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Nokia 6230

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  • Saint

nokia 6230 rulz! lol u compare n6239 with se k700 lol! se k700 sux! better than n 6230? lol cheaper ! yes but nokia rocks! mp3 movil tv, radio video bluetooth and the best size .. :) i love it

  • Sergio_mx

I have a heavy user of my nokia 6230. I just bought a 128 Megabytes MMC yesterday to store more mp3. Loading songs was very slow, but not a problem. The problem is that I want to change default music folder for (Menu) -> (Multimedia) -> (Play music) so use my MMC card instead of the "Music folder" on the builtin phone memory. Can you guys tell me how? Because with out it, I have to play manually next song after song ends.

I also want to hear radio without the wired headset, either with speaker or my bluetooth headset. I can do both but only if wireheadset is connected to phone.

It would be nice that the guys the develop the GUI software for this software include these features in a new release.

  • nick

can you set the mp3's you upload to the momery as your ringtone?

  • wilsonwong (msia)

Had 6230 for almost 9-10months... The 6230 is still rocks! great features like MP3,Radio, VGA cameo, Infra, EDGE... but just not a Symbian 70, MP Cameo and bigger screen resol.. But its still much better than some newer models which in terms of appearences,performance and size..its much smaller and lighter.Using the PC suite to transfer is still upbeat and excellent and still lacking in some options.
6230 still affordable to buy one. Best for people who are needs full features in a compact size and its the 6230.. LOVE IT!

  • Anurag

Yes, u can copy the MP3s directly nto the MMC by using the Nokia PC suite and using the phone browser in it to copy the content directly into any forlder you wish to.

  • Sean

Is there any way I can move mp3s straight to my memory card without having to use the phone's memory first?

  • sambo

it's an amazing one,perfect options MP3,FM RADIO,SMALL ONE,the only problem is that it is having a small display128*128,which is bad comparing to n6600

  • saad

This is the best phone of its type. but if u use series 60 u will dislike it 4 sure. i switched on it previously i was using 7650 Nokia. there are many features which r not available in 6230 like autospeakerphone senser, autolight senser, unlimited phone#/addresses/notes/ under 1 name, no limit of name already exist. screen size too small. no group renaming, no tones as per contact. the memory size is enought but no need for that much memorry in that phone 7650s memory was 4kb but was full filling every need i still miss 7650 will try to buy it again infact its camera quality is low and memory is low but still prefer 7650 over 6230

  • george

the recording length can be up to 4 minutes ! u have to have enough space on the shared memory and not on the mmc card. set the recording folder to the shared memory and tape away :)

  • Homayoun

Best design and a great cellphone very lovely phone ;)

  • Ann

Ive had the 6310i for the last 3 yrs. Decided it was time for a change & decided to get the 6230. The only thing i'm complaining about is the battery life. The old phone would last about 5 days (phones on 24/7), this one lasts about 42hrs & has hardly been used. I let it completely 'die' & give it a full charge, 2 1/2 hrs. Is this normal ?

  • KMK

Marvin, the length of the video recording is only 15 seconds. but the quality isn't that good.

  • Alice

I started using this phone about a week ago. a good choice i must say. the outlook design is very classy (suitable for professionals) compared to the other competitors(u know which one i'm talking about)..the screen size is ok to me as i don't need a 29" screen size. all in all, a perfect choice for ppl who are simply elegant and very organised.

  • marvin

what is the length of video recording? can i use mp3 files as sms or message tones

  • Levent

well, if you bring up k700 here, then i'll speak of E398,too which you might not like. But people here don't need to hear from other phones. Instead they want to share problems and experiences of 6230 here. This is 6230 forum.

  • dimitra

how can i read word documents through my nokia 6230. where can i download this application?

  • Anonymous

Its category is K700i, wich is shorter,cheaper, has a much better cam,BT,Ir., mp3player, much better(rezolution) and bigger display
=>superior in all features but memory,
so how can this be called perfect or great in its category?

  • Anonymous

to giuly; 6230i will come out but it will only have a better camera and 16MB total internal memory(which doesnt make sense since you can put 1GB memory card), the screen size is a rumor yet. Nothing impressing.

  • Eran J

Pretty good cell phone and a great on it's category.
It combines nice features such as: Camera,BT,IR,MMC slot,Mp3 player and ringtones,FM Radio,Speaker.
The cons:
* Low Res. cam.
* Standart screen size which really annoy compare to E398.

  • Gary Wilmore

Overall great phone, but a few whinges. Camera not as good as others, no zoom function. the toggle button on the keyboard can prove testing as it sometimes appears to have a mind of it's own. Display not quite big enough. Saying all that, the phone has one of the best organisers i have seen(unless you want to carry a PDA/Phone). Reception very good and clarity well above normal. The hot-sync with outlook is very smooth. Be carefull not to add too much to a calender entry when programming on outlook. each entry will only take 160 characters, so if you type more then sync, each time you go to edit that entry on the phone it will cause it to reboot. Tip...Put the larger entries into the notes, as these take up to 3000 characters at a time. The radio has only fm. This of course will annoy any football fans that want to listen to Five live on a.m. frequency.