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  • Rambo Malaysia

To jenifer

What ever u do don't buy the Apacer MMC card because the thing really slow. If prosible try getting a ATP brand (Must order from US) or kingMax MMC card. The different from Ap and Zitronic is that Ap is underwater product, while zitronic is the real original Nokia product, both also have one year guarantee. Pls buy original cos u are on the safe side should u need any repairs or sparepart replacements.

  • friedbrains

you can actually modify the HDS-3 headset that comes with the 6230, 2 things you can do:

1) cut the earphones and use something from sony or any other earphones

2) cut the earphones and put in a 2.5mm stereo female jack so you can use your favorite walkman headsets...

see this link for more details...­readid=349289

  • Eugene

Hey... Nobody, where you bought your 6230? So expensive wan... I bought mine for 1430 (zitron) at Sungai Wang KL a few weeks ago... Christina, yes It plays stereo mp3s and it plays Damn good but listening through the headset abit suck... cuz the headphones from nokia not tat good

  • christina

hey this phone play mp3 in a stereo mode? and does it have really have good quality like mp3 player or ....just considerable? hope to hear from you guys soon :)

  • nobody

heck i've 4gotten one thing.. this fon plays mp3 people! it plays em damn good.. loove u nokia, rock on~ :)

  • nobody

damn, 4 a malaysian, u do comment a hell lot dear malaysia. memalukan haih.. ;p anyways, i'm 16 n my mom just bought me this n6230 2nites ago for RM1600. all in all, this fone superbly rocks. great quality of pics n video, loud, u get d karoke thingy, keypad works fine though d back cover creaks a bit, excellent edge, screen big enough, cool games, great memory storage n da compliment goes on.. however i do hv some probs at times wif d tones i saved in my gallery n also msg alert tone.. they sound so weak sometimes dat i cld barely hear em.. but who cares though when u've got d most awesome fon in school n ur peeps r jealous of it! lol

  • Malaysia's Jenifer

Thanks alot friedbrains!
I think i need to wait for 1-2 more months only buy this phone! Hope 4 the price drops..... :P


very nice phone. it has so many features and they all work so well!! if only it were flip.....

  • friedbrains

jenifer in malaysia,

you can use up to 1GB MMC card for 6230, the phone it self will not slow down, the access time on a 1GB MMC compared to a 128MB is of course different, but this is only apparent when loding MP3 song list to play and/or fully accessing the 1GB MMC..

price differences is everywhere, the law price and demand dictates that...

java is computer language use to create programs or applications that can run on your phone...

  • kersy

Nokia 6230. Great phone, but cannot password protect pfotos. Anyone have a solution please email me . thanks

  • Malaysia's Jenifer

Hello friends from all over the world.
I'm currently using Moto T191 that I bought around 3 yrs ago & I decide to change a clolor wif camera function phone. Moto T191 is my 1st phone and friends around me or even the shopkeeper always persuade me to switch to Nokia phone coz of their user friendly function.

Actually I really don't mind when ppl aorund me using something that are different from mine. Coz i think something that are too common use is not "special" enuf. hahaha...

However, i think N6230 is a good phone with all the function that I need but the, for a poor student like me who are taking study loan is juz abit burden.

I was told that N6230 is not suitable to use a MMC above 128MB coz the speed will be slow down. Is that True?

N i was told that this phone is juz SG400 in Singapore but in Malaysia it sell RM1160(AP). How come like that?

Can any one tell me wats the different btween AP n Zitron? How come the price diff RM300++?

N wat is the function of JAVa?I only know it is deal wif games stuff.

Thanks alot...Bye bye

  • Malaysia

To 6230 boy,
I truly agree that Samsung is good only for those who want to act cool. I too don't like Samsung...infact, i never even think of getting a that phone. I only stated that most consumers in Malaysia switch to samsung bcoz of the design. If u ask me, i rather emphasize more on the function. Instead of Samsung, i accidently bought a Panasonic GD68 which...what can i,bcoz the functions are...too standard n i've sold that phone to my friend n remain using my N5110 until i get my N6230. I just hope that Nokia will improve the design, that's all...too make it 'PERFECT'.

  • 6230 boy

yeah u r Malaysia..if u like those fancy shit samsung phone....then u just go n buy it...i used tat shit thing b4 n i totally regret buying tat damn thing....who needs polyphonic when u have mp3??? phone have the worst function i ever known...just nice on the outside and useless in the inside...

  • loreto

Memory Full Error

guys i am havin problems with browsing usin gprs..for eg when i open a page like am able to go to the page, where i am gettin the links to several mobiles..the moment i click on one of the mobile links, the page is not clearly displayed & i cant see the images on it..before the page completely loads i am gettin a "memory full" indication on my mobile & it is reverting back to the previous page..
I am havin this problem with several webpages..Cant even open the Nokia homepage..
I am not havin any of these problems with my Nokia 3220...the firmware version of my 6230 is 4.43...
are any of u havin similar problems..Please help

  • Anonymous

@ malaysia,

goodluck to your samsung, hahaha, who needs ringing tone composer when the phone does MP3??!! obviously you dont know $hit! and if you want glowing things, dont buy a phone, hahahaha, and samsung is creative with all their phones in cheap plastic silver color and all flip and external antenna, hahaha ur 1 serious $hit!

  • Brad

Has anyone tried using a 512MB or 1GB MMC to store mainly mp3's on their 6230? also when playing only mp3's how long does the battery last?

  • Malaysia

Hi y'all, I'm frm Malaysia. I've just bought this fone in a few weeks ago n i have some comments about it.
1)The shape is elegant. (Business segment and not fashion) 2)Function have everything such as voice recording, loud speaker, FM radio, camera, etc that is build in and not attach externally. 3) Battery performance, sensitive(consume a lot of power)during playing MP3, camera and listening to the radio. To charge is around 2 hours. The cost is quite expensive. In Malaysia, it cost about RM 1500+ as at October-November ie the price only depreciate RM300 from the date of release somewhere at the end of 2003. The disadvantage is that, the contrast for the phone is not adjustable. The buzzer is terrible(ringing tone is not loud despite to switch it to the max level). The phone does not provide any ringing tone composer like the N3210, N8250 etc (perhaps, the trend is not popular then people keep downloading tons from the internet). No flash light like N1100 and N3200. No 'glow in the dark' like my friends N3100. The camera is only 0.3 Megapixel and I'm paying a huge sum of RM1500 (400USD). The polyphony ringing tones support only 24 channels which is limited then copared to my friends Samsung which contains 64 channels. In other words, the sound of Samsung is nicer, sharper and smoother then Nokia. To sum up all, The N6230 is an almost a perfect phone which almost all features included. Well, leave it to Nokia because over here, if u hate it or love it (by posting comments,) we are like talking to the wall and we are not deciding which to improve. Decision making is to be done by Nokia and not consumers. We, as consumers, will only sit and wait, hoping for new models to come and suit your needs because as far as i know, as far as i'm concerned, the N6230 is the BEST model the Nokia has ever made. Previously i was holding a N5110 because i never thing of changing any new phones (at that time) because the skills of creativity and design is getting worse and worse. So Nokia, please, you have prove it to the world that you are the first leading telecommunication. However, in Malaysia, in the central region (Kuala Lumpur), most consumers has switch to Samsung just because the design is getting worst. PLease, hire better designers. Fine, again, we leave it to Finland Nokia. I would like to say, Good Luck to Nokia!!!!! :)

  • Anonymous

my mp3 files sometimes dont transfer, does anyone no why this is?

  • friedbrains


to transfer video from PC to 6230 or vice-versa, u need either of the 3:
1) DKU-2 cable with drivers
2) IR in PC
3) Bluetooth in PC via USB or cards

  • loreto

to 6230 boy,
Yes i think i missed that functionality when i had media player 9...just accidentdly stumbled across it when i was usin windows media player 10...thanks pal..