Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

Nokia 5.1 Plus (Nokia X5)

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  • anonymous

Bought this phone a week ago under us100. The battery lasted a a week with minimum usage :), Like the Android one. The phone look good but is slippery. Difficult to find a back protective cover here.

  • Anonymous

very good smartphone battery good and the screen too

  • Anonymous

Nokia sence 2018 is the worst mobiles arround the hall world don't buy any Nokia products ,it's really very bad mobiles.

  • Anonymous

Phone battery dosent last that long with highest brightness

  • Jill99

is it possible to fully encrypt the nokia 5.1 plus? full disk encryption with password request at startup?

  • Jones B.

Nokia 5.1 is the best phone I have had since my good old Sony Ericsson W800 which never failed on me. Got the 5.1 Plus since January 2019 and it also never failed on me so I'm planning to keep it till the battery is worn out. Which by the way is a very good battery because endurance is very good on this phone. If you want to buy this phone best is to go for it and you'll be happy with the build quality and battery. Greetings Jones from Iceland.

  • jolo

Phone without any issues, superb quality. Very good device all with all and it got android 10 very good software support.

  • S

Ghsososoosott touch

  • igi

no issue after18 month used.Good phone for price

  • jowoki

recomendded phone. after 1 year using no issues

  • Anonymous

very satisfied no issues

  • Anonymous

Overall a good phone for that price...using it for the last 6 months no issues

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2020Been using it for a couple of months seem to be good but my... moreNo it was launched with android 8 and then it got 9 and then it got 10 so it already got 2 OS updates I suggest to look for a Nokia 5.3 if you are looking for a new phone and if you are already rocking the 5.1 Plus no worries it will get updates security patches still

  • Anonymous

Been using it for a couple of months seem to be good but my question is will it upgrade to android 11 when the version comes out ?

Been using this device for nearly 2 years now performance wise very good apps don't lag games play good in Low graphics quality and high frame rate options (COD Mobile) without lag. Rear camera performs low in low light situation but with good lighting it performs exceptionally well, overall very worh the price

  • Anonymous

This is a very good fone usb C and headphone jack and a good screen I have the July security patch installed the battery is strong too lasts long so it is a good buy for sure

Vapour, 09 Jul 2020I want to know if Nokia TA 1109 is also a variant of the 5.... moreTA-1109 is the Nokia X5, the Chinese version of Nokia 5.1 Plus that launched in China before the Nokia 5.1 Plus would be announced for the international market.

  • Merqury

This phone gives me trouble, it switches on and off all the time after 8 months of use

  • Vapour

I want to know if Nokia TA 1109 is also a variant of the 5.1 plus series. And when it is getting the android 10 update in Ghana.

AOIO101, 26 May 2020No android 10 in Egypt so far :\ I got it already check the updates in your phone settings