Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i

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  • ToM cheng

Wat a fon~!
Can d 6230i use passwords 2 protect certain files or folders? can some1 anser me pls?
thank q!

  • praveen

can i compare this phone sound with my frnds SE k750i or D500.pls say out 0f three which has better sound quality.

  • Paul

Hey Jags, I myself was thinking of buying the W800i but changed my mind because I won't be able to cope up with SE's software. Nokia's software are the ultimate. If you don't have problems with softwares, I will suggest you to buy the W800i. Its an awesome phone. Trust me.

Joanna, don't even think of changing your 6230i.

  • Pinak

And Jags, as far as this getting outdated things are concerned.. don't worry.. your phone will be outdated the moment you purchase it and give your money to the company which helps them to come out with a new model to make a trap for people to feel upgrading. Be sure not to get trapped..

Just choose what YOU need. If you don't get outdated that fast, the companies will close down.

So.. being a gadget gizmo WON'T help. Calling, SMS and couple of photos here n there.. and some music. THAT IS ACTUALLY ALL. jags, will you check if nokia 3120 has all this..? which I have? umm...

  • Pinak

Jags, I am living with Nokia 3120 - My first and last one. I am just interested in all this reviews and stuff. Of course I understand your point.

Technically and other points wise, SE W800 is better than Nokia 6230i..

JOANNA.. continue with Nokia 6230i. Why? refer to my recent post below. You be a good girl. :)

  • Jags

It applies to you also. If you have bought this phone, you gotta live with it. (unless you are ready to drop your wallet for 800, 900, 1000, 1100) If you have not bought already and are planning to do so (like me), choose the one with moderate features so that it does not get outdated by the time you reach home from the shop.
The whole point of raising my question was which one is "really" better to have for quite good time to come.....
Hope you got that........
Anyone ready to comment on 800 and 6230i comparo........

  • Joanna

Hey , you guys! I own a 6230i for almost 2 mounths and this is a very nice phone but somebody told me that this is not a phone for a girl and recommended me to change it with a Samsung E530 or E730.
Do you think I should do it?

  • Jags

Hi Pinak,
If you can change your views on 6230i in fav. of SE K750, why not look for W800i. I feel it beats in terms of the points you have mentioned.
I felt convinced seeing your earlier reply and thought of buying 6230i. Now what? If price is not an issue, 6230i or W800 which one is "really" better?
Any comments....
(somehow i felt inclined towards 6230i)

  • Elloy

Can someone tell me how long can I take a video from this phone(minutes).??????????

  • Pinak

Final word:

Why go for NOKIA? if -

1. Better Camera with flashlight
2. Better sound quality
3. Better battery life
4. All-in-one phone with USB cable too.
5. Almost same quality and larger display
6. Better navigation, and joystick
7. OK keypad
8. Etc. Etc.

I think.. sales are low for NOKIA 6230i because of above reasons. Just for a difference of about USD70, why not go for K750i?

Sad to say.. it has beaten Nokia almost on all fronts. My final word..

  • Paul

Nothing is better than the W800i these days,I also admit that but people using Nokia phones don't like to go to SE because of the software and menus.

  • Pinak

I enquired in India. This is the lowest selling phone. I don't know why.

SE K750i is selling like anything.

Well.. I have been told that people faced many problems with Nokia 6230i, including battery life, software n stuff.

I was also told that SE K750i battery lasts for around 2 days, and has excellent sound quality and camera and features. Only lacks EDGE. I personally tested K750i and is really brilliant and compact too. It is selling in India for Rupees 17000 i.e. around USD370. The screen could be a bit bigger but it is really fine. Ofcourse I noticed a lag when you start this phone when you put your SIM. But, when it settles down.. then works very fast.

  • mehran

mine is broke in 2 month.dont by this phone

  • Ryan

This Phone is amazing!, also the fact that the price is right for the general consumer makes it a fantastic buy, I don't know what I'll do without mine! Great improvement on the 6230(My previous handset) which I was in love with until the "i" came along.

  • ben

Email me any questions about this phone! happy to answer!

  • Marc

Gotta love it :)
Its the best selling phone in my store atm ;]

  • Paul

You can add very little additional programs in these phones as compared to Symbian phones. Still you can get hold of some java games and applications in some sites. One of them is

  • ryan

hey guys, may i noe wat additional programme can b add in 2 dis 6230i ? thx !such as additional dictionary ?

  • Roshan

Hi Everybody

Just wanna let you know that this is the best phone i've ever used....I love it and it's worth the money paid for it. I just wanna know why it lags so much when u view pics or when u unlock the keypads....or even when you quit the texting area....Any idea anybody coz that relly is irritating......

  • blade

hi everyone

ive been usin the i for 4 months now... its been gud to me so far... but sadly battery life is still dissapointin..

my mum has a 6230 n when i use it i feel its much more solid then the i...
sound seems to b louder too.. the i is more delicate i can say...

the 6230 i think is the fastest nokia mob to date.. only if the i was as good