Nokia 6111

Nokia 6111

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  • Mel

You say that the memory is full, can u buy a memory card or something for it ,cos if its going to be same for me, i'd do that!

  • Mel

I'm about to buy this phone from ebay, is it a good phone? has anyone had any hassels from the "sliding"?

  • Ebrhim

Hi!!! this is a sick phone i mean it i dont care what other people say but this is a sick website and a sick phone.!

  • Bex

This phone is absolutely brilliant 11 out of ten it is so easy to use, it has loads of brilliant feauture like an mp3 and it is really stylish. Nice one nokia!

  • Gixxer

Nomi, Nokia is the best but before you buy a phone look at the specifications... I told you it has not enough memory. Maybe it's made for begginers, or kids, who knows:))?

  • Nomi

I bought the phone for my sister and I'm dissapointed with the fact that it does not have much memory. She only has about 4 pics and about 5 songs and has not used any of the other features like video etc but it says memory full. I'm not wether this is a manufactures fault or this how the phone is and if so - i'm very dissapointed, I've though Nokia was the best.

  • Gixxer

Nice phone, but it has no extendable memory, too bad! Only 23 MB for mp3s, pictures and stuff?! I'll choose between 6234 and 6131, now that's what I'm talking about!!

  • Jemma

Phone is excellent and it does the job its supposed to do.

  • Anonymous

dood one

  • Gixxer

Does it play full screen videos?

  • Anonymous

short memory is there something like a chip or card that can store more memory like pics and others...

  • Anonymous

I was thinking about getting this phone for xmas, but after reading these comments I dont think I will bother which phone do you suggest.

  • Sexual chocolate{lia

I think the 6111 is a fantastic phone for anyone wanting a good featured easy to use phone. It can bring mms and photo taking to the masses

  • Johnagsdjg

i put a picture on the phone and now it won't let me delete it, does this happen often? and does anyone know how to fix it?

  • Leo

I've been using this mobile for 6 months now. When I start using it, its very good, gives no problems. But lately, I've accidentaly dropped it on the floor a few times. Now, I have to keep the phone on all the time because once the phone is off, it will be very hard to on it again. People, pls tell me what's wrong with my phone? Is tat because I dropped it? Thanks

  • Anonymous

This is a very good phone
I love the MP3
Go buy it rite now

  • Nicky

EN Nxumalo - LMAO u swapped ur d6000 for a 6111, u r crazy, i have a d900 and previously had a d600.. d600 rules g111 anyday..

u r mad..



i got my wife the nokia 6111 in pink on contract its the first nokia shes ever had she always liked sagem but she likedthe colour of this phone and now she really loves the phone and has no problems with it what so ever only problem she had was when server was down she is very impressed with nokia now and its going to hard to get her to upgrade her phone as she loves this one so much she may keep this and not upgrade well done nokia as my wifes very hard to please

  • Anonymous

nokia is the best!!

  • EN Nxumalo (South Af

I have had the fone for two months, so far it is better than the D600 I swopped for this one. So far it hasn't given me problems except one (i put myself into) not having memory card slot. I love it so far, and been using Nokia fo a decade now... I guess I wanted to experiment with the Samsung, and didn't appeal to my liking.