Nokia 6111

Nokia 6111

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  • tendai

hey guys i need your advice bought my 6111 about 2 months ago and it got somehow wet, now its just turning its self off batons freezing???

  • Maria

this phone is rubish! i got it last christmas 2006 and i've had to get i repaired 4 times. 1. for sim card holder. 2. for smashed screen. 3. for light not turning off unless batterey is taken out. 4. deleteing all my pictures and numbers and sending them to other people. do not buy this phone!

  • Romeo

please can you help me solving this problem ? i have this nokia but i cant diplay summary while talking.. please send me your advice if it could be displayed or not .

  • Romeo

please can you help me solving this problem ? i have this nokia but i cant diplay summary while talking.. please send me your advice if it could be displayed or not .

  • Paige

You people that fink dis fones good.. u avnt seen wts good! Its a load of rubbish n i know 3 people who ave this fone wich wud b the same as mine and there sceens gone weird just like mine too! The fones totally over rated!

  • Barbara

i have this phone and im happy with it. The phone was from my dad and now it's mine and we never had problems...I thing that i have many luke ;)

  • ishhh

my phone is giving me problems, when i access saved messages it switches off automatically can u please help me

  • redz

i like to buy this phone thats why i read about it there is so many disadvantage of it so i change my mind to get other phone!

  • jonathan

i've finally gone out of my temper with this phone... it sucks!! my phone's ribbon got broken and then i had to have it replaced... i noticed that this phone's very delicate and it's not durable... and then i had a couple of additional problems with it after the repair... don't know whether it was because of the repairman... this phone really sucks... aside from the lacks it has such as memory card, poor display, and more... sigh... im never buying another slide phone or flip-top again..... or another phone from nokia!!! im really pissed off!!!

  • Anonymous

I just wanted to let you guys know that there is a serious flaw in this model. Every unit that I have come accross had had the same problem. After a while of you owning the unit it starts to play up by just turning off or resetting itself untill it gets to such a point by where it does it while you are on a call

  • Fiona

Is the screen really that bad? I am thinking of getting the phone as I am due for an upgrade. Currently have the Motorola V550.

  • Sirosi

Andy, as an respond on the camera, you knew it weren't gonna be the best photo's in the world, because it's 1 megapixel. It's unfair to assess the phone on that.

I think it's a great phone. A shame it doesn't have more megapixels, but I can live with it. I will steal one of the camera's of my parents for better shots. And it was very dumb of me to put my phone in the same pocket as my IDcard, now there are some terrible scratches on the screen, but in May my abo is over, so I will get another phone. Maybe the same, or at least a Nokia because it's a great phone!

  • maine

i think the white screen problem is depends on wer did u buy it...i think u guys buy fake...

  • Andy

I used to swear by Nokia, but since the 6111 I am contemplating on changing phones.
i too have had the "white screen" curse.
the buttons are very unresponsive. foto quality not good.text msg system not as easy as previous nokias.
please if you have the option to get this phone, rather look at another Nokia, as this is not one of their greatest models.

  • shahbaz sikander

Please do not buy this phone it has a screen problem, the screen get whites after some time I was on a business trip when this happend and i suffered a lot due to this problem now I hate nokia

  • littleIdiot

White screen problem too - anyone know how to turn on bluetooth without being able to see the screen?

i need to copy my contacts which are all on my phone memory to my SIM, but as the phone does not have a "Copy All" function, I need to connect to PC Suit to do it.

Nice looking phone, poor design.

  • DreamyOne

I got the Nokia 6111 for my birthday, and I love it!!! I take it everywhere with me; I adore it. But now it has the "White Screen" problem...:( I'll have to find out how to fix that.

  • Anonymous

I got this phone last night....I am start using it...It's really cool..If it has memory slot it will great....

  • Anonymous

isithave a place for charching

  • VB

I have my 6111 for almost 2 years now. And I had never had any problem with it. And I use every feature it has.
VERY GOOD CHOICE. Good memory, good camera (1 Megapixel), good price, good size, and it is a NOKIA.