Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Prashanth

Guys please tell me how u transfer many files to a folder at a time??
Eg: i want to movie 10 msgs to a folder simultaneously?

  • Anonymous

Don't listen to other!!they ARE JUST JEALOUS WE GOT A GOOD PHONE!!i strongly recommend this phone!Nice Web Experience and Music Experience,overall i gif it 90%,other 10% is camera not very nice in lowlight,Sry for my bad english

  • Sameh

I had a 5800 and it the worst mobile nokia ever manufactured

The screen went flickering without any reason and the nokia care service is very bad .. they take fees for something they are responsible for ..

I don't recommend Nokia anymore and specially 5800

  • Anonymous

babdi,r u sure about this??my 5800 support mp4 format,and all the software work for me,if u get certificate error,u have to hack ur phone with helloox 1st

  • baadii

This phone hasn't support some options such as mp4, document viewer. Most of applications which downloaded Nokia downloads are not work properly.

  • Irfan KK

How i can select/mark several items at once in gellery to move to another separate folder.thanks

  • gayan

Winura, 17 Aug 2009You're not seeing things mate. If you bothered to read a couple ... morehey winura thx man . yes im from srilanka , and i suppose ur from india right :-)

well im planning to buy this mobile im a previous owner of the nokia 5700 xpress music , where all the popularity of the nokia xpress music range all began .

however i excepted this model to have k. scrolling at the first release . but sadly it doesnt im a bit afraid that if i buy this and ill get stuck with the remaining firmware . maybe i should wait . im loving symbian phones but to tell you the truth i accepted a bit more advance interface on this model which i cant see right now . but screen quality is good . thx man .

  • lad!!!

guys help me out... where can i download quick write for this phone...????
its urgent kindly just post the link....!!!!

  • Kurt

bro,r u already an engineer?You're pin0y Too?I heard a price 13,700 ,i think in manila,had just searched it on cgena.Com,..Buti kapa mka2bili na,aq bka nxtyr pa..Ehe.Good luck!

  • Engr. Jerome

Kurt, 16 Aug 2009In reply to winura, thank you very muCh for your answer and for... morethe phone is now P14200, complete set, free 8GB memory. but of course, nokia shops would provide a higher price. still up to you bro. i'm planning to buy it on december, maybe it would be P12000 or less.

  • Winura

Sid, 17 Aug 20092 weeks bak d procsr speed ws spcfd as 323 its showin 4... moreYou're not seeing things mate. If you bothered to read a couple of pages back before posting your question you would have found the answer there. The i900 is equipped with windows mobile 6.1 which majority of the users find it quite complicated. Plus the scrren of the i900 is rubbish. I have used a i900 and I can vouch that the 5800 has a better screen. Quick office and adobe reader applications are avilable in the 5800 buy both are evaluation copies buy if you're ready to spend a few bucks you can get both software running with no problem. I suggest you go for the 5800 because its an all rounder.

  • Winura

Anonymous, 17 Aug 20095800 is so unflexible with customising, "come with music" is onl... moreThis isn't nokia's first touch screen phone. Before this they made 2 internet tablets, the Nokia 7710 and another phone with a touch screen. I advise you to read the instruction manuals provided with the phone if you don't have any idea what you're about to do. Before posting such statements get your facts right!

  • Anonymous

DK Nian, 17 Aug 2009hello all, 5800 got kinetic scroll like 5530?not yet we have to wait for the new the moment its only in 5530 xm

  • Anonymous

Sid, 17 Aug 20092 weeks bak d procsr speed ws spcfd as 323 its showin 4... morefirmware v20 onwards has increased the clock speed to 434 mhz

  • DK Nian

hello all, 5800 got kinetic scroll like 5530?

  • Sid

2 weeks bak d procsr speed ws spcfd as 323 its showin 434MHz !
Did dey realy upgrade dis nokia stuf wit a fastr procsr or is it a printin error...
I realy wish its upgrded..

  • Anonymous

m confused!!which ones better?samsung omnia i900 or 5800xm?like durability,reading pdfs,voice quality n especially easiness of touch interface etc,pls help me choose one,

  • Anonymous

5800 is so unflexible with customising, "come with music" is only a limited feature to some phones and the offer is no loger available and folder organizing and file transfering is crap... i have nothing but stress with this phone. Guys this is Nokia's first attempt at touch phones, give its a miss wait til they have sorted all the problems. you guys are just their product testers really. they'll have to adapt to your reviews and bring somthing better in years to come. don't waste your time...I know i did.

  • Winura

Here is a site where you can download some nice applications for you 5800...­-downloads-for-nokia-5800-n97/

  • faleh

guys ! can't we upgrad the sound ??