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Nokia 6111

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  • betty

why lie,this is the worst phone ever.i got the phone 8 months ago and its crazy.i charge it the whole night but by the next day at 4pm,the battery is noe shopping for another a kenyan and i advice guys never to go for nokia 6111.i wouldnt like them to suffer like i have,even in emergency cases.

  • abby

well..i recently got this phone on nov.13,2007 at first i was having problems, the screen turned white, the battery emptied quickly and i have to replace and buy new batt and a new charger too, but now it works fine i hope this phone last coz i don't want another one..anyway it's not brand new, it's only a recon..

  • Anonymous

this looking phone is very user frienly and cute looking though i was unlucky enough to have lots of trouble with my nokia 6111.

  • gracie

my friend has dis fone in pink. its really cute. but the screan keeps goin white!!! it's a kewl fone but she hates cos of dat she still uses it and it keeps doin dat so shez buyin a new 1.

if u want u can buy dis fone but jus b careful wif it.... xox tak care

  • Anonymous

i just brought this phone
then read this
really hope mine doesnt have the white screen curse

  • Anonymous

The Nokia 6111 is an excellent, user friendly phone. I enjoy the fast internet and it being a slide is even better. Nokia has yet again come up with an impressive product.

  • Anonymous

I loved this phone, but.....I bought it a year ago and ive been having problems for the last few months. I got a new battery and the problem went away for a while but its back with a vengeance. Its a pity because its a really nice phone to use, with a large internal memory. you can assign custom sounds to msgs/ringtones, radio/mp3 player, good camera, Im gonna miss it!!

  • CHroNE

help!!!! my friend's 6111 is in trouble.. whenever i turn it on it blinks maybe about 5secs alternately.. do someone here knows how to format this phone?? or knows what to do about this sort of prblem?? help me please.. thank u in advance..

  • Jenni

I have had this phone on contract for 18months and I have had no problems at all - I don't know what everyone else have done to theirs but I dropped mine in the bath - stupid i know - and after 2 days on a tea-towel over the radiator it worked just fine - I was amazed. It spends it time rolling round the bottom of my handbag getting bashed about and I haven't has a single problem with it. I am sad to say though my contract is up and they no longer have this phone at the place I use so I am going to have the 6500 slide next.

  • Laura

This phone is by far the worst made Nokia ever.
It is a cute phone, but not very good.
My phone has broken after 2 months of having it , I'm very pissed off. =]
So buy it if you want it, but be warned it's not that great.

  • Anonymous

i have this phone i've only had it for a couple of months but gosh i'm having problems,i would charge it for a couple of hours and the minute i take it out it says low battrey, the phone just freezes then not pick up network so i have to switch it off and switch it back on again to receive the network, i wont even mention the phones memory,u have to delete so many things just to download i feature/song.the pictures are so gdark as well. nokia sorry but this was the worse phone model u ever made.

  • Bethany

Please do yourself a favour DO NOT buy this phone.
I have had it for about 2 weeks and the screen has turned white (not as in it wont turn on, Just that it has a whie light)
It started just going white when i slide it up but now its all the time. I can stil do things on my phone such as play music ect. but i cant see what on earth im doing.


  • jane deguara nee hug

hi i have the nokia 6111 and its been fine till the other day, my inbox is the problem you can only read the sms once which is a problem for me as i like to go and read my sms later. anyone got any idears?? please email if you have as i really love this mobile regards jane

  • Greg

Buyer's beware !!! This is the worst Nokia has ever put out, and I've owned a few ! Very fragile, cannot take the rough stuff at all ! My daughter put it in her mouth once, the screen fogged up and went all white ! Came back to life a few days later, but all of a sudden just went white again and now is stuffed ! Not Happy Jan !!!

  • robert

I have my nokia 6111 for 1 year and I think its cool, I don't have any problems with it,and it's worth about the price, cool phone, not the best but its good

  • Aimee

I bought my nokia 6111 3 months ago, and it used to randomly turn itself all white aswell. And I'd have to turn it off. But Yesterday, I don't know what happened, but when I turned it on it was all weird, and had lines across it, looks like it got wet, but it can't have because it was in my bag...which doesn't let wet in. And my brother's girlfriend's did this, is it the phone?

  • Renata

I bought my Nokia 6111 last month and I keep missing calls because the reception is terrible and I have to restart it every time the signal is lost so I can receive or make calls. Has anyone had that kind of problem?

  • erika

I have had my nokia 6111 for about a year and now its playing up on me.

I missed a call and you know how you get sent those messages saying you missed a call from ..... My phone keeps sending that message and randomly (every 5 minutes) restarting itself. And also I can't recieve text messages. This is the second time iv had this problem and its really pissing me off because it lasts for weeks

Never again nokia!

  • apple

i got this phone last august 25,2007..that was almost 3 months ago...and it's already pissing me off....sometimes,the screen will just turn white....and i have to take off the battery and restart again the phone so i can use it...!!!!!!gosh!!!!!!!!!!!it's a ne wphone but it's not working well......

  • Anonymous

I am looking to buy a stylish mobile not that expensive with a good camera and storage taht can store about 200 photos or a bit less. Needs to be confortable for writing messages. And it does not break easily as i have a tendency of not taking lot of care of mobiles. Is nokia 6111 the right for me?