia? They said that all N series and touch phones shall be returned to the customer within 30 to 60 minutes. Believe me friends.. my phone made my iphone 3gs friend to feel jealous of me. Cause.. 5800 has more features than iphone that too for 1/3rd price of iphone.

  • ap

Hi i had purchased nokia 5800 on diwali thinking that i may win cash on scratch but to my surprise you nokia people have cheated us by giving coupan of compementary gift came when i scratch , i purchased at reliance out let in hyderabad kindly advice i want to publish in news paper as well.replace my coupan with genuine coupan as you guys promised with every coupan will get cash back offer,Nokia are you reading ,,,,,,,,,,if

  • igor

ARM 11 434 MHz processor? can somebody explain

  • Sweet.Insanity

@Ra0: maybe ur operamini is not yet activated coz mine is workin fine .. i love this phone especially its wifi but i want to have a new one!!

  • B.U.K

Why is the phone getting hot after usage?

  • Kamal Abubakar

The phone 98% okay,but it suppose to have PDF reader.

  • bunty12345

guys the phone is fantastic grabit asap as co. has taken back sennheiser scheme.

  • Manu

Hi all,

Mine is sept 2009 model without any TV out not working sticker on the box. There was no TV out cable, so haven't tested. Does any of you also have sept 2009 box without No TV out sticker? If yes, is your TV out working?

  • Shweta

Karthikeyan, 30 Oct 2009Everything is there except the tv-out option .If you are really ... moreThanx for replying.

Yeah, I don't care about the TV-OUT functionality. After all its only a phone. You can't have everything you like in it for such a low price. I'm ready to compromise with no Kinetic scrolling coz of bigger screen otherwise I would have opted for 5530 XM.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2009Hey everyone, the TV-out WORKS on mine nokia 5800 xpressmusic! I... moreDude,

when i plug in a headset i get the option for TV-OUT.
But my phone didnt come with the TV out cable.Also on the Box it says no TYV out suppored. I tried a TV out cable which i picked up from a Hardware store. I could only hear the sound but nothing on screen. I guess the Chinese are slacking in their Products now-a-days.
I need a good TV-OUt Cable to check.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2009Hey everyone, the TV-out WORKS on mine nokia 5800 xpressmusic! I... moredid it have tv-out not supported sticker on it

  • Anonymous

Hey everyone, the TV-out WORKS on mine nokia 5800 xpressmusic! I bought it in August and i didn't get the cable in the box so i bought it separately. i have Hungarian built and v31.0.101 firmware version. I don't understand why it's not working on your's???