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Nokia 6021

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  • freddy

I own this phone (company phone) great phone but no matter what people say, THEY SHOULD PUT A DAMN CAMERA IN IT.

silly nokia

  • arnab

i m using this phone for more than 5 months, have faced the tone setting problem in general profile, but apart from that the total package is gr8, i have absolutely no compalaints,this thing is really good, and worth the price.

  • Lal

Hi this phone seems to be good at the 1st instance. But now i found some technical problems." When i set my profile to General and set the ring tone volume to the highest. initially this will work and slowly this will change by it self to low tone and some times to only vibration mode. Have anybody come across this problem and solved it? Please write to me.

thanks Lal - Bangalore - India

  • beaverlasvegas

If you have had problems with this nokia and syncing with your mac, despite the fact that their PhoneDirector does not officially support the Nokia 6021, according to their customers almost all of its features
should work.

Download the latest updated version (still 1.0.8, but from
January 21):

  • elante?

Another user wrote and I can confirm that, indeed, the manual does state that you can use the PTT button for the purpose of recording conversations, and indeed it does not work, contrary to what Nokia says. I don't why that is so, but Nokia had better fix this with a firmware update.

Other than that, a nice, no-frills "professional" phone. Worth the purchase if you positively need bluetooth and an active tft screen in your phone.

Last but not least, a question : is there any way to disable the "beeps" at intervals, while you are recording a conversation no the dictaphone?

  • bedrov

Sorry to post two opinions in a row, but simon here enraged me. Other things to do with bluetooth, which need no camera:
- use bluetooth headphones
- exchange files with PC (other than pictures)
- backup phone content
- play multiplayer games with someone around
- something that my company soon will employ: everyone in the office will have a personal task manager in the phone and it will be sync-ed with the company database by using (guess what): bluetooth
- etc. etc. etc.
- other applications still to come, if they actually implement the 'scatternet' in the phones (for those who do not know: the bluetooth standard is generally divided into 'piconet', which would be something as: one server, a few clients and 'scatternet', which would be as: many servers and many clients, each device can be server and client of other server at the same time).

  • bedrov

amir, if you just copy the jar-files to the phone using generic connection, it will probably refuse to open it (mine did). Try to install them using the Nokia PC Suite.

And simon_821 said:
"itz a very bad fone, which has no camera but blue tooth. wats the use of blue tooth without a camera . the designer of this phone is empty headed"
Probably simon_821 is actually simon_8-21 - i.e. he is 8 years of age, but wishes he was 21.
I can think of applications of Bluetooth that do not NEED a camera. For instance, there is something I do almost evey day: sync my phone calendar with Outlook using Bluetooth connection.
I thank God that the designer of the phone has decided to go off-simon_821's-dreams and put Bluetooth into 6021, despite the heavy protests of simon_821 and his friends.
Frankly, what Simon said is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard - i give it 97 points of stupidity out of 100.

  • Amir

hi everyone,pls help me i m trying to download games from my pc to nokia 6021 by blutooth but when i have downloaded the game unfortunatily my phone dont recon these games i dont why :( pls tell what shell i do?many thanks

  • Jawad Ali

hi Guyz!
this fone seemz to be nice with economical prize and without Camera, ill definately buy it but i just wanted to knoe can i play Videoz in it, will it accept via BlueTooth and can i play Mp3 or rm songs in it..

some1 plzz help

  • YJ

I love this no non-sense phone. Serves me well. Only one small problem I face is the ring tone goes very soft once in a while. I have to switch off & on to fix it. Anyone had this problem?

  • m

It depends what you're looking for. I was looking for a phone to depend on, wich will WORK as a PHONE, not as camera. And that's exactly what I got. So I am satisfied. No BS on this phone, just a a phone wich you know you can depend on. It works.

  • corm

here does anyone know any websites where you can download free games etc? cheers

  • KONE

To Pete: I have the same problem with the number 1. I have to push it more hard than I do with others.

  • Obaid

Very true, its a phone with all that is needful but without camera, I like it for sure.
Please anyone do tell me if there is a similiar phone from MOTOROLA, i.e. without camera but with PIM(Personal Information Management) capabilities.

  • Lijo Mathew

A very good and useful business phone, no unwanted stuff, it has right things required for basic user. The only disadvantage is less memory and a memory slot.

  • Pete

Have a problem with one of the keys, which is irritatingly heavy to depress. It's the 8tuv key. Others with similar problems?

  • garz

is this fon really dont have a cam???? why its prdecessor has one? but for sure ths baby has poor power supply as it always shuts down..

  • Mato

I am very very happy with this model of nokia, no camera, no video, no mp3..etc. Thats what I need :)

  • bernard

dearest simon, pls Use your brian. 1. since this phone has no camera, that is wat make the bluetooth useful by allowin transfer of pictures into this phone.

2. it does not mean that a phone w/o a camera is a bad phone. some pple only need a simple phone w/o camera n other fanciful stuffs. not tat everybody has as much money as u to waste.

therefore, i urge u to think before u speak. sometimes, using the brain a little helps u.

  • LG

Can anybody tell me how many SMS maximum can be hold in this phone?