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  • looser

lol, 01 Sep 2009Does 5800 have call recorder.......?No symbian phone have call recorder.You have to use third party application for it.But nothing work on this perfectly due to s60 v5.

  • lol

Does 5800 have call recorder.......?

  • Looser

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2009Hi Looser, i have the same phone as you, and i had the n6681 to,... moreThere is nothing wrong in my head.I very well know the difference between s60 v1(os6-7),v2(os-8),v3(os-9.xx),v5(os-9.4).
You just suggest me a software to record call on 5800.Neither ultimate voice recorder nor total recall work nicely on this phone.The voice is skipped 1 or 2 sec interval.
No official version of s60 v5 coreplayer or divx realeased till date.Smart movie depends on luck.Hacking by hellOX is another tedious job.

Is it my duty to wait for 1yr. till the applications to be released?

Does nokia send us mobiles to modify s60 v3 s/w to work partially on this mobile & be satisfied?

Do you know whats the valuation of this handset after 1yr.I am loosing RS.4000 in just 8 months.

Then whats the use of buying this handset,if i am able to work on it after 1yr. or God knows after how many days.

Do you think i'll carry a laptop always with me to convert movies from avi or divx to mp4 or what the hell it supports,if i download it from torrents?

Don't try to be smart,be realistic.I've searched many forums and tried many applications after signing.I've also a good knowledge on s/w.But still i am afraid nothing worked without giving me tension.

On the other hand s60 v3 is very much reliable and productive.You can take all the advantages on it.Coreplayer plays any format of your choice,camera quality also very good.

I don't think i can explain in any other way to prove that this machine is a crap and waste of money.May be it will perfect after 5yrs and at that time a child must be playing with it like a toy or it must be out of production.

  • Anonymous

vy gud

  • Anonymous

how do i get the red background on my nokia 5800 instead of the white

  • Anonymous

it is beautiful as compared other but it is very expensive

  • Chris_Skylock

For some reason, everytime I want to edit pics, it takes me back to the photo itself without ever popping the edit options. Dunno why?

How can I edit my pics on this phone?

  • nokia hacker

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2009hey guys, who knows any solution to my problem.. Whenever i rest... morehey, its easy....
all you need to do is preaa"#*7370*"
and then press yes to restart your phone...
once done remove your memory card and insert the card again. P/s: backup all your file n folder in your pc or any other storage device before you proceed!!

  • noussa

I bought my phone yesterday from DELL...they told me that they have a finland phone, but they lied at me...I received one made in china and the 7th and 8th number is 20....also the phone has 3G frequency 850/1900 and I wanted to be 900/2100...also I got very upset when I figure out that many things did't come with the phone ,for example the extra pen stylus,the stand for the phone, and the connectivity cable(for TV connection)and of course no hard case for the cell this normal?..I think I will return the phone.may be I will buy it from nokia online....does anyone have any solution for me?

  • Jay

noussa, 01 Sep 2009hey guys, I just purshased this phone today,I am very disappoin... morenoussa,

I don't agree with the practice, but using labor in China as apposed to Finland is one way to keep the cost down. A lot of the phone manufacturers are doing this. As long as they set build standards and force their factories to adhere to them, it doesn't matter where it is made. I am pretty sure a company like Nokia will not let location dictate the quality of their products. As long as you don't sit on it, your phone should last a long time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2009hey guys, who knows any solution to my problem.. Whenever i rest... moreThe typical software during startup trying to install, than if you know about wot software is the point, than find it and install in memory card, than if you don't need it uninstall it and the rquest will not prumpt. If you have format your memory card or factory phone reseting, than this problems acur.

  • Anonymous

Looser, 01 Sep 2009Friends i've commited a big mistake by buying this phone.I am a ... moreHi Looser, i have the same phone as you, and i had the n6681 to, but i solved my problems easy, so i guess the problem is with your head, not with phone. You must understand that n6681 is based in symbian fp1 and the n5800xm is fp2 or OS60v9.4, 5th ed, so your old software will not work on this mashine, but you must go to to dig your compatible free software for your phone. I know the good compresion of divx and xvid but this movie quality is bad, because there is no much colors in it and it's blurry. The .mp4 or .3gp looks crisp god quality and full color video. The smartmovie player v4.15 works well in this device for divx xvid, so search for it.

  • Anonymous

hey guys, who knows any solution to my problem.. Whenever i restart my 5800 phone, i got a notification saying "unable to complete installation from memory card. Go to app manager to".. How can i fix this? Help please.

  • Pif

jason, 01 Sep 2009marking items here is impossibleAgree. Hope some next update will adress that problem. For now only hope is on our side. :D


  • jason

marking items here is impossible

  • Pif

Looser, 01 Sep 2009Friends i've commited a big mistake by buying this phone.I am a ... moreHope this link helps


  • Looser

Friends i've commited a big mistake by buying this phone.I am a symbian fan and using nokia last 6 yrs.This set was my upgrade from 6681.But after getting this set i am very much dissapointed due to the causes mentioned bellow
1.No application is compatible with this phone.I upgraded it 3 times from v20 to 30 ,still the problem persists.I tried ultimate voice recorder,total recall,fexplorer,coreplayer,smartmovie,opera,net­front,divx etc. bUt no version is officially available for s60 v5.Those who are claming thats a bad joke,not working satisfactory.I fade off serching application since last 8 months in each forum.
2.Now some one suggest me whats the use of smartphone without thirdparty applications.This causes a lot of headache for me.This is not divx certified it means u can watch avi only through third party appoication,but neither smartmovie nor divx provide a version which can work flawlessly.Smartmovie always crashed & divx has no touch control.whats the use of such a big screen.In mp4 h264 codec is also not supported.The stupid xvid codec it supports takes double space if i convert a movie as compared to avi.
3.No two application trick is working in this phone,even for internet configuration i've to depend on settng wizard,otherwise it won't work if done manually.
4.Its totally rubbish buying this phone.After downloading a movie from net i need a pc to convert it again.What a shit set is this.Nokia has done a f***ing job here.Better if i bought n73.
5.Believe me guys!Its just a hype.Nokia will offer nothing more in this,i've been waiting for 8months and now frosteted,if you also buy this,you must be writing opinion like me after 6 months.After all decession is yours.

  • Pif

Zuco, 01 Sep 2009Guys whenever i touch the upper right corner of the screen i can... moreFaulty headset. Go to Nokia care center theyll fix it.


  • Zuco

Guys whenever i touch the upper right corner of the screen i can hear a small sound 'tick' . Is this normal. Or is my headset faulty. Boo hoo.

  • Pif

Sorry for double posting

On tis link it says that from 31.12.2002 7 and 8 digits are obsolite.