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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • marzuk

firmware v31 is currently not available in india

  • kj

i buyed the cell 3 mnts ago after buying the cell it was nt even a month i had problem in earpiece from whichwecan hear other talking 2 us. when i went 2 care center i got a person having same cell so i asked him wt ws his prob. so he told me that his earpiece ws not working too. then we decided 2 get it exchanged from wer we had buyed. AND I WAS SUCCESSFULL EXCHANGING>>>>>>

  • senotriu

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2009Use a programme called Navifirm and you`ll see online what`s hap... moretoo keep us posted on any new releases...thanks:)

  • Anonymous

Use a programme called Navifirm and you`ll see online what`s happening on the Nokia servers and whether there is a new update or not.Right now no update...;)

  • senotrius

5800 user, 12 Jul 2009firmware v31 is out! go check it!do you have annnnnnny sort of proof for this??a link or screenshot....try postin it will u...dont give us false hopes...

  • Anonymous

I love it :) 5 stars!

  • Winura

False Alarm! No such firmware has been released. If they did why isn't anything there on the internet? Some proper article which people actually CAN BELIEVE...

  • MAC

5800 user, 12 Jul 2009firmware v31 is out! go check it!can you provide any source/link

  • 5800 user

firmware v31 is out! go check it!

  • se fan

made in what 5800?
my nokia made in china from nokia

  • Anonymous

klinezg, 10 Jul 2009guys,, i think i need ur help, im soo confused if i will buy th... morein 2 years time i will tell u.

  • nokia 5800xm user(tr

hello, i'm gonna make a review of this phone. i've been using this phone for 1 month now(true story) and i also used nokia n 79.anyway this is my first touch screen's my review:


1.very2344440 awsome and remarkable audio quality!loud, clear bass clear treble and clear vocal! w 902,w 350 and other walkman loose to this nokia 5800 audio quality!well xpress music rulez the earth now not walkman anymore!

2.the touch screen is responsive even i soft touch it! i dunno why anyone complain about the touch screen respon and they complain that they must press hard to go other menu! bla bla bla. its all bull*&*(!its a lie! i have no problem of that matter. so don't belive them. except if they buy a china phone.

3.the message is really nice. it has 4 ways to message here are four ways:

1. virtual alphanumeric also can use when you rotate the phone to the left.its really responsive and really nice because every button you press it vibrate which is useful to me

2.virtual full Qwerty keypad. it will full screen qwerty the screen.but it only on landscape screen. and it cannot rotate to normal screen the respon is really good. i can type a message fast just like i use e 61. it like using a qwerty board. qwerty keypad. it just show a small qwerty keypad. almost quarter of the screen. you may used fingers or stylus given(located on the right sideedge of the phone.this also can rotate.the respon is also good and fast.

4.handwriting. you can write a message using stylus or finger(you can change colour and you can have a handwriting training so the phone will recognized your own writing.)for me the hadwriting is good response. although i write it a bit sloppy.but i don't use much though. it also can rotate.

4. the screen interface is really awsome! very user friendly! it is my first touch screen and i'm happy with the inteface. thanks nokia for making a user friendly phone!

5.the camera is quite nice for me. i was suprised gsmarena says is dissapointing camera. but i cmpared with sony ericsson k770 and k810. i think nokia 5800 is even better picture quality. i swear it true, i've already tested it. picture qualty is really good for nokia 5800. has two free games.not like n 79 only ave one free n gage game but trial version. one is racing car thing and bounce touch. oth are fun to play ecspecially the racing games. it looks like i'm havin an i phone.heheh but the game are hard though. when you play the bounce touch i suggest you used stylus to play. using finger is holy hard!

7.i love finger swapping change photo. is really cool. i suggest you install nokia photo browser. i think at nokia beta application. i do'nt really remember the website name. its even cooler when you installed that application

8.the batterylife is really awsome! i stands what gsmarena says, it stand for 4 days of heavy used. i think this is the longest battery life i've ever used. (my old phone nokia5320 xpress music battery life is horrrible)

9.very reasonable price for touch screen phone. i think this is a cheapest touch screen you've ever get. in Malaysia is cost RM1338 but i get discount RM1220. hahaha (nokia original store) capturing quality is really awsome! the screen is big and its clear quality! no lagging and is clear when you capture a fast object.its like you have an handycam. i have a handycam but now i just using my 5800 to make skate video.(i'm a skater actually. that why i like the video quality) retailer package. when you buy this phone(in nokia original store. you'll have a dc charger,headphone,usb cable. but something extra that i feel very worthly buying this phone is tv out cable,eyelert strap(looks like guitar picks) pouch and 8 gig memmory card. sound resonable for rm 1338 price.owh and i forgot to mention you got a free music stand.

12. i've using this phone for one month,i have no problem about lagging or hanging on my phone. everything is working perfectly! so i do'nt belive anyone commented this phone is slow or lag or even hang.


1.when i first buying this phone. the auto rotate is quite slow and it take 30 seconds to respond. bu after i update to version 21. sumting sumting. everything is okay now. now my auto rotate is like 1 second to respond a rotate. but it can't beat the auto rotate of my n 79. n 79 has faster auto rotate and wayy cooler.

2. i noticed the speaker placing is weird. it's located on the left.(its stereo speaker but both on the left) when you rotate it the speaker is facing down which is weird. n 79 stereo speaker is on the right. when you rotate using n 79 the speaker face up. which is become a music stand. but thankfully nokia provide a music stand to put the phone face up.

3. it is a music phone but why thre's no fm transmitter!? my nokia has n 79 has fm trnasmitter and its not a music phone. xperess music should have fm transmitter. like sony walkman, w 980 has a fm trnasmitter.

4.the radio quality is really good but why is soo slow even i max the volume? it like the max of the volume of the radio is like 60% of music player volume. but i don't really listen the radio that much so its ok. but the recetion is good though. even i'm inside the supermarket is still gave a clear reception.( but the volume is slow though)

5.wi fi signal is not that good than my nokia n 79. n 79 has a really great wifi signal. i compared this phone and my n 79. i live in 5th floor and the result n 79 has 8 wireless connection. but my 5800 just only got 3 wireless connction. so i suggest a good internet. buy n 79.

6. the camera quality is only good i daylight and focusing image at day and night. at night a catch a photo in dark room it has too much noise and a bit blur. so its only good at daylight but at night. below average.


i highly highly highly reccomended this phone to every teenagers and music lovers! with a very reasonable price you can get almost any facilities that you want in this phone. it has a very nice audio quality. much batter than walkman. i'm happy with this phone. i really do. xpress music beat walkman son! hahaha. anyway that's all my honest review(i think) so see ya.

  • Anonymous

i just got mine about 2 weeks ago and i think its all i need in a mobile phone.

  • paul

guys im a music thinking to buy this phone or an i touch?what du think?

  • keith

obBi0, 11 Jul 2009What does it works much better? in which aspects?i found that my phone always lags and gets confused when holding it( like being on the verge of going from portrait to landscape)i found it slowed down progress.go to sensor settings and turn it off and there is no lag or hesitation. makes the phone seem much faster

  • obBi0

keith, 11 Jul 2009i have turned of the auto rotate on my phone,,and i can say that... moreWhat does it works much better? in which aspects?

  • Yuvraj Deora

What is the slashed price. Is there any latest price list site for mobiles.

  • kevin

emma, 11 Jul 2009how will i turn the camera sounds off? please help me.just put the phone in silent profile and u turn it off

  • emma

how will i turn the camera sounds off?
please help me.

  • moka

does it open more than one page in brawzing?