Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • anon

phone is actually very nice and i got no problems with it. Screen and theme effects are very quality are great. only problem is.....with ovi.
nseries pc suite is still the best to use for 5800 XM

the ovi software is really annoying me a lot. could someone help me with it ?

there was no problem until i used my own music. the problem started with ovi when i started use protected music .it gives errors and stop working.
i think its not problem with my pc because my pc is good enough to handle ovi and ovi shows error to videos sometimes.
it shows my music 3 times (it shows each song 3 times in the library)

  • Charley

How to find out if the phone has TV out feature ? The sellers I checked say there is no TV out feature, but one guy says he has the phone with this feature

How to identify it ? Any screenshots of where this is actually located on the phone ?

  • DK Nian

excuse me, where can i download cracked Adobe Creader v2.351? or someone can mail me steps to sign using sis?

mail me in youtube,
Please and thank you.

  • mah

fantastic sound but not good camera, low speed in responding to the finger touch, but in general suitable and nice

  • ganze

Raja, 28 Sep 2009I recently purchased Nokia 5800 XM at the price of 13.8 K. Reall... morehey wt hve u goten in box of 5800 ? along wid fhone

  • ganze

guyz can anybody plz send me some 5800 camera pic by using flash in dark room...becoz i wana to check da camera of 5800 coz i was using n82 but now itz stolen so thinking to buy 5800

  • ganze

hey guyz i will wait till diwali i hope price will come more down then i'll buy 5800

  • Allan

I had the 5800 for about 4 months, what a piece of trash,,replaced it with a 5730,,was better but still had to many issues. .nokias have fallen way behind other brands,,they are poorly made,,have too many soft and hardware problems and soon wont be able to compete with samsung ,lg,apple ,sony e, or even motorolla,

  • Raja

I recently purchased Nokia 5800 XM at the price of 13.8 K. Really great phone, haven't experienced any lags or such. Great in terms of Music and Videos (especially Movies). Moreover also got Seinheiser Head phones along with it worth Rs 2200. So all of the confused people out there without any further thinking go ahead and buy it.

  • Office suite for 580

Hi guys! 5800 XM is a great phone. If u want to open or edit word and excel files install the MobiSystems OfficeSuite.

http://w w w­entid=189144&d=1252602673

http://w w w­entid=189145&d=1252602673

  • Singh is king

tota, 28 Sep 2009plz help i wanna buy this mobile & some body tell me thats its v... moreRead reviews of 5800. Some blogs have objective reviews of the phone for your decision whether to buy it or not.

  • Singh is king

Akash, I failed to install Mobisystem Officesuite from link you gave. It seems not suit to 5800.

  • shaine

hei was it real??!!
nokia is stopping production of 5800 and software update?
how unfortunate. . .

  • Jrf

I am going to buy a new phone soon and am undecided between a few models. The N85, 5800 XM, SE C905 and the Samsung i637. The best camera would be the SE with the xenon flash but that's really the only good thing about it and wifi. The N85 has been a favorite of mine as well as the 5800 XM but since they came out everyone has said that the cameras aren't what you'd expect from a Nokia with Carl Zeiss lenses. The Samsung is mainly on my list because of the QWERTY keyboard, anyways, any info on the camera with the latest NAM firmware on the Nokia 5800? I'm going to be comparing mainly the N85 vs 5800 XM vs C905. I need a decent camera indoors but mainly I'd be using it in the day for pics and facebook thanks!

  • goryo

phone is just fine if one is not so fuzzy about gadget.serves well the purpose.can call, send sms, enjoy music, games and others stuff.the map function is quite good too.

  • Jrf

!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!, 27 Sep 2009****** NOTE: INSIDER INFO ****** The reason for the dramatic ... moreA link please?

  • tota

plz help i wanna buy this mobile & some body tell me thats its very bad can any1 tell me his opinion about it & wats its advantage & disadvantage

  • Hesham

Snak, 27 Sep 2009If I use this phone without the protective plastic sheet on the ... moreI,ve been using 5800 8 mpothes ago and can't leave it outside case its too senstive and fragile !!!!!!!

  • !!!!!!!! WARNING !!!

!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!, 27 Sep 2009*************** PLEASE NOTE ****************** It has been CO... more****** NOTE: INSIDER INFO ******

The reason for the dramatic price cut is that Nokia plans to finish all existing handsets in the market. There is no other reason for a HUGE 20% price cut.

Nokia is making space for the 5530 and 5800 Navigation Edition.


  • !!!!!!! WARNING !!!!

*************** PLEASE NOTE ******************

It has been CONFIRMED that Nokia is going to STOP production of 5800 model.

Think twice about buying it .... no more firmware updates now.