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  • Shuvro

to Mike: The Cable model number is DKU-2, the original one would cost u around $15 USD.

to Chris: I wud vote for the nokia 6230i, bcoz its the best phone ever, I have got it and its just great, Nokia 6101 is nothing compared to the 6230i.

  • Mike

Hey guys,
Just upgraded my 6600 to the 6230i and so far am very impressed. Just wondering about the cable that i need to connect my phone to my computer in order to download music tracks etc to the phone. Any details of what it is called, how much and where i can get it would be greatly appreciately. Thanks.

  • filip.b

This is the best multimedia phone, but do you think that if someone is not interested in megapixel camera, the Nokia 6230i worth the differece of price over Nokia 6230?

  • NokiaMia

Why Nokia omitted SMS distribution list from the 6230i is a big mystery to me. It's there in 6230 and I was using it quite regularly. Heessshh..!

  • NokiaMia

Christine, the mp3 sound quality is superb because I modified the HS3 earpiece by installing a 3.5mm adapter. So, I've been using a full-bassy quality Philips headphone (aiming to get a Sienhieser soon). Std Nokia headphone sounds err... bland and plain BUT the details are very good. Between 6230 and 6230i, sound quality is exactly the same... which is good!

  • Jack

Guys,does the 6230i have a distrbiution list whr it can send sms to many contacts at one go.

  • diner

to ZPIMP: my picture is small like you and i don`t know to resolv this problem and when you connect your phone to your computer phone will say : ,,use phone as storage device?" you click NO!!! (you need to install nokia pc suite!!! and dku-2 cable driver) capito?

  • diner

want converter?

imtoo 3gp converter:

xilosoft 3gp converter:­­

take converters

  • Cris

and also does this phone havea distribution list

  • Cris

Hey vodaben,from whr do i get the Im too 3gp converter,can u give me the link for that

  • Christine

Nokia Mia, It has been a long time that I did not hear your voice in this forum. Yes, I agree with what you said.Though, I have a doubt to be cleared.Nokia Mia, do you think the sound quality of mp3(Nokia 6230i) is better than its predesessor( Nokia 6230) or much better than ipod?

  • NokiaMia

for those who are familiar with my name, knows that i've been around for a year now since 6230. now that i'm using 6230i (since April to be precise), i can't find any major faults with the phone. it's once heck of a very-very good phone. it's my calendar (i sync my calendar, task and phonebook with microsoft outlook) and also my mp3 player. my 512mb card is regularly filled up with all sorts of multimedia - courtesy of a very cheap DKU2 cable. i can't emphasize just how great this phone is!!

  • VodaBen

this link:,,1_3,00.html

shows all the different video qualities for the nokia handsets.

  • VodaBen

"25 frames per seconds and 300 kbits/sec quality"
Can it really, or does it maybe downsize it automatically when it plays. a way to find out is to load on the same clip at both qualitys and see if they look different.
I got my information (15fps, 128kbps) from the nokia developer website so i didn't look any more into it.

  • VodaBen

to the last person, about your comments.
2. it sounds like you haven't peeled the protective sticker off your screen yet (though i doubt anyone is that stupid).
4. it's illegal to record a conversation without the other party knowing so that's why it beeps every 10 seconds. If you are a police officer using it for a court approved recording then either a) use proper recording equipment or b) see if it could be disabled by a nokia service centre if you showed them authorization to do so.
5. my pc suite detects my phone no problem. my phone sits in the next room and i send files back and forth via bluetooth. i DID have to reboot after installation to get it to work, and you need to set your phone to automatically accept the connection.
7. i think ascending (quickly) is smart. you don't need the phone at max volume if it's next to you. also stops it from annoying everyone around.

  • Anonymous

when i first got this phone i loved it to bits but have since found out many faults,
1, the memory card will sometimes reformat itself on its own accord.
2, the screen quality detiorates quickly after about 3 weeks and looks like your staring at the screen through a big soapy bubble.
3, the zoom on the camera is only 3 stages although on the zoom bar there are 12 markers so the zoom is not good, samsung E720 much better and smoother. Also 1st stage zoom:1.3megapixel, 2nd stage automatically is set at 0.3megapixel(VGA) and this cannot be changed. 3rd stage 0.1 megapixel (CIF) this also cannot be changed.
4, when recording a conversation there are ocasional bleeps, about 10seconds apart which is very distracting for both partys and as a police officer myself this ruined a case of mine as i was very close to getting a good lead from an informant until they sussed they were being recorded and hung up!
5, nokia pc suite cannot detect the phone when connected by bluetooth even though windows can! this is rather annoying as well
6, you cannot create a playlist for the mp3 player or play recordings on it so that you have the capability to fast forward and rewind on it.
7, i also have the ascending ringtone problem.
in all:

a completely useless phone! do not buy!

  • blade

ur right kewl!!

the battery life seems to have improved a bit after some time of use. hope it keeps improvin.

n bout mp3 playin.. mine ran for a day. after listenin to 2 hours of music.

n don think we can change the size of the pic attributed to contact.. tats sad

n vodaben! thank u man. i found the imtoo converter n it works!! yipeee

  • zpimp

please help! picture call problem: the picture is very small, bearly can see who it is calling. is there anything that can be done about this? also with data usb cable i can access only the mmc but not the phone memory. thanks very much

  • lou

when connecting to computer just say no to when it comes up storage device

  • Sukhbinder

A big Hi to all 6230i users out there.
It seems a lot of users have problem connecting their phones to their PC with the data cable. i recommend they check out their OS and motherboard chipsets. i tried connecting my phone to a pentium 4 PC with an Intel 845 chipset with win98se but the phone was just not detected. When i tried the same hardware with Win2000 Sp4, the phone was immediately recognised. Win98 does not have much support for USB devices, i recommend u use Win2000 or XP. As for the chipsets, intel 810,815 chipset based boards also do not feature much of USB support even with Win2000 or XP, i tried that in my lab, so u need atleast a Pentium 4 compatible chipset like 845,850 and higher. Sorry i can't tell u much about AMD based systems but they seem to recognise USB devices easily with win2000 or XP. Now for the battery problem, i don't seem to have had much of it as my phone gives me a stanby time of about 4-5 days with regular use on a single recharge.The battery surely drops fast as it reaches the mid level. The Ascending ringtone problem is still there, i have had 3 replacements for it but the service enginners just don't have a solution to it. I think i got some avi to 3gpp converter software with my phone with its PC suite CD, haven't tried it till now. My Bluetooth working fine and i can easily transfer files from on phone to another. i have not tried the IR link till now.Will check up