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Nokia 6111

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  • Sony Ericsson

NEVER buy Nokia they've got VERY bad phones, try Sony Ericsson, I have a K750i, had it for more than a year and no problems; excelent battery standby time.

  • Anonymous

the phone rocks it is stylish compact and adorable and the functions are good to

  • Mandy

Purchased this phone as loved the colour! wrong to judge something on appereance as I was soon to find out.The screen goes white and turns off randomly I have little or no memory on the phone.My phone loses the ability for sending and receving media messages constantly and displays the sending message icon which then remains on the screen.I have sent this phone back three times in last three months at cost to me and have received back a phone with even more problems than the original sent back.The ease of Nokia phones has always attracted me to them but have been stung big style this time.Do not buy one as then stuck with it

  • Anonymous

Nice cell but i had it for 2 months and when i start it up it shows wallpaper only you cannot do anything and it shuts itself down it does that 3 times and its dead after that , a guy from a cell store told me it might be a battery , did somebody had similar problem and solution was battery , pleas e-mail me if you know anything about this problem with 6111,thanks

  • xx kaytee xx

Hello, i am about to buy this fone for christmas is it worth it ???

  • Anonymous

people y r u complaining about the phone having no memory card when you were the ones that bought it and it says nowhere on the packaging it has a memory card slot. If you wanted a phone with a memory card slot and more memory why did you go for the nokia 6111?

  • perea

My 6111 problem. the LCD srceen is cracked up, but the plastic cover of the screen has NOT a single scratch and the slide mechanism its fine. the thing here is that accidents are not covered by the warranty.
i took it to my local nokia's authorized repair center and the girl there told me that the display must be changed, and i have to pay almost the half of the price i pay for the phone.
too bad, just got less than a month with it. haven't made the first payment yet.
VERY disappointed of nokia and their "warranties"

  • bex

I am getting this fone 2morrow and I was reaaly exited about it but after reding all these bad comments about it i'm really scared that the same thing is going to happen to me

  • Anonymous

It was LOVE at the first sight.... but after 2 months.... start to have PROBLEMS.

VERY disappointed with NOKIA.

Phone not good, service also not good.

  • Anonymous

well, whoever don't have problem yet with this phone considered VERY lucky, but just wait a while..... until you can see the 1 of the problem, my 1st N6111,error sending sms, required re-start once its hang, lcd screen blank, overheat, finally die..... change to 2nd N6111 coz the 1st one can't be rapaired, having same problem with sms, signal not good, always having zzzzzzzzz background voice during phone calls, dun want to wait till the lcd screen blank again.... decided to change phone, no more nokia

something is wrong with this phone, seems like all people i know at least having 1 problem with this phone

common problem is lcd screen blank and error sending sms

other problems, once we switch off the phone, you can't switch it on again

in other words, you can't let the battery flat, or you can't switch on your phone again

then.... 1 more problem, either you can't hear clearly during receiving phone calls, or other parties can't hear you clearly....

camera quite ok, but not good enough...

  • fffbormino

this phone is very nice

  • tammylm

i think nokia should do a complete product recall and refund every one whos got a faulty phone there money back, because there is so many of them i love nokias easy to use ways but this phone has put me off, i am going to yes going to be getting a new type of phone now this is the third nokia i have had go wrong on me yet none were exposed to water or even dropped i can say i am ver dissapointed with nokia now

  • Kandi

All of you people saying this phone is cr*p must have a faulty one. Sure, mine says things like 'SIM card rejected', but it doesnt turn white and switch off, or any of the other things you guys say. They must have made a batch of faulty ones when they first came out.

  • tammylm

this phone is unreliable rubbish and a waste of the money they charge. i have had it since april and had problems startin from one month after i had it i had to get a new battery, then i had the same prob i have seen so many times on here of the screen going white and off. and the rejection of my sim card, so i this time took it to the nokia shop had a update and a new sim reader put in i got it back a week later and now two months on from that the battery life is rubbish i am chargin it 3 or more times a day at the min, i cant answer it i cant tx any one uinless they tx me first and i reply right away i cant make calls or recieve them its the worst phone i have layed my eyes on and wish i never got it. i hate it with a passion, as for mp3s i can only get one on that was sent by blue tooth from my dads comp to my sisters phone to my dads phone then to mine now thats just stupid. i dont recomend this phone at all i want my money back

  • Hayden

Hey guys!
I have this phone, have for close to a year.It IS a good phone to have, but what people are saying about the problems are true. But if its still under 12month warranty and you're having issue with it, send it off and they will upgrade the software and its sweet after that. I work at a phone shop and its what i see happen. It happened to mine.

6111 rulez.
Peace out.

  • sleekmama

its one of the good phones. i want to know how to delete the info on my message counter

  • xxxwiredxxx

I had this phone for almost 1 1/2 yrs now! and still in good shape...Guys, How do you use your phone? I hope some of you are not that called a "wrecking crew" all the comments/problems i have read are isolated cases maybe the problem is on your carrier? I'm planing to buy again 6111 for my mom for her bday... So, for those who want this phone. It's highly recommended!

  • Disappointed

normally prefer NOKIA due to ease of functionality, but this phone has been nothing but a disaster for me! turns on & off, gives me 'insert sim card' messages, lost lots of phone book contacts and very unreliable. been back to mender 3 times in 9 months. turns out there is a probalem with the OS on this phone. try something else!

  • Anonymous

i woz reeli lkin 4ward 2 get this fone but now im not sure coz every1 keeps on sayin dat it turns itself on and off and goes white. wot r the advantages 2 getting this fone? can sum1 ansa? thnx

  • Anonymous

I was going to get the fone 4 christmas but know i have been rlly put off of it my friend sed its bad then my uva friends sey its good 2 of my family relatives have this fone and it has worked fine for them