Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i

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  • ???

yehh tuff innit..very tuff

  • leslie

everytime i plug in my ad-15 audio adapter, it says enhancement not supported. it was workin fine before this. can anyone help me??

  • Anand

hi allen, I'm sorry to tell you that the nokia 6230i is not a symbian phone. as you have mentioned that you prefer SE that Nokias and if you are planning to purchasing this one, I'm sure you'll not be let down.

  • Allen

I have a question. Does this phone have Symbian OS ? If so, what version? I know that it's a very stupid question, but I am a Sony Ericsson user, because I find SE phones more practical and cheaper than Nokias. Now I am interested in buying an 6230i and that's why I want to know that. Thanks in advance.

  • Anand

hi freinds. I own this phone for the past 6-7 months and feel its the best piece to own. Excellent phone - has all the current technology including a MMC slot, bluettoth connectivity, usb connectivity, stereo fm radio, and a good music player as well.
However, have one question. Hope someone will be able to help me with it. Earlier i had the nokia 2600 phone in which i could add a signature to all the text messages sent. How can I do that with this phone? I'm unable to find any settings regarding the text messaging signatures.

  • Mehdi

Can anyone please tell me whether the "send to many" option is of any use, since i am unable to select multiple users using this option!!! otherwise this is a good phone

  • don

I have a problem with my Nokia 6230i. All of a sudden, it went off. When I turned it back on, it proceeded to the handshake graphic and then to the battery meter, and then it would go off again, and then on again and bring me to the time settings page. I can't seem to get past this stage as it restarts after. Problem is, there are a few additions to my phone book and I haven't backed it up. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  • a2z

Best phone ever, tuff and everything innit,and i am getting another when the contract is up .

  • 961

hello.can anyone tell me how to organize my music order in the music player?

  • 786

to Jude

yeh i think that is the problem my memory card is currupt when i got it...and im usin alot so the fone will restart..with a currupt memory card..

  • Jaja S. D.

LOVELY PHONE with fantastic features, but it keeps LOOSING NETWORK, i ve changed it twice in one week, still suffering the same thing. please i need help cos i love the phone

  • Jude

To 786
Thanks for the input, am currently using a 128mb card and its really insufficient 2 bad 1 gb cards are expensive , also, maybe ur phone used to restart its self wen using the music player coz the memorycard has always been faulty 2 begin with.Maybe just a suggestion.

  • Anonymous

Latest software 3.88 280706

  • phonebooth

I've just bought 512 MB mmc and the usb, so now I'm totally equipped and kickin' hehe :) battery sucks pretty much, but I'm using it actively. I dunno why my mp3 player won't refresh itself without having too turn the phone off/on. It's weird. Could you recommend some good software to sync my nokia with pc? thank you.

  • 786

to jude

my 6230i version v3.80 does restart in the music player it still does occasionally still dont know what is causing it recently my 1GB MMC has got currupt so the music player cant start..yh 6230i can handle 1GB MMC with no problem...yh the 6230 has v5.80 but thats a different type of platform...yh 1GB MMC will work in 6230i no problem...

  • Jude

To 786
Hi just wanted to know if ur phone stopped restaring its self wen using the music player & what was the problem? Mine does Not have the same problem am just curious 2 know what caused it, also i wanted to know if my phone with version 3.88 can support a 1gb card without problems, and is 3.88 the latest firmware coz the 6230 has up to version 5.80 according to original jamaican. Thanks.


hay ppl, can 6230i play eAAC,eAAC+,WMA,WAV files? Can 6230i record songs 4m FM radio(just like n-gage and mp3 players)?

  • real

hi all ! can any1 plz tel me what is the latest firmwere version of 6230i? does it have built in 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack? Plz tel me coz i want 2 buy plz help me. thanx.

  • Anonymous

ow! what can i say about this fab phone... gives you useful features but theres just a prob with the bat. pack.....

great pic. editor! but no 3g huhuhuhu

  • phonebooth

I mean: why _would_ we need that? BTW, do you know how to make your call recorder work after pushing just one button? I can tell you: :)) Bye.