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  • Anonymous

This firmware v30..., is superior to the earlier updates, it's faast and more resposive, the camera problem is gon, now you can take picture in automatic during the dark and is super, no more ned to turn menus in night-portret, and kinetic scroling is partly and is okay and i don't care about that function.
I em vorry about the battery now, it's because it's increased speed in all aspects, and i consider the battery consumption made be more, but anyway god dun nokia.

  • Anonymous

I`m using a Nokia 5800 Express and i cnt seem to get a good picture quality, may i please have the user manual sent to my email add. But its a cool phone.

  • Aqsa

hey people i want someone who already has this cell phone to answer That
Is This CellPhone Complete ? And does it Give Any Sort Of problems? Please do temme ! Helllpppp...

  • Subodh

Guys !!! m not kidding i m from Mumbai i just downloaded V30 for my Nokia 5800 looks cool still to explore ... thanks

  • KceeGee

viperkid, 28 Jul 2009"All those persons saying that the V30 is already out just want ... moreI'm sorry for the "comment" there ViperKid.

It's just that that are a lot of no-good people spreading rumors about the V30 before, whichh confuses people.
I guess it's really out now, but without the features we are expecting (that kinda sucked). Oh well, I will update mine later today and see what improvements it has.

Anyway again, my sincere apology if youre hurt by my comment.

  • juham

nokia is very easy to operate all you need in it is so easy to access the only very big problem in this brand are 1.
vulnerable to virus.
2. very slow
3. very easy to scratch and get old looking
4. easyly broken covers, chips (ic) board etc.
5. damn nokia dont let china integrate to your good products !!!

  • Anonymous

New firmware available, check this out for comprehensive details and unofficial changelog.

tinyurl .com/5800-firmware-v300011

  • Irfan KK

A new firmware is available for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. V30.0.011 is available over the air meaning you just need to press *#0000# on your idle-screen. Alternative you can get the Firmware using the Nokia Software Updater. Unfortunately, v.30.0.011 isn’t that big update as it doesn’t bring homescreen widgets or kinetic scrolling. Anyhow, it brings speed improvements, the usual bug fixes and emails on the homescreen. As the 5800 XpressMusic do features User Data Preservation you don’t need to worry when updating your phone as all data stays on your handset. As soon as we do have further information we will update this post.

Changes/Improvements/New features/Bugs noticed from v21.002 to v30.0.011

Standby screen:
*When Music Player is operating, and seeing the track name on the screen, and then when one song ends and goes to the next track, the speed at which this happens has improved yet again from 21.002, although the noticeable change is not as much as from 20.149 to 21.002.

Call log, Contacts and calling function:
*Calling speed (from standby screen to Contacts or Call Log) and transition to call/disconnected screens even faster than 21.002, is more than the instantaneous that I stated for the 21.002, it has improved yet again.
*New menu option in the in-call menu to Send MMS during phone call.
*Loudspeaker maximum volume has seemed to decreased

*Maps startup is now almost instantaneous, speed through all the Maps menus very fast, even faster than Maps 2.0
*Switching to different views is very smooth and fast now, i.e. to Map 3D etc.
*Maps version 2.0 week 39 remains the same, although the Maps is able to be upgraded to Ovi Maps 3.01 flawlessly

Music Player:
*The biggest change is the equaliser improvements. There is a huge improvement in sound quality, even background sounds and other channels are more noticeable. The default equaliser settings are quite good. And bass is less crunchy than before.
*Split-second delays now do not exist when pressing the volume keys to change between volume levels. In the past, there was some degree of delay, even running multiple applications now, that behaviour has been improved remarkably.
*Freezes in the music player have not been evident to me yet in my days of usage with the new firmware . Which is a marked improvement in the functioning and stability of the music player. Screen tearing and slow speed for album art to appear is still present though.

Camera and Photos:
*Biggest change is the reappearance of use of the volume keys to zoom while taking photos/recording video
*Going into Details is faster than 21.002, almost instantaneous now
*Scrolling speed through thumbnails is only minimally jerky now, also scrolling through photos at 100% view has improved in speed so it is now very smooth and almost instantaneous
*When going into menus in Camera, the speed is instantaneous

Video centre:
*Logo has changed for the video centre in the menu
*Appearance of video menu is different and seems to have inherited the newer N-series/E-series style simplified logos
*Speed in the video centre is much improved and is almost instantaneous
*Changing between volume levels in RealPlayer is instantaneous, fast-forward/rewind speed and resume of playback after these functions is improved and almost instantaneous. Sound quality appears to have been improved also.

*Application has been upgraded from v4.08 to v4.10.0904
*Logo has changed and is now reminiscent of the newer N-series/E-series simplified styling
*Performance is faster and Yandex search service has been removed in favour of Live Search and Google (Note: this is for the APAC variant, will vary between different regions and specific countries)

*Rendering of webpages has improved in speed since 21.002
*Rotate Screen option speed is now almost instantaneous
*Speed in Web options menu is now instantaneous
*Loading of Minimap on side when scrolling down pages does not have pixelation anymore

*Overall system speed has been improved so it is somewhat faster than 21.002
*Scrolling in the Multimedia menu from one tab to another whilst multiple applications are running, has improved marginally in speed
*Overall stability seems to also have been improved, have not had one crash or freeze where I have had to remove the phone battery. The slight freezes that have occurred, the phone has recovered from flawlessly.

  • Mel

Mel, 28 Jul 2009I currently have (and am still using) the Nokia 5300, and I'm sh... moreI also forgot to mention. I'm also looking at the Nokia E71 as a possibility (or any Nokia with similar features, like the E72 for example, or any other with a "full QWERTY keyboard").

  • Mel

I currently have (and am still using) the Nokia 5300, and I'm shopping for a possible replacement. I'm currently looking at these 3: Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 Xpress-Music, and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 (my first cellphone was a "Ericsson GA 628" (this one: ), and I really have no problem going back to [Sony] Ericsson cellphones, if really it turns out that the best of the 3 I'm currently looking at, is the XPERIA X1.

Yes, I know, "there's a new model of XPERIA coming out", "the Nokia N97's got 32GB of memory", and "the Nokia 5800 Xpress-Music came out before the N97, so, supposedly -- at least in -- SOME (not all) of the kinks of the Symbian OS for touch-screen cellphones, have been worked out".

But I'm really looking for a cellphone that's:

1. user-friendly,

2. easy-to-use,

3. has durable battery life (I'm not big on having Bluetooth on 24-7, or always browsing the Internet, or any of those battery-draining activities. I use them when I'm in the mood and/or "urgent need" to use them, but otherwise, I just leave them off. Period.),

4. you can easily organize and manage your contacts
(in the 2 Nokia cellphones I've had so far -- the 5300 Xpress-Music and the 'Nokia 8210', this one> -- I've always liked how I can very easily organize multiple phone-numbers, e-mail addresses, website addresses, street addresses, birthdays, nicknames, etc etc, and other things, into one contact, and all that information would just appear under ONE name, instead of HAVING EACH-PIECE of contact information appear "SEPARATELY" and/or like a "separate contact", like my Motorola V220 did; it made the darn address-book be WAY MORE CLUTTERED, and i DESPISED that!!)

5. Bluetooth, integrated camera, 3G, not 'complicated' to learn (and/or "too hard a learning-curve, that makes the cellphone just not be worth the hassle of learning how to use it" -- yes, I always read the manual on my cellphone though, by the way)

6. The Bluetooth capabilities DEFINITELY DO need to have the ability to transfer files from cellphone to cellphone (not just sending files, but also RECEIVING files), including (but not limited to): MP3 files (for ringtones, listening to music, etc), photos, video-clips, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (Ahh, the magic of having Bluetooth on my Nokia 5300, especially when before that my cell-phone was the Motorola V220).

7. durable. "good quality" construction. "solid"-feeling. (i don't harass and/or "brutalize" my cellphone -- I do try to take good care of my things -- but I don't like for my cellphone to feel as if it was a 1-milimeter-thick piece of glass that could break at the slightest touch).

Any recommendations on which of these 3 cellphones to get? ie. Nokia 5800 Xpress-Music, Nokia N97, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1?

(overall, in general, which is the best option??

and, then again: which is the best option, for ME???)

I also forgot to mention: Quad-Band [GSM] is a COMPLETE, DEFINITE, AND UNQUESTIONABLE MUST!!<­br>
by the way, I'm going to be using the new cellphone (whichever I am recommended to get) on AT&T [in the States], "prepay" as opposed to "contract". And, I'm going to make sure that I buy the darn cellphone UNLOCKED (like maybe from or some other place where I can find the cellphone chosen, unlocked).

Good call-quality, good cellphone-reception, I can hear the person on the other line well, the person on the other line can hear ME well (and also, "loud and clear", obviously).

Another thing I noticed: Look at Episode 12 (ie. "Knight To King's Pawn") of the new "Knight Rider [2008]" tv-show. Sarah Graiman, in the beginning of the episode, when she hangs up on Michael Knight's phone-call, she's using an XPERIA!!! (this IS NOT affecting my decision to buy one though, by the way)

  • Ali

viperkid, 28 Jul 2009"All those persons saying that the V30 is already out just want ... morever 30.0.011 is confirmed available for 5800. No one is lieing about it. It is not available through nokia software updater right now instead the update has to be directly done on the handset using FOTA. Press *#0000# from the "dialer" and from the "options" menu select "Check for updates" proceed from there onwards as prompted.

  • SE fan not now!

Hai 5800XM users, ur handset already get their V30.
There is a change log and more more so rock ur 5800XM.
For more info go to
Nokia always rockzzz.

  • Anonymous

viperkid, 28 Jul 2009"All those persons saying that the V30 is already out just want ... moreKid, you can't help your self, but if you can't update your hone over the air, than turn few pahes back is the link where you can download the firmware in to your coputer amd then update any nokia 5800xm.

  • Anonymous

Wow the camera is enhanced in night mode 100%, well dun nokia.
I love this nokia, now is over with camera problem on this firmware v30!

  • viperkid

BIL, 27 Jul 2009can anyone tell me that that what about the new firmware which t... moreif u live and bought ur N5800XM in Manila, bring ur phone to Nokia Care Alimall or Greenhills and they will update ur phone's firmware to V30 for free (if u still hav ur warranty). u may also try FOTA (firmware over the air), press *#0000# on d dialer and press "options" then "check for updates" and answer the ff prompts on ur screen. be sure to fully backup ur phone's internal and microSDHC first before proceeding. ok? u should have ample battery left (at least 80%) and a reliable high speed internet connection (3.5G or available wi-fi access with high speed connection too) before u begin

also, connect ur phone to ur PC via USB and choose "mass storage" or "data transfer" or "media player" and browse "nokia phone browser" on ur PC's "My Computer" and copy all ur device's internal memory (dat is how nokia instructs us to backup our preloaded contents' license keys). license keys r needed so preloaded videos and songs will still work after updating whether via NSU at home or FOTA. hope ds helps.

for V30 unofficial change log (changes/improvements) click here:­sic-hits-firmware-v300011/­re_30_now_officially_available.htm­?p=426475#426475

some people r just not that UPDATED when it comes to latest available firmware. i guess by now u know who provides REAL and TRUE information here. =)

  • viperkid

KceeGee, 27 Jul 2009The 5800 Black Edition's only difference from the Normail 5800 i... more"All those persons saying that the V30 is already out just want to grab attention, misinformed or just a plain liar"

i just wanna help =( gee..

  • viperkid

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970obviously im not =) if u bought ur N5800XM in Manila, update urs now mr/ms rude to V30 (i think its d other way around..)

  • aymnahmd

Samarth, 27 Jul 2009Hey All, I want to install free software for Ms Office in my ... moreThere are 2 softwares for microsoft Office files (.doc, .xls, .ppt...)

1- Quick Office .

2- Office Suite­24&l=1&i=1

But sorry , both aren't free.
I think Quick Office is built in in your 5800 , isn't it ?

  • jack

texas, 27 Jul 2009Ive had mine for about a month, and so far im in love . The only... moremark all the sms and then delete it

  • jack

feko, 27 Jul 2009can anyone help me, I have 2 messages in the sent item can't del... moretry deleting in oofline mode if still issue do master reset
steps menu-settings-phn-phn mgmt-factory setting
default password 12345