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Nokia 6230i

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  • Edy

Yes .. I guess this is the dream phone for much people.. I had a 6230 but i trade it with a 7610, 7610 it-s boring without mmc and games.. 6230i.. it sounds great.. 1,3mp camera, 208*208 pixels.. dream phone.. Do u have any ideeas? when it will apear in Romania? or when the phone will be released? this is my next phone.. garanteed.. And with what price it will sell? Best Regards

  • Good Uncle

Voting results must be much much higher. Only if you are or was NOKIA 6230 user, you know what a fantastic phone it must be...

  • murtuza

upgrade (6230) your software to 5.24 and get all the features of "i" play AAc and more get better pix but the thing which u dont get is usb port and 1.3 cam

  • Alan

What's the point getting a phone that is basically the same as the original (6230). Other than a upgraded screen resolution of 208*208 from 128*128?? If the camera was a 1.3mp CCD with flash or screen is made into a 26k screen, then I guess it's worth it for a upgrade. Basically what I think is Nokia is just using a old phone with minimal upgrades. That's really just no point, waste of money to get. just my 2 cents

  • jorge

K750i vs Nokia 6230i..
First, d screen size of 6230i is d same as 6230. It is d resolution that was increased. From a horrible 128X128 pixels to 208X208..boy, d screen must be very bright & clear..I currently own a 6230 & i would have prefered that it was d size of d screen that was changed rather than d resolution..they could have used d screen of 6170 & 7270, w/c are both decent (sporting a 128X160 pixels)..A MP Camera in such a small screen wouldnt b too useful.
As for the K750i, the screen is 176X220, just like the K700i. You dont need mathematics to compare w/c phone possesses a better screen.Y?Bcoz, K7501 is 262K Colors & 6230 is 65K. If we use Math, K750i wins. But it's how SE & Nokia managed to put up d colors & pixels in d phone. SE has much better reputation when it comes to brighter screen (next tom samsung). There are 65k models that are brighter than 256K models. It doesnt necessarily follow that a bigger pixel, colors are brighter d lesser ones.

  • Anonymous

5 mp camera. it would cost like 500

  • kiril

I had a lot of nokia phones,allmost all models my friends says Im a mobile maniac, I want to say that i have tryed and a lot of sony ericsson phones but first..
nokia has the best camera even if it is a vga..
6230 is one of the best busines phones on the market,
now i have a 6630 and its great,but its like a frog in a hand,too big.
I wish there is a nokia 6230x-that would be:

5 mp camera
512 mb mmcard
symbian 60 operating system
looks just like 6230i
256 000 display
media player plays mp3,wav,aiff,avi,mpg,3gp,
and batery lasts REAL 6 days

what do you think about this?
it would be awesome...wooooowww

kind regards Kiril Macedonia

  • dxreaper

Klass, could you please re-read my post again? What did I say under the maths?

>.< I said that although the 6230i has more pixels, I did say that the K750i's screen is larger physically!

The width of the 6230i's screen and that of the K750i is similar, which means the only difference is in height.

  • Klaas

"Klass, pls do some simple maths...

what's 208x208 pixles? 43264 in a small screen sice

what's 176x220 pixels? 38720 in a bigger screen sice.


what's 43264-38720 pixels? 4544"
You compare with a small screen sice agains bigger screen sice.

No that not true i'm sure about that. i think you miss the point

The 6230i has a small screen agains the K750i.

Look at the Z800i this screen is also a bit better than the K750i screen why becouse it has a bit bigger screens sice with the same pixels.

You can't compare the screen pixels in a tiny screen with 206x206 pixels agains bigger screen with almost the same pixels.

Even the W800i has a bit better screen it has a bit larger than the K750i and it has more contrast.

So the W800,Z800 and the K750i has also 1,9 inc screen if i not mistaken. Not the 6230i

And also the K750i has 256K color support agains 65K.

And somthing else,the Screen material from SE is far better than the most screens from Nokia licent.

I have not agains Nokia,but i think you made a mistake.

Think about it why is Nokia cheap?
becouse the materials is also cheap that's why i think that the screen from K750i is better.

  • Bin Laden

wont mind that phone

  • Severn Series

Nokia Hansets are themost boring handsets u can get on the Market , they do not have anything which u can say that u would like one , the only good think is that they change the style, but the functions and crap pixels have been like that for a While


  • Frederick

k750 is the best phone that is coming out by far , anyon disagree give me a good resason

  • dxreaper

Klass, pls do some simple maths...

what's 208x208 pixles? 43264
what's 176x220 pixels? 38720
what's 43264-38720 pixels? 4544

As I mentioned, in terms of sharpness, the 6230i wins, but in terms of physical size, K750i wins. Mind you, I'm just responding from an objective point of view. If you were to ask my opinion, I would think that the K750i rocks :) What's a new 3d menu when all they did was changed the animation icon's picture? Look at the K750i, whole new and improved GUI. Not just some added gifs.

  • Anonymous

"Klass, the 6230i's screen technically is actually superior to the K750i. The width (physical size) is the same as that of the k750i, therefore the 6230i's screen would be sharper. But the K750i still wins in terms of physical size and considering the virtical oriented screen, the K750i also has more space at the top/bottom for extras (battery, reception and so on)"

No it is not true what you said.
Please read better before you give a comment.

Both phone's has high defination screen only the 6230i has 16 pixels more in 128x128 screen resolution less than the K750i but the K750i has 16 pixels less than the 6230i but the screen sice is also bigger and has also 256K color support.

So the K750i has a better screen.

  • Anonymous

i currently have the nokia 6600. is the camera quality of the 6230i better than the 6600? how many megapixels is the nokia 6600?

  • Clare

yeah EHAB i agree my dad has the 6230 and i think its great so the 6230i will be better with more functions and is on my upgrade wish list which is due in april

  • EHAB

I have 6230 and that is 6230i is the best and when it be on shop I'll get one it's the best and better than k700 & k750 and w 800

  • Clare

Yeah i do, i have the nokia 7610 which is a great phone but a little bit big, and the 6230i is great in size, has a radio, bigger memory, real songs and video downloads, the only snag is the screen size but that does not bother me cause i hardley use the camera, so yeah over all the 6230i is a great smart phone, also ericcson have software issues when they too much on the phone, never had a problem with nokia

  • Clare

Great phone and it has everything i need, does anyone know when this will be out on o2???

  • Irfan Akram

Well, its the dramatic change by nikia after a long time, we have a professional/business as well as entertainment phone. But some strange thing with screen size that is pixels are 208x208 but size same. Well may b if they increase screen size, its elegance may got disturb. In short, I am anxiously waiting for it to Buy.