Nokia 6111

Nokia 6111

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  • jenny

i am gettin it 4 crimbo and i am gettin it defo cause my mum cnt send it bk is it worth it? also does it have a thing where u cn put it into the computer and get things

  • sarah

i brought this phone last week brilliant phone nice and small not had any problems with it at the moment i would definelty recmond the phone

  • Jackie

The memory is pretty rubbish on the 6111 as well, i love to take loads of snaps of my grandson. I filled the memory on the 1st day of having it.( and i didn't go nuts with the camera either )
I think there are a lot of better phones out ther for even less money than the cost of the 6111.

  • Jackie

I got this phone 3 months ago, it was the biggest mistake i have made in a while.
My hubby is getting me a Samsung for my xmas to replace it.
I is an ugly, plastic, cheap looking thing which looks pretty much like my grandsons toy mobile( in fact i think his toy one looks better than the 6111)
Maybe it's just me cos i'm used to Samsungs i don't know but i didn't like it from day 1 of getting it.

  • *Alexandra*

i was rly looking forward to getting the nokia 6111 with the cath kidston design, bt then the shop told me it was bad, and it has a WEENY memory space etc, also it is v bad quality!! so i'm swapping to the nokia 6230i!!

  • Mario

I need Help.
I brake my Nokia 6111 Monitor and i need enter in Bluetooth to download my photos. Somone can help me, step by step?

  • stephanie

ok this is great..mine should be comming in the mail TOMORROW!! and im reading all these bad comments =[...hopefully mine wont have them haha doubt it though...WHAT SHOULD I DO?! i it worth it?!?!
plz tell me

  • Anonymous

All of u r lying coz tis fone is truely AMAZING! n i luv it...had it n nothings gone wrong so far!!!

  • Anonymous

I got this phone in march and all i've had is trouble! I'm stuck with it till the end of my contract, don't get me wrong it looks nice but the one thing which continues to annoy me is the lack of memory! I don't know why there isn't a memory card slot!

  • Anonymous

this fone is terrible!!! 2 in the last 3 months .... not kidding there is a spot on the screen where if u press it the screen breaks i dropped it and now it keeps turnin off sometimes the sound doesnt work nd if u r sum 1 hu drops fones do not buy it cus it will break in an instant

  • Abdullah Afifi

Why this phone for the memory, only 23mb shared memory?I can't put my favourite song!!!

  • Coz

Im Getting This Phone For Christmas, There Is No Going Back Because Ive Already Bought It, How Many Songs Can It Hold? Cos I Like To Listen To Music, Also I Love Photos && Videos, Sooo Ill Have To Get Over It.. Also This Thing About It Turning On And Off Has That Happened With Everyone Who Has Bought This Phone?

  • Anonymous

i really want this phone for christmas this yr!! but ive bn put off by sum of the reviews im stuck btween this fonen the samsung d600. iz the camera a good quality and is there anything u can do 2 improve the battery life?? would u recomend this as a good christmas present?? plzz reply!! thx xxx

  • angel

i got this phone about a week ago and i loved it until.. the screen turned off once. and my internet isnt workingg. im not sure if its just because its in the USA but made in GERMANY but im getting pretty mad. the camera is great and i have no problems with my memory i love this phone except the whole internet issue =D i would reccomend it only if you want the phone mostly for camera and speaker, other than that its not the BEST.

  • Natasha Biggs

Do not get this phone, i've had it for just 4 months and already i've had several problems. the first was the whole turning itself off and on, then it kept saying it didn't recognise my simcard, and then this week the screen is all messed up! every time i turn it on it does something different, but often the screen just stays blank! it was a total waste of money

  • suzanne

i was thinking about getting this phone for christmas but until i read the bad comments about this phone i dont no if i should still get it.

  • Chad

Been using this for more than a year and have never had any problems with it. The only complain I have is that you can barely hear the other party in the call in noisy places, even when you use the speaker phone.

  • dupe dare

Is a good fone if you are careful and not careless It is another great one from N O K I A

  • jinks

i have had my nokia6111 for a few months now
and i am very happy with my phone it can only take 5mp3 but i say you only need 1 ringtone and with the sofware you get it is so easy to put on new songs and pic when you want to a money saver.this is the first nokia i bought and i have not been dissipointed in my phone yet.u go nokia.

  • Dan

well overall its a good phone if you have small hands, so mostly a womens phone but.. still can be for anyone.. i do have the problem where the screen goes white and you have to turn it back on again! very anoying also the side volume button very sensitive whenevr i touch it the volume goes down thats anoying to but its got good styl small but wide :) camera and other features are good..