Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i

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  • kristine_24


I am going to buy the nokia 6630,but the saleslady told me that the nokia 6230i is greater than 6630...

tell me and compare which is greater of the two...

I'll wait for your e-mail...


  • purplemig

love this phone but toying with the idea of a d600. anyone ever compared the 2?

  • iulian

hi!Does somebody know how to fast forword a movie in the media player???

  • devansh

this phone is really a brilliant phone!!!
it is way better then a d600 and way easier and user friendly 10 out of 10!!!

  • Paul

Does someone know how to delete all sent message reports from Inbox? only option is to delete one by one! I had 6310i which allowed to delete all reports or one by one.

  • Paul

You need to download freeware “read Maniac” from­.htm

I tried it, and it works fine.

  • Andy Mendrys

Love the phone and the camera's great too.
Quick question about the Music Player. I downloaded a CD and then it stored the tracks in alphabetical order. No good numbering 1,2,3 etc as when you get to 10 it goes 1,10,2. Tried pre-fixing with letters and that works fine in the folder I've used, but it doesn't carry across to the player - anyone know how to get the order right?

  • Justin

Can you download text documents onto your phone?? And can you view them from the phone? And if yes, pls give me details...

  • Anonymous

I have a question pls. I allready bought this phone and I like it very much. Now, I know you can download music files from the computer to your phone, but can you download text documents onto your phone?? And can you view them from the phone? And if yes, pls give me details...

  • Glenn

Hey everyone, ive just ordered a Nokia 6230 i through my insurance because i broke my Samsung d500 for the second time. most of the reviews knock the ringtone being quiet is this the case, i need a loud one, does it vibrate??

  • May

hello! i have a problem with my 6230i...i bought this a week ago...the phone turns off everytime i connect to GPRS...i really havn't enjoyed GPRS yet...but i do really like this phone a lot...i got no other problems except GPRS...can u help me? please!

  • zinlinmaung

do not buy 6230i.go for sony ericsson.6230i got a headset connection problem,also ringing volume so soft,cant hear it when i put the phone in my pants.

not only SE K750i,but all the phones with joy stick made by SE really give far as i know nokia joy stick phones dun give such problem.

  • lilio

[quote]i still have to delete messages one by one.[/quote] That's not true - there is "delete all" submenu - Go to messages, then 11.

  • Mario

The headphone jack keeps getting disconnected as I keep the phone in my pants pocket. Are there any future plans to introduce some USB type connector tht slips well into the phone to prevent this from happening?

  • Cassinda

hmm... why don't you try to scroll all the way down after reading the sms?

Oh yea, and 6230i rocks!

  • Jenny

Can someone help me please. When you receive an SMS message, is there a way of finding out when it was actually sent to you?

  • Boicho

There are no phones! There is a phone.
Nokia 6230i. The King!

  • clav

it's so handy and durable. the media components of this phone suit my lifestyle and needs. the only difficulty i experience with this phone is that the message component does not include a bulk selection of messages. i still have to delete messages one by one. i'm sure, some users feel the same...

  • malan

Hi. I have a problem. The headset doesn't make good contact with the phone. so the sound in the left ears dissapears when there's a slight movement on the headset. Anybody with the same problem? The phone is 1 day old! But it's a great phone with excellent sound quality. Good voice recorder, radio and camera.

  • blitzz

there's v3.62 for it.