Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 6120 classic

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  • Anonymous

Where this phone available...I want this phone....

  • Khan love khan

Youtube, 19 Jul 2016Youtube streaming real playe online video unable to connectYoutube apps how open plz halp

  • saiyedur rahman

I am using for nokia6120 classic so i am happy it is a good phone.

  • Balaji

Dam Good Phone am dieing to Get The phone I lost that phone six year Ago

  • Draganuta

Today I use this phone (from 2005 until now). Is a great phone.

  • via L

I have been using this phone since end of 2008, a great phone!

  • shekar

jan, 31 Jul 2016is this phone support tv out? anyone can try this?no it does not.

  • jan

is this phone support tv out? anyone can try this?

  • Ubaid

I have successfully installed facebook v 3.4 but it is not opening loading can not finish!

  • Youtube

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2016Unable to connectYoutube streaming real playe online video unable to connect

  • Mort

Am having trouble connecting it to Bluetooth on 2015 Mercedes Sprinter van are they compatable

  • Anonymous

Shonku, 06 Dec 2014You can only use the front camera for video calling, it's not wo... moreIn my nokia 6120c video calling is not working

  • Prince jhay

im using that cp its good.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2016Dose not play youtubeAll symbian services have been stopped.

  • mukhlis

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2016Dose not play youtubeusing real player, u can play youtube video.

  • Anonymous

SiNo Cyril, 08 Dec 2015Where this phone available?? I want This Phone..........Unable to connect

  • Anonymous

aika , 04 Nov 2010I've question what is the differences between 6120 classic and 6... moreDose not play youtube

  • mr. red eye

how to download skype on this phone 100% working.

  • Prassu777

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2015Does it has caller name announcer? or caller name talker?Yes you have caller name announcement option.

Go to Setting >> Profiles >> Personalise >> Say callersname >> ON

  • hpbaxxter

since 2007 Ive been taking this phone with me everywhere along the iphones, galaxies etc...the devices came and went away, but this device as an fast and reliable unit for communication still remained by me in 2015..great job from nokia