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  • Nokia User 2

Blade and Paul,

I've emailed the Nokia support here in Hong Kong regarding the track list, and they called me back to inform that the phone cannot create or change track lists. Kinda strange and sucks the phone has this option but its unusable. But if anyone else can really change or create one, I'd love to know too.

The phone behaves better now that I transferred all my mp3 ringtones to the internal memory, no more miss calls. Previously when I had ringtones saved on my memory card, every now and then, the ringtone would muted. However, the phone's screen still switch on out of the blue, a small bug, but acceptable.

  • Senthil Kumar

I install the java applications thru nokia PC Suite 6.6.16

before installing the application the available memory in phone is 2mb

I install the java application about 128kb, after installed the application the free memory about 1.5mb

Anyone know why?

Any solution for this?

  • Christine

Thanks Nokia mia for your midi file...

Original_Jamaican, for your information, i am a malaysian.
I would like to offer a piece of advice: You will not regret it if are a user of Nokia 6230i..Trust me,you will never go wrong..Just go for it, forget other brands or models that boasting a state-of-the-art of camera quality like sony ericsson....
Hope that this advice will help you in deciding your dream phone..

  • Craig


Thanks, i now realise it's a charging thing,have since got a manual, have to say tho i dont see any answers to my questions in there, Last one being text alerts playing when sending a text as they do when receiving?! can it be disabled?


  • Paul

Hey Blade,
I also downloaded some .jar games and they also get small in my phone. Don't know why this happens.
As for the playlist thing, you are not the only one who is breaking his head. I don't think this phone supports playlists or else someone may have figured it out other than Vodaben.

  • blade

hey gio

i have sonic foundry sound forge. can i increase the db with tat?

also some .jar games i download come in reduced size on the screen but they fit properly on the 6230. anyone experienced this? wanna find games tat fit on the i..

im still breakin my head trying to create a playlist but still not sucessful!..

  • Original_Jamaican

This feels like a reunion right now with NokiaMia & Christine :-)...and now a 3rd party is added, me :-)

Christine & NokiaMia which part of the world are you both in ? I'm in Jamaica, the beautiful island called Jamaica.

Okay, down to business now:

NokiaMia, a correction. Nokia does state that the phone has zoom but didn't say by how much and funny enough, the official page for the 6230i didn't even mentioned it. I had to go to the technical section of the site.

I have heard complaints about noise shown in the photos EVEN when they were taken in good lighting conditions. I saw a photo sample on the net and it indeed had grains in it, not a whole lot to complain about though. I was surprised to hear these complaints because Nokia says the main purpose of this included megapixel camera is to show off your photos in prints, and they were boasting greatly about their camera. Another website infosync said that the 6230i takes unbelievably stunning photos. In my opinion, the photo samples I saw looked ok, contrast and saturation were decent.

  • NokiaMia

Original Jamaican, Christine - i've sent to u the MIDI file.

Original Jamaican - the 6230i has digital zoom. i can only see a 2-step zoom - but can't tell if it equates to 3X or 2X. almost ALL of my pictures are taken in 640x480 format coz it's FASTER to be reviewed thru the phone. it's alway around 50 to 90Kb. but at 1.3MP, the picture is ~300 to 500Kb and it really slows down the phone (any phone, for this matter). another reason is... i find that photos taken at VGA have better quality than 1.3MP.

having big internal memory is critical when you do huge file tranfer e.g. mp3 of 4Mb. coz, when a files is being tansfered, it will sit in the internal memory first, prior to asking you in which folder should it be saved in... it always fail in 6230 coz and i find it very frustrating.

  • Christine

Nokia Mia,

Can pleae send the midi files for me 2..Thanks..

  • gio


use a program called "Sonic Foundry Acid Pro".. you can open mp3;s and increase the DB there..

also. does anyone know how to increase the volume of an incoming sms??

  • rubyrobe

Why does the light go off on my 6230i within seconds??

  • Eulie


The virbating feature does not work when the phone is being charged.

  • Anonymous

No phone will vibrate when connected to the mains for safety reasons.

  • Original_Jamaican

NokiaMia, thank you for your replies, as always.

I know the 6230i comes with 32MB internal memory total, and 26MB available to the user, which is still sufficient. In fact you can get many things done using the phone's internal memory without having to touch the memory card.
I realised I left out one question out of the last post. I have seen mixed reviews in regards to the 6230i's camera. One source says it has 2x zoom and another said 3x zoom. Nokia doesn't even state if it has zoom. So you assistance is needed for that question. Does the 6230i has zoom and if so how much zoom ? Also, does it zoom at all chosen resolutions (160x120-1280x1024)the SE K700 has 4x zoom but zoom wasn't available for all 4 resolutions.
Another question, do you notice any quality improvement between 640x480 & 1280x1024...or the quality looks exactly the same whereas the only difference is a stretched picture when it's set to 1280x1024 ?
As you can see, I'm a very indepth person.

  • Crispian


When u are charging the phone ,yes the vibration will not work .relax this happens i think in all nokia phones.By the way i had downloaded a 6230i manual.If u want i can email it.

  • NokiaMia

Hi there Original Jamaican :-)

On the camera's nightmode: i guess it's normal for the phone to take quite a while to load. It's abt the same for my 6230 and 6230i.

On the voice commands: Yup, under the menu, there r only 7 voice commands, but if u add the submenu in each of it, it totals up to around the amnt quoted by Nokia. E.g., under PROFILES, you can set voice command for (1) general (2) silent (3) etc etc. So, I guess, yr phone is OK.

On 6230i's sound: I'll send to you the MIDI file that I mentioned earlier? This file sounds BETTER in the 6230 than 6230i. It's really interesting. If only I could nail down the reason...

The 6230i has 2 speakers and 3D sound? Of course not. ANyway, at max volume, both phone are about the same to me.

On 6230i MEMORY: Before we go to the Expandable Memory, pls note that 6230i is generously equipped with 30+Mb!!! that's hugely useful compared to 6230's 6-8Mb. that alone shld be a push to the 6230i's direction.

On expandable mem: i only use 512Mb. some reported out that for both models, 1Gb or 2Gb is supportable. I should think so, too. but, even for a music freak like me, 512 holds >100 mp3 songs - which is good on a travelling day EXCEPT on flights!!! coz i hv to turn off the phone :'( ... my next phone, i'll make sure that is has a "flight" profile, where i can play mp3 without turning the phone on.

hey, dont worry abt asking too much. just ask, i'll be willing to answer - time willing. good day!

  • Gabi

Have this phone java on line?For example the aplications not working in GPRS.I can't use operamini with this phone.

  • Craig

Funny, i would if i had one, i'm only asking for advice

  • Crispian


pls read ur phone's manual

  • Craig


Is it my phone at fault or is it supposed to do this?...

When i have it on charge and in 'general' profile, i.e with vibration alerts on..and i receive an incoming text, the vibration doesnt work, yet when i unplug the charger it does? is this the same for all of you?