Nokia 6111

Nokia 6111

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  • claire

it looks good it is good i love it and im having it to i will dad wont i ????????????

  • tanya

well i got my this phone on our 3rd wedding anniversary from my hubby and i think its a great phone!! and i dont have to worry abt the memory as we can easily store our data on pc!! so why to worry abt memory etc! sound quality and camera quality is excellent i must say!! yes it is girlish phone!! after all why should boys have all the fun :P it is cute lovely phone, easy to handle. go for it !!!!


omg i need 2 noe pplz can u change the buttonz and put different colourz :( plz replyyyyyyyyy i loveeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooo much if u doooo :d

  • z

shld i get this or not ?
i was going to get the cath kidston one!
i want a phone tht can play music and is cool and stylish...

so is this the phone 4 me?

if not any recommendations?? wb xx

  • Anonymous

I regret buying this phone, though a girly phone, it hasn't got enough memory. the pic quality very poor. So don't go for it

  • Anonymous

I regret buying this phone, though a girly phone, it hasn't got enough memory. the pic quality very poor. So don't go for it

  • Joanie

Well I got my 6111 for my birthday its only a few weeks old but I have tested it alot !
I think the breaking down being pput to a colour is nonsense lol mine is pink and silver.I love it.It takes plenty of video alot of pics and yes I agree the memory for mp3 isnt so good I only got 3 full songs ,but hey its a phone get real I love my phone and hopefully it wont give me any problems .I have had different phones and this is the one I prefer .The battery lasts longer than my motorola which btw didnt even have a proper alarm.

  • Anonymous

get a different phone...kay! get the samsung e900 its great. i was gonna get this phone (nokia 6111) but all the reviews said it wasnt good and the screen was going blanck and stuff .

  • Avarachan John

Memmory capacity is very less. main problem is we cant add additional memmory

  • katie

I got this phone for my birthday, and when i push the phone up the screen goes fuzzy and then blank white, i think the cable is disconnecting. it sometimes won't let me take photo's and there isn't a lot of memory.

I will have to take this phone back!!!

  • aka_jo

Well i got this phone cos it looked good! Was worried when i read all the neg comms but i have to say i haven't had any probs so far and would recommend if you want a girly phone! If you need to take loadsa pics get a digi camera...they're cheap enough!

  • rachel

i have got this phone and i like it but the thing is it hasnt got a good memory can i get a memory card for it?

  • Ben

Had this phone since Feb 2006 and it has already died. The speaker went about 4 weeks ago and you can barely hear the person you are talking to. Then last week the cable between the phone's 2 parts broke and causes the phone to turn off if "flipped".

Good looking phone with good functionality, but doesn't last the distance.

  • kay

i need a phone for my daughter for x mas and i think this looks like a good phone but i am a bit put off by the reviews coz my daughter loves music and i am confused as ppl r sayin there isnt many then there is loads. should i get a diffrent phone or this one?

  • Anonymous

I got this phone and i am verry happy with it!
I was a bit dissapointed when I found it dosent have room for a Memmory card, and only holds about four songs, but desbit that the camera is good quality, it it easy to use and an all round good phone

  • Leanne

This phone is decent quality and worth every penny!! Good quality of sound and pictures!! Its also loud!! Doesnt have a slot where you plug it into computer though! Battery lasts long and you dont really need to have it on charge for long.

  • ellie

i love this phone i got it in july and it holds alot of pics which is why i wanted it, they are good quality as well and i love the design how small it is, my mates wanted it as well its a good buy.

  • haggisbaws

I got this phone 2 weeks ago and it has been in for repair twice and is now at the main nokia repair centre as the local service centre, who describes the phone as crap, couldnt fix it as it required a level 3 repair?
to say it is difficult to hear a call on this phone is a massive understatement, the local centre replaced the UI circuit board, and the earpiece, but still no joy hence the return to nokia.
they also updated the software as the old software was letting it ring to loudly and was blowing the speaker.
needless to say i am seeking a refund for this hunk of junk.
also i pointed out to the local service centre that when i got it back the 1st time the two parts seemed loose, they said that was best cos there had been probs with the connecting ribbon cable when the 2 sections were left as tight as when supplied


  • emz

i am away 2 get this fone! but i dot know if i should know with al he bad commet an many songs doz i hold?x how many pics and videos?x and is the video and camea good caulity? plz help!

  • Michh

the phones is pure pish man.... diny get it! its pure mongofied init.. respect ma nigggerz