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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Ateuluz

hey, im also a filipino but i have the latest firmware :)
try changing your product code using nemesis service suite and change it to the product key with the latest firmware.
I have v31 right now but i forgot what key did i change it :)
Hope i helped you ^^

  • A.G. buyyer

they remove a hardware to support TV-out and can never be installed again... as the matter in hand the removed the free protection pouch and many more thing are gone in cost cut down.

My advice is search for other good option... as it seem nokia has started using dirty tricks on their customers

  • A.G. buyyer

The price went down no joke........

but that was not what all happened.....

the price cut down can be seen is because of

  • Mangesh S

dark-saber, 19 Sep 2009can anyone tell me what the hell!!! is Kinetic scrolling pls no ... morekinetic scrolling is a quick method to zip through lists, scroll through e-mails and surf the web without using scrollbar. You just swipe fingers up-down over a list (phone book or menu) and it scrolls!. We hope this feature comes on 5800. The 5530 has this feature but I m tired of waiting for 5530, its still not available in india :(

  • dark-saber

can anyone tell me what the hell!!! is Kinetic scrolling pls no videos only explanations thanx. :)

  • Anonymous

if we can hack it we would hav done it by now.the problem is most of them out here doesnt how to hack.can u explain or tel a site which explains it

  • denpacs

To all Nokia 5800 XM Filipino users, don't wait for Nokia Ph to release the new FIrmware, they're as stupid and selfish as they could be.

Just hack ur phone and change your product code so that you can update it to the latest firmware which is v31.


  • hanz

kenetic scroling pls... the update in version 21 is great .but no kenetic scroling like 5530

  • roggie

guys now the 5800 express music is selling for 13.5k.Should i buy this phone?Earlier i was thinking of getting the 5530 but since the price has come down would it be the right choice to buy 5800?
thank you.

  • Anonymous

hey check out nokia 5800 tips and tricks......some bugs are also posted here.....enjoy

  • Anonymous

My 5800 was sent to repair for the 2nd time..
bought in less than a month, the 1st time i sent it to the service center due to the contact bar not working..
2nd time, due to the phone hang at the nokia logo screen..
it's been 4 days, and i havent heard anything from the NOKIA when i can collect it back.

i HOPE nokia will not disppoint me...

  • sabi

The latest price of 5800 is Rs 13700.

  • A.G. buyyer

I wanna buy this mobile....... but there is a problem...
nokia came up with new pack ..... which i heard doesn't have free accessories of tV-out and even doesn't support Tv-out...... some removall of software or hardware.... plzz assist

  • Saniya

this phone is the world's best phones ever phone i ve seen. i love this phone like any thing... :)

  • v | n

This ph0ne is great.. Fr0m it's first release the display res0luti0n is great, g00d sound quality f0r music l0ver's this ph0ne is great in entertainment and watching vide0s, gps navigati0n is fast, wifi is great.. AV Functi0ns well when you c0nnect the ph0ne to a televisi0n,camera is ok f0r it's price a 3.2 is fair enough, touch screen is ok f0r a resistive type of screen, i preffer resistive touch screen because i d0nt want the touch input to be verry sensitive. But hey d0nt get me wr0ng capacitive touch screen is the best. But still it depends on the user.. H0pe the new firmware versi0n of this ph0ne will be availabe w0rld wide because a l0t of pe0ple is waiting, s0 n0kia d0nt put d0wn your ph0ne users.. Cant wait f0r the x6 to c0me out we can c0nsider x6 as the upgrade features of 5800xm.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 5800 do not support TV-Out any more, please remove it from specification.
No TV cable, no extra stylus , no tv out functionality.

  • anonymous

Just went to shop in chennai to look at the new 5800 which was released for 13600 INR. Nokia has done a third rated cheap fraud job on this.
Senheisser is bundled with the set, but the free promo sticker is very cunningly applied over TV OUT not working note. So lot of people got this and disappointed. Nokia gaining business by cheating people. This is true.

  • SEXY

how much is the music xpress worth?

  • Ady

In Karachi Pakistan the price is 23300 rupees with complete accessories like Headset, Video-out & Data Cable, 8 GB microSDHC card, Carrying Case, Stylus plectrum in wrist strap, Extra stylus

  • nits

NOKIA 5800 XM latest price in Chandigarh is now Rs. 13,500/- (bundeled with 8gb card), so nice time to grab it now.