Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i

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  • blitz87

Well ... i just got my set ytd was a great phone . anyay i still needa try longer for more results =D

Well , i had some probs with the phone as well :

1) When i connection bluetooth , the volume bar will suddenly pop up for no reason ... it happend many times alreadi

2) I cant receive the service setting to activate my GPRS and MMS . im using DIGI from msia . i suppose not DIGI prob cos it works on my 6610 . When i try to edit setting config , it says 'No setting found,contact ur ISP' ... =(

Well so far this is 2 prob i got ... and im using 3.30... hope u all can help me ya , thx =)

  • Daniel

Been thinking about buying the 6230i but I had one issue with the 6230 which I hoped has been rectified. Can the MP3 player detect the songs in folders in the MMC and play them accordingly one after another. Would appreciate some feedback about this before I buy. Thanks!

  • gabi

What is the latest firmware?

  • Martin

Hi, I've the same problem as Dave.
I can't change the setting of Incoming call alert! It still rings ascending. (but it is set on Ringing!)
Anybody can help?
SW: V 03.40 from 23-05-05


  • blade

hey dave

jus go to your gallery, click on options n browse to memory status. think u can find out the space then.

by the way i came across the pics of the 6233! impresssive looks...

  • dave

Just got phone,How do i check the size of the memory card????? ,I`ve just been given an unmaked card ,but can`t tell how big it is? or if its even working properly??

  • Jonas

Hi everyone,

I was having a problem with my ringtone playing as if the ascending setting was set even when it was not ( it was set to ringing ).
how to fix it?

  • Jake

I'd like to say the Nokia 6230i is a great phone, I've only had one problem with mine and I'm guessing it's a defect in just my handset, when my head phones are plugged in I can barley hear anything on the loudest volume, also I don't know if related but my speaker phone is very loud even on the quietest setting, can anybody help??

  • KOBE

complete package.. nice and handy!! 2nd best fon for my 6630..

  • Mobile Support Servi

This is a response to Andjo's Question :: 'anyone knows if u can make the ring tone ring longer than 4 or 5 rings.' ::You will find that this is not a setting on your phone. If you have voicemail or call minder options with your service provider you will need to contact them to lengthen your rings. The reason for this is that your carrier/service provider sets the length of ring time via the voicemail diversions. They can either lengthen it via their systems or give you GSM codes to lengthen your ring time via your handset.

  • bill

this phone can play .mp4 files?

  • matt

which is the better phone in terms of sound quality among the nokia range of phone(pls exclude n90 n70).is 6230i or k700 the better one.

  • brynn

at the moment have bought this fone tiil my smarfone gets fixed but im just going to say what a relief to return to a simple device..its not bad actually & quite enjoying it.has anyone tried to play ROK memory cards on it with films as the cards are sold in rs mmc type,,iknow series 60 can but this has a video player in it as well cheers

  • kenny

Great phone, just tried a n70 (what a pile of crap) love this phone sent n70 back. its so easy to live with and use

  • tom

this is the best GSM phone.his camera is this phone have a64 poly.I have this phone and it very good.befor I bought the 6230I,I had the sony ericsson and I didn't like it.the 6230i is better than the sony.

  • trannybobby knobjoc

cool phone man, ace, love the 1.3Mp camera, and the expandable memory is good, that was the only issue i had with the 6230, great that nokia have rectified this, they have yet again made an excellent phone!

  • Andjo

Would like 2 no if anyone knows if u can make the ring tone ring longer than 4 or 5 rings. we can't work this one out and have missed a few calls coz we don't get 2 the phone in time.Thanx

  • yo

yes Zoli,it's normal....I guess every cellphone has that problem....even walkman phone W800i.But of course it sounds better.

  • Pranky from India

Hi, I bought this phone on 30th October from Shoppers Stop,Mumbai at 14k with bill. I must say the phone has impressed with not without its glitches.Firsly the phone doesnt boast of a great camera if we are talking abt video mode. Its fine for a camera tho. FM is gr8 but music player doesnt have a attractive tracklist and songs from Windows media player are not recognised by tracklist ( Though if u play it it works fine).
Bluetooth works fine so does my DKU 2 datacable and its very comfy to transfer files.
All in all this phone has vindicated my decision of buying it and im impressed with the phone.

Definite buy especially in india

  • Zoli


I've just bought a 6230i, and I've realized that the loud speaker of the phone is rattling a little bit while I'm playing ringtones at max volume! Is it normal? Had somebody else detected this issue?